Flame Surfers was born out of frustration… indeed started out as a protest on foodie blogs and product review sites with rampant misinformation and sponsored reviews. The landscape still seems pretty much unchanged.

I got sick of those sites.

These sites will promote anything and everything that can bring them an affiliation commission. So you’ll only find them shouting every product’s praises from the tops of the mountains. They’re unable to see the demerits or, perhaps, can see but lack the ability to describe them honestly, because, if they do, the product won’t sell… and they’re wise enough not to deprive them of affiliate commission, no matter how little.

As such, these sites only add to digital noise, nay cacophony of misinformation and fake reviews, and, in turn, a lot of precious customer money wasted.

That’s how I realized the need for a space that cut through the chatter and a place that stood for authentic, well-researched information… and Flame Surfers sparked into existence.

So, the least thing I can assure you is that I’m not in the habit of writing for writing’s sake. I write only when I have an in-depth understanding of the subject at hand… you won’t find any fabricated reviews or half-baked opinions here.

If anything, I have no desire to add to the digital noise deafening me to the point of going mad.