How Spicy are Blue Takis? Scoville Scale Reveals it!

Feugo Takis made you caught red-handed after eating them, owing to their intense red color. Then came Takis Blue Heat flavor to make you “blue-handed” and shock you with their possibly intense flavor, as John Cena declared them to be. So, many of us, including you and me, started wondering if Blue Takis are spicy.

This was when I extended my research instead of merely tasting these blue tortilla chips. I got to know how spicy Blue Takis are and what heat score they have on the Scoville scale.

Do you want to know about my findings? 

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Let’s Start with Knowing What Blue Takis Are.

This “Smurfy” thing, Blue Takis, are a vibrant addition to the Takis family. They’re visually striking with their bright blue hue. Contrary to the color, they are not intensely spicy but offer a delightful blend of tangy and mildly spicy flavors.

The Flavor Profile of Blue Heat Takis

The Blue Takis didn’t amaze me with intense heat, but their tanginess and limey tart flavor proved enough to blow my mind. These chips have a zesty and dominantly sour flavor, which makes them stand out in the Takis lineup. 

How Hot are Blue Takis Heat Flavor?

On the Scoville scale, Blue Takis score 8,000 SHU, which is comparable to mildly spicy jalapeño peppers. In comparison to their spicier counterparts like Fuego Takis, Blue Takis offer a 40% milder heat, making them a suitable choice for those seeking a subtle kick.

The Sourness Factor—A Punch of Taste in Blue Takis

Let’s discuss the actual intense flavor of Blue Takis and their tartness. Blue Heat Takis offers a tangy twist that tickles your taste buds. When you bite into these rolled-up corn tortilla chips, you’ll notice a zesty, sour kick that adds a burst of flavor to each crunch. 

The sourness is like a friendly, citrusy slap on the tongue, not overpowering, but enough to make your mouth water. It’s a pleasant contrast to the heat, which is present but not overwhelming. 

So, if you’re looking for a snack that combines a tanginess with a hint of spice, Blue Heat Takis might be your new go-to munchies!

So, Are Takis Blue Heat Spicy?

Blue Takis are not incredibly spicy compared to some of their fiery siblings. Advertisements as intense are just “over-rating” them. Instead, they offer a delightful combination of highly tangy but mildly spicy flavors, making them a unique and enjoyable snack option. Whether you like Blue Takis or not depends on your taste preferences.

YET, the next time you’re at the store and see that vibrant blue bag of Takis, give them a shot!

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