About me

Saba Akbar

Founder, Author

Hello, I’m a culinary explorer and food writer with 25 years of home kitchen expertise. This blog is a treasure trove of my insights on global cuisine, cooking tips, and expert knowledge of kitchen tools.
Besides this, as a GERD survivor, I’ve transformed my passion for food into a quest for food’s GERD-friendliness and healthiness. I believe what you eat shapes your internal environment—join me on this lifelong journey of taste and healthiness!

About Flame Surfers

A commitment to authentic, helpful food info and cookin’ gear reviews

Flame Surfers is dedicated to discussing every food, ingredient, and equipment that could ride fiery waves, what you call flames, and deliver taste. It’s a blog born out of love and art…love for delicious food, love for combining different ingredients to create memorable taste, and the art of creatively using cooking tools and gadgets.

This blog covers everything about food, from techniques to contributing tools and gadgets, from ingredients to conversions.

Why Flame Surfers?

Expect the unexpected here. Flamesurfers isn’t your typical food blog. I don’t talk much about recipes, but their chore: the ingredients, techniques, and contributing tools and gadgets. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a newbie trying to fry your first egg without setting off the smoke alarm, I’ve got you covered.

My Mission

To be your ultimate food guide you may consult any time with trust.

I aim to help you solve all your culinary problems.

Let’s Get Grillin’!

So, my culinary fellows, whether you’re here to learn, laugh, or just get lost in the aroma of freshly cooked, the most delicious food…

I’m thrilled to have you along for the ride.

Let’s ignite our passion for cooking and explore the art and science of flavors…!