Hi, this is Zak. I have a degree in Botany… a general fondness for knowledge… and a (too much) taste for food, the last two of which I doubt I’ll ever be able to shake off.

Flame Surfers was born out of frustration… indeed, I started it as a protest on foodie blogs… getting sick of their rampant misinformation and fake reviews. The landscape seemed to be (and is still) saturated with insincere reviews, often sponsored or geared toward earning affiliate commissions. In either case, they promote/try to sell anything and everything that could make them money, which they make at the expense of the reader/consumer. So they shout every product’s praises from the tops of the mountains. It would be a wonder of the world to find them finding fault with anything because, if they do, it won’t sell… and they’re wise enough not to deprive them of an affiliate commission (however small.)

But my biggest complaint is that these reviews add to the constant digital noise, nay cacophony of affiliate marketing that has, sadly, become the new normal and is giving headaches to people like you and me. Needless to say, they also add to a lot of precious customer money wasted.

That’s how I realized the need for a space that cut through the chatter, a place that stood for authentic, well-researched information… and Flame Surfers sparked into existence.

Please rest assured that I’m not compelled to write for writing’s sake… I only write when I have an in-depth understanding of the subject at hand. You won’t find any fabricated reviews or half-baked, ill-informed opinions.

If anything, I have no intention of adding to the digital smoke that’s watering my own eyes and yours.