Do Blue Takis Taste Different? Emmm…!

Are you perplexed about trying (the “Smurfy”) Takis Blue Heat flavor, thinking whether they taste different or like other Takis?

You’re not alone. The secret of such confusion lies in the name of Takis: blue and heat at the same time. You tend to think blue must be cool, and heat means something like chili or pepper.

Isn’t that true?

I understand it. So, today’s blog post is about exploring and breaking down how different Blue Takis taste.

What Makes You Think That Blue Takis Must Taste Unique?

First, it’s the ad… yes, it’s the Blue Takis Ad featuring John Cena eating Blue Takis and describing them as intense. The thrill-filled ad and John Cena as a symbol of power in a thrill movie scene is shaken by the taste of Blue Takis and defines it as “intense.”

So, this is the point when audiences like you and me think Blue Takis will be the hottest–you’re left with no choice except to taste these tortilla rolled chips snacks.

Second, the blue color of “Takis Blue Heat” gives you a sense that these snacks taste unique. The blue color is opposite to the name “heat.” The blue color stands for something cool, and it’s the least appetizing color in foods.

Then why blue?

The snack’s color has been made to color your fingers and tongue to leave a sense of indulgence–you’ll be overly indulged in Blue Takis.

What Does Blue Takis Taste Like?

Next, what happens? Reality…You taste Blue Takis. All the excitement goes wrong. Yeah, as soon as you open the bag of Blue Takis, the blue color gives you a sense of something different, but you’ve already pictured or assumed that you’re going to taste the hottest and most intense Takis flavor.

So, what?

The first bite of Takis leaves you a bit confused. You smell corn in them, but for taste, you’re just a bit disappointed.

Did you make the right decision?

Are they that much hotter?

They’re not that spicy…!

You keep on tasting one chip after another to be able to describe the taste.

There you win; after almost eating a half dozen of chips, you can say, “these are not the hottest; these are sour with lime taste and then hot.”

Delusioned, you’re…! 

So, Do Blue Takis Taste Different?

Yes, if you compare Blue Takis with other flavors, they taste different. They’re not as mild in hotness as Fuego Salsa Verde and Crunch Fajita are. Yet, at the same time, they’re less hot than other Takis flavors like Fuego, Roulette, and Nitro. Feugo Takis scored 15,000 units on the Scoville scale, while Nitro and Roulette scored 13,000 and 10,000, respectively.

Why Do Blue Takis Taste Different?

The Blue Takis taste cleverly different because they impart a burst of limey sourness followed by chili flavor. They score only 8000 units on the Scoville unit, meaning they’re not overly hot–it makes you eat them one after another, exactly the way you eat them when tasting for the first time.

Blue Takis Taste is Similar to Which Takis Flavor?

If you eat Feugo Takis, they leave an intense red color on your hands and tongue with super hot chili and lime sourness combination. And Blue Takis also features the same flavor but with 39% less heat. That’s why these Takis are blue in color–cooler than Feugo Takis.

In short,

If you’ve ever wished that the Feugo Takis were less spicy, Blue Takis are for you. They lack the intensity of heat that lets the lime’s sourness dominate it. Their blue color also indicates they’re a less spicy version of  Feugo Takis, which are red. Even some of you can describe them as Doritos’ limey version – others might disagree!

But for sure, by eating Blue Takis, you’re going to eat a lot of food color.

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