What are the 2 Best Wire Cheese Slicers for 2024?

Are you searching for the perfect wire cheese slicer to embellish your culinary creations with delicious and uniform cheese slices? 

Look no further!

This guide has scoured the market to bring you the top contenders—2 absolute best and 2 that make the ‘okay’ choice.

Why, OK choices? 

To help you clearly reflect and make the most informed decision.

The research has been extensive; I had to unlearn what hot-selling cheese slicers have been capable of doing to find what they lacked from a user’s perspective. Then, find the best that could comfortably suit your needs of slicing different cheeses. During the quest, I’ve discovered the top 2 cheese slicers for you. By learning about them, you’ll also be able to compare them with 2 other captivating options: one known for style and the other for robustness.

Let’s slice through the cheese with these 4 picked wire cheese slicers and find which can serve you for several years with all peace of mind.

So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

Top 2 Wire Cheese Slicers for Block Cheese

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KITCHENDAO Replaceable Wire Cheese Slicer Cutter

The KITCHENDAO Replaceable Wire Cheese Slicer Cutter is the best wire cheese slicer among all other competitors. In a short period, it has grabbed the attention of hundreds of cheese lovers. 

What’s the secret? 

The KITCHENDAO company has evaluated many other cheese slicers in the market critically and then engineered theirs with improvements like:

  • Stronger slicing wire because of level tension adjustment
  • Built-in wire storage 
  • 3 extra wires added to the packaging
  • Affordability (the 3 extra wires save you shipment cost and the hassle of ordering extra wires).
  • More extra wires available to buy

Measuring 6.89 “L x 0.71” W x 5.98 “H, this KITCHENDAO cheese slicer is easy to handle and use.

The wire cheese slicer boasts a robust aluminum handle that ensures longevity. Its strong stainless steel wire spans 3.625 inches (slightly less than the company’s description).

By strong wire, we mean this slicer’s second-generation wire fixing mechanism that lets you adjust wire at 3 stress points without breaking it–other cheese slicers allow 2 points adjustment only. This mechanism increases the wire strength by 50%.

The breakage of wire while slicing the cheese comes as no surprise. Yet, it can cause significant annoyance when you don’t have a handy replacement wire. The KITCHENDAO understands the dilemma well. This is why they’ve added 3 extra wires as backup in the handle’s built-in storage compartment. You don’t have to look for them when the need arises–open the handle, wire is there. 

If you’re wondering how easy it’s to replace wires, my answer is, “It’s fairly easy.” I must appreciate that the company has shared the guide to replacing wire on the box across stores and online platforms.

My Verdict on KITCHENDOA Cheese Slicer

Apart from the company name, which seems misleading rather than aspiring, the “KITCHENDOA” Wire Cheese Slicer is the best slicer I could find for you. 

What you see as flaws, I don’t. 

For instance, a cheese slicer is worthless if it can’t go in the dishwasher. The truth is, such kitchen gadgets aren’t meant to be washed in the dishwasher, nor should you seek it…Yes, the company states that their slicer is dishwasher safe (in the top rack), and many users also appraise it, but I would love to take care of mine by wiping with a damp towel or hand washing only. It’s because any tool comprising different materials shouldn’t go in the dishwasher– some materials might be dishwasher sensitive, and little care can add extra years to your cheese slicer’s life.


  • Easy to handle and use
  • Easy to clean
  • A precise, 3-stress point wire fixing mechanism adds strength and versatility to the cheese slicer
  • The wire is easy to replace.
  • It comes with 3 extra wires and built-in storage for worry-free access
  • 90 days warranty
  • Cooperative customer support


  • It might not withstand regular dishwasher cleaning–it’ll turn grey.

Westmark Germany Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer

Described as a Germany-made, heavy-duty wire slicer for cheese, Westmark’s Stainless Steel Slicer is also one of the most trustworthy tools to slice cheese. 

The cheese slicer measures 7 “L x 3.9 “W x 0.2 “H. The slicer’s long aluminum handle and matte finish allow you to handle it comfortably and firmly when slicing different cheeses. In the slicer’s handle, you get a hole for storing it efficiently. 

Westmark Germany Cheese Slicer features a 3.8-inch wide blade that lets you get cheese slices from larger blocks for dining. 

As for the actual performance, yes, the Westmark Germany Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer can cut through medium-hard, soft, and crumbly cheese blocks–hard cheese requires some softening first. Its strong stainless steel wire puts the required pressure to slide through the cheese texture and get you the cheese slices of your choice.

Besides this, the blades’ adjustability through the holding angle allows you to choose your cheese slices’ thickness according to your preferences–this slice thickness mechanism differs from KITCHENDAO’s. Though such slice thickness adjustment by Westmark is easy, it doesn’t get you evenly thick cheese slices.

The clean-up of this wire slicer is also easy. The company says you can dishwash it. 


No,… not a good idea…! 

Surely, it won’t rust, but the coating might deteriorate, and the cast aluminum handle discolor after a few washes–I don’t think judging a cheese slicer based on its dishwasher friendliness does justice to quality… You shouldn’t wash a wire slicer in a dishwasher because its parts have different materials. So, take care of it by wiping or hand washing only. 

