Blue Takis vs. Red Takis (Feugo): Flavor & Heat Difference

Since the release of Blue Takis in 2020, the tortilla rolled chips have generated a lot of hype. In comparison, the Feugo Takis, aka. Red Takis have been the most popular. The hype created by Takis Blue Heat has made every Takis fan, like you, wonder what the difference is between them and which tastes better. 

I’ve also been no exception to this question.

One is advertised as “intense” by celebrity John Cena, while the other is “face the intensity” by two guys sitting in a car eating a few red Taksi and then shouting because of its intensity. For sure, both are about intensity or being intense. So, which is better for you?

Today, I’ll compare them and let you know which tastes better and which is better (by considering the ingredients).

Key Takeaways

Red Takis have a more intense, hot, and sour flavor; blue Takis have a more prominent lime flavor but 40% less heat than red takis. Flavor choice depends on your personal preferences, yet both are bad for your stomach and overall health.

Red Takis 

Feugo Takis, most commonly known as the red Takis or original Takis, is the top-selling Takis flavor in purple bags.

What’s in that flavor?

Nothing but the sourness of lime and heat of chili with some extra flavors, red color, and the highest amount of sodium: 820 milligrams in a single packet of 56 grams Takis.

It’s huge in terms of flavors, taste, sourness, heat, and sodium ratio. So, what does it taste like?

The way it promises the intensity, it tastes the same.

Eating Feugo Takis is like giving yourself a shock with lime’s soreness and chili’s heat at the same time, both in a huge quantity and sugar in little (only to compliment the heat flavor). 

Yeah, it’s true that if you want to pick the spiciest Takis, go for red Takis in Purple bag, named Feugo hot chili pepper and lime. 

They’re simply the most dynamic, like fire–you’ll need water to eat them.

Blue Takis

If you’ve caught a glimpse of Blue Takis in some ad, you’ve probably perceived them to be intense. But, as you look at the bag, at first glance, they appear to be cool. And, finally, if you read the name on the Takis Blue Heat bag, it’s hot chili pepper. 

What the heck! It’s a big surprise awaiting you!

Honestly, the discovery starts by eating them. By opening the bag, be ready to color your hand and tongue with blue, blue, blue.

The taste. Naaa…. It’s not hot–on packaging, it’s written hot chili pepper, but it’s less hot than red Takis, about 40% less….

Then what does it taste like?

Sour lime only… The sour lime flavor is the first taste that one can describe Takis Blue Heat. Then, the next is hot chili pepper, less prominent.

How can I forget to mention that owing to reduced heat in Blue Takis, you’ll notice the corn’s smell in them as well, which is less noticeable in Red Takis? 

Red Takis vs. Blue Takis: Which Tastes Better?

Red Feugo Takis are still the favorite, but Blue Takis are also becoming popular among those who don’t like the heat level of Feugo Takis.

So, when it’s about picking one out of two Takis flavors: red vs. blue, it’s subjective to personal preferences. 

How do Other Red Takis Flavors Compare with Blue Takis?

Taki Blue Heat is only one Takis in red color, yet besides Fugo, some other Takis are also available in red color. All red Takis vary in spiciness, but they’re less spicy as compared with Fuego Takis. Some of these are:

  • Takis Nitro with a smoky, spicy kick” flavor
  • Takis Salsa Brava with a blend of chili peppers and spices.
  • Takis Crunchy Fajita with a blend of chili peppers and spices
  • Takis Xtra Flamin’ Hot with a blend of chili peppers, including habanero peppers

Red Takis vs. Red Takis: Which is Better to Eat?

None… If you ask me from a health perspective, both Takis are bad for you. If you closely look at the ingredients, most of these are associated with health dangers.

For instance, Takis contain a higher sodium amount of about 180 milligrams in 28 grams serving, which is pretty high. Likewise, they’re also high in fat, both saturated and unhealthy trans fats. These fats can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and obesity. A 28-gram serving of Takis has 8 grams of fat, including 2 grams of saturated fat. Furthermore, the spiciness in Takis can cause digestive issues.

Considering the heat level responsible for stomach irritation, the Blue Takis is a bit better than the Red Fuego. Both are bad, though not equally!

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