What Size is a Personal Pizza; Is it Enough For You?

Do you want to order a personal-size pizza but don’t know if it will be enough for you? 

Personal pizzas are not about a single size–they vary from 6 to 8 inches. So, it can be hard to know how satisfying a particular size can be.

Yeah, it’s complex. But don’t worry, in today’s blog post, I’ll help you know what size of personal pizza can satisfy you by calculating the actual size and satiety level of each size.

So, let’s explore personal pizza sizes.

Key Takeaways

Most commonly, personal pizza is available in 7 inch size, but some pizzerias also have it in slightly smaller size of 6 inch or bigger size of 8 inch.

A 6-inch pizza, with its 28.28 square inches, suits lighter appetites or pairs well with sides. 

7-inch pizza (38.48 square inches) provides a heartier meal, like two slices from a standard 14-inch pizza, perfect for moderate hunger. 

The 8-inch pizza (50.24 square inches in size and 680-770 calories) is substantial, almost 2.7 slices from a 14-inch pizza cut into 8 slices, ideal for most adults. 

What are Different Personal Pizza Sizes?

Personal pizza sizes can differ between restaurants, but the most common size is 6 inches. However, some places might also offer 7 or 8-inch options. Let’s break down the sizes and discuss how satisfying they can be.

6 inch Pizza

6 inches is the most common personal pizza size at most pizza chains. 

The area of a 6-inch pizza can be calculated using the formula for the area of a circle: πr² (where r is the radius). 

The radius of a 6-inch pizza is 3 inches.

And π is 3.14

Therefore, the area of a 6-inch pizza is:

Area = π * 3^2 = 3.14 * 9 = 28.28 square inches

The area of a 6-inch pizza is approximately 28.28 square inches, almost equal to 1.5 slices obtained from a 14-inch pizza.

Considering the 14-inch cheese pizza slice calories the USDA provides, a 6-inch personal pizza gives you about 427 calories. Keeping the per meal calorie allowance of 500 to 700 calories for an adult in view, a personal pizza of 6-inch size can be less satisfying. So, you may have it with little appetite, or you’ve got some other sides to enjoy besides pizza.

Note: 6-inch personal pizza calories and satiety may vary depending on crust type, thickness, and toppings.

7 Inch Personal Pizza Size

A 7-inch personal pizza may be a good choice for those looking for a slightly larger serving. To calculate the area of a 7-inch pizza, we use the same formula for the area of a circle:

To calculate the area of a circle, we use the following formula:

Area = π * r^2

π is approximately 3.14

For a 7-inch pizza, the radius is 7 /2=3.5 inches



Area= 38.48 square inches

The area of a 7-inch pizza is approximately 38.48 square inches, almost equal to 2 slices from a 14-inch pizza (cut in 8 slices).

This size offers a bit more calories of 570 when considering the pizza calories described by USDA. These are more than a 6-inch personal pizza, making it a suitable choice for those with a slightly larger appetite. 

Remember that the calorie content and satiety of a 7-inch personal pizza can vary based on the crust type, thickness, and toppings.

So, individual preferences and dietary needs should be considered when enjoying this size.

7.5 Inch Personal Pizza Size

If you’re craving a tad heartier pizza than the standard personal size, the 7.5-inch pizza might be your perfect match. Let’s crunch the numbers to understand its appeal.

To figure out its area, we turn to the trusty circle formula:

Area = π * r²

With a radius of 7.5/2 = 3.75 inches, we get:

Area = π * 3.75² = 44.18 square inches

So, a 7.5-inch pizza covers about 44.18 square inches, a bit more than the 7-inch version and equivalent to approximately 2.25 slices from a 14-inch pizza (cut in 8 slices).

For satiety, a 7.5-inch pizza packs around 650 calories, based on USDA data for pizza calories. This increase in calories compared to the 7-inch version means it’s ideal for those seeking a heartier meal without going all-out on a larger pizza.

8 Inch Personal Pizza

Though less common, some pizzerias, like Pizza Hut, offer the largest personal pizza, measuring 8 inches in diameter. How big is this pizza, and how satisfying can it be? 

Let’s determine

The radius of an 8-inch pizza is half of the diameter, which is 4 inches.

Radius = Diameter / 2 = 8 inches / 2 = 4 inches

Therefore, the area of an 8-inch pizza is:

Area = π * 4^2 = 3.14 * 16 = 50.24 square inches

This pizza’s size is nearly equal to 2.7 slices from a 14-inch pizza (with 8 slices).

Depending on toppings and crust type, it gives you about 680 to 770 calories.

The size is pretty satisfying for adults, though personal appetite varies depending on calorie needs and desire for pizza.

So, is Personal Pizza Enough for You?

After exploring the dimensions and areas of 6-inch, 7-inch, and 8-inch pizzas, it’s clear that personal pizzas are not one-size-fits-all.

Your choice of personal pizza size depends on hunger, taste, and cravings.

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