The Westmark Germany Cheese Slicer is a good cheese slicer for home use. Yet, certain things make me question the quality.

First, the company describes it as stainless steel, while the entire build isn’t stainless steel. These are only the wire and blade, though they help with easy cleaning.

Second, the wire replacement isn’t available with the grey model. Though the sturdy stainless steel wire doesn’t break, once it does, you can’t order a wire. 

My Verdict on Westmark Cheese Slicer

Except for a few things like not being really dishwasher safe (wrong description), not really 100% stainless steel construction, and no replacement for wire, I recommend this Westmark Germany Wire Cheese Slicer because it does the job well what it’s supposed to do; and its lifetime warranty gets you covered at the time of crisis. 

Suppose I’ve to compare Westmark’s slicer with the previously discussed, highest-rated KITCHENDAO Wire Cheese Slicer. In that case, I’d prefer the latter because when the wire breaks, phoning the company customer service can’t pull you out of the situation immediately, but the handy wires available in the slicer’s handle can. 

So, do yourself a favor and make the right decision by weighing the pros and cons of each slicer if you’re deciding between these two.


  • Handling and usage are easy.
  • Stainless steel blades and wire make cleaning easy. 
  • Choosing slice thickness by changing the angle is easier than screw-based adjustment. 
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Responsive customer service


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Wire can’t be replaced.
  • Replacement wire isn’t sold separately. 
  • Slices thickness is not precise owing to the wrist angle adjustment mechanism. 

Review of Two “OK” Wire Cheese Slicers

At almost the same price point, here are 2 other top-selling wire cheese slicers you can consider if you want to consider a few more options.

Bellemain Stainless Steel Vintage Wire Cheese Slicer–Aesthetic Choice

Bellemain is another name for good quality kitchen gadgets. This Bellemain Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer can make you a good choice for your everyday cheesy needs, especially when you love vintage-style gadgets in your kitchen. 

Measuring 4 “L x 4” W x 1 “H, this stainless steel cheese slicer is a beautiful little hand-held cheese champ. The construction is also robust. Yet, the sleek handle is small, so that it can be challenging for big hands.

You can compare this cheese with the best slicer in this article by KITCHENDAO. KITCHENDAO Cheese Slicer features wire tensioning adjustment at 2 pressure points and slice thickness adjustability through tensioning screws. Thus, the slices are cut in evenly once adjusted.

Its blade measures 3.5 inches to cut 3.5-inch thick cheese blocks.

Its stainless steel wire is strong and can slice soft and medium-hard cheese. Yet, working with hard cheese is not great–you need to soften it first. 

Let’s discuss the most appreciable part: the slice thickness adjustment mechanism. You get complete freedom… By unscrewing the blade, you can set it closer or farther to the slicing wire–no tension involved here.

What if the wire breaks? 

The Bellemain cheese slicer comes with two extra wires; you can replace them without any hassle.

Now come to the cleaning part. The slicer is easy to clean by hand washing or a damp wipe. I like that the manufacturers have been honest not to advertise it as dishwasher safe, nor should it be.

Overall, except for a few drawbacks, like a small handle, no hole for hanging or storing, and unsuitability for cutting hard cheese, the cheese slicer by Bellemain is all about ease from usage to changing wire. 

Let me remind you, the design is just beautiful.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • A precise wire fixing mechanism adds strength to the wire, making it versatile for many cheeses. 
  • The wire is easy to replace.
  • 2 extra wires included in the package
  • Additional wires are available to get
  • 1-year warranty
  • Excellent customer service


  • Manufacturers don’t recommend dishwashing it. 
  • The handle has no hole to aid storing.
  • Not great for hard cheese
  • Small handle can be problematic for big hands. 
  • No wire storage is provided
  • Pricey for value than its competitors

OXO Good Grips Cheese Slicer with Replaceable Wires

OXO Good Grips is one of the most trustworthy brands out there. So, it’s unsurprising if you have high hopes for their cheese slicer. The wire cheese slicer by OXO Good Grips gives you the same sense of a heavy-duty product but with an “OK” functionality.

It’s a large-size wire slicer measuring 4.25 “L x 1” W x 10.5 “H, with a wider and larger blade. This sturdy OXO Good Grips Cheese Slicer has a rugged rubber handle for a firm grip when slicing cheese.

The blade part is stainless steel, and a plastic tensioning wheel for wire replacement sits under the blade part–I appreciate that the slicer gets you 2 extra replacement wires, unlike Westmark’s.

Slicing through the soft to medium-hard cheese with this slicer is easy–it’s not for hard cheese blocks, so soften them first. 

As for choosing the slice thickness, change your wrist angle; you’re done. I wish you could have a bit more precise control over cheese slices’ thickness, had it had some screw mechanism.

Replacing the wire is also easy. You can do it in a minute….So, amidst your slicing work, wire breakage doesn’t stop you from creating wonderful cheese slices.

Lastly comes cleaning…the slicer is fully dishwasher safe, unlike our top picks, yet you shouldn’t throw it in the dishwasher because it traps water, which might drip on your cheese–unhygienic it is.

Overall, OXO Good Grips Wire Cheese Slicer makes a good choice. 

Then, what sucks?

First, as stated earlier, the handle traps water, which annoys you seriously when it leaks on cheese.

Second, its wire tensioning wheel is made of plastic–less sturdy. 

Last, you can’t get replacement wires if all 3 break, and they do break.

So, do I recommend it? 

You can have it if you didn’t like the top 2 picks in this article, with less price.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store due to the hole in the handle
  • High-end design
  • Easy wire fixing mechanism
  • It comes with 2 extra wires
  • 10 years warranty
  • Dishwasher safe


  • The plastic wire tension wheel might break.
  • No extra wires available to buy
  • The design traps water, which may drip over cheese.
  • Less control over cheese slices’ thickness due to the wrist angle adjustment mechanism.
  • Relatively pricier


In the quest for the ideal wire cheese slicer, after carefully examining the top options in the market, the KITCHENDAO Replaceable Wire Cheese Slicer Cutter has stood out as a true cheese slicer with its strong wire, built-in storage and extra wires. It offers durability and versatility that cheese enthusiasts will appreciate.

Similarly, the Westmark Germany Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer showcases its reliability and performance, though it may have a few quirks.

For those seeking more options, the Bellemain Stainless Steel Vintage Wire Cheese Slicer and the OXO Good Grips Cheese Slicer provide reasonable choices with their unique features.

Ultimately, choosing the best cheese slicer for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the pros and cons carefully to find the perfect slicer to enhance your culinary adventures. 

Happy slicing!

What’s the Best Countertop Wire Cheese Slicer for Heavy Use

The Prodyne Thick Beechwood Cheese Slicer is a well-crafted and practical tool for cheese enthusiasts. Its design combines functionality with aesthetics, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen.

The first thing that stands out is the quality of the materials used. The beechwood handle not only looks elegant but also feels comfortable in hand. It provides a firm grip, ensuring stability when slicing various types of cheese. The stainless steel cutting wire is durable and sharp, effortlessly gliding through hard and soft cheeses.

What sets this cheese slicer apart is its ability to cut thick slices. Whether you prefer generous portions for a cheese platter or thicker slices for sandwiches, this slicer delivers consistent results. The adjustable knob allows you to customize the thickness, providing versatility for different cheese types and serving purposes.

Another noteworthy feature is the ease of use. It requires minimal effort to operate; simply place the cheese block on a flat surface, position the slicer over it, and apply gentle pressure to create perfect slices. The wire smoothly passes through the cheese, preventing crumbling or sticking, which is a common issue with some other slicers.

Cleaning and maintenance are straightforward as well. The slicer disassembles easily for cleaning, and you wipe clean it. 

One thing to remember is that no cheese slicer of this type lasts forever without replacing the wire. Thankfully, there’s a lifetime warranty, and if the wire breaks, they’ll send you a replacement if you send them the broken wire. 

The only downside is that you’ll be without a slicer while you wait for the replacement. You can buy replacement wires for just $1 each with a self-addressed stamped envelope to avoid this. Smart move…!

In short, Prodyne Thick Beechwood Cheese Slicer is a reliable and attractive tool for cheese lovers. Its durable construction, adjustable thickness settings, and ease of use make it a valuable addition to any kitchen, whether preparing a cheese platter for guests or simply indulging in your favorite cheeses.


  • The slicer is put together nicely.
  • The high tensile strength wire and hinged lever design contribute to its durability.
  • Versatile to handle all types of cheeses
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty for wire replacement.
  • Affordable Replacement Wires: $1 each with a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • Wide, sturdy, and stable wood base 
  • Easy to clean


  • The slicer has limitations in terms of the size of items it can slice.
  • Wire can sometimes move to an off-angle area
  • The wire may bend when slicing harder cheese, leading to uneven cuts.
  • Not dishwasher safe

How to Choose the Best Wire Cheese Slicer: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

A perfectly sliced piece of cheese gives you the next level of satisfaction on your dining table. After getting your favorite cheese, perfect slices can only be achieved with an excellent wire cheese slicer. 

But how can you choose the best wire cheese slicer for your needs?

Let’s break it down, step by step, in this comprehensive buying guide.

Easy to Handle and Use

First and foremost, your wire cheese slicer should be easy to handle and use. Look for a model with a comfortable grip that fits your hand well for facilitating easy slicing motion with minimal effort. Thus, you can get uniform and clean cheese slices every time.

Size Matters

Consider the size of the wire cheese slicer. Opt for a size that fits comfortably in your hand and storage space. A compact slicer is easier to store in your kitchen drawers or utensil holders. However, make sure it’s not too small that it becomes awkward to use.

Type of Cheese It Can Slice

Think about the types of cheese you enjoy the most. Wire cheese slicers with stronger stainless steel wires are versatile and can cut a wide range of cheeses, from soft Brie to hard Parmesan. Yet, before getting a slicer, you must ensure that the slicer you choose can handle the cheeses you plan to slice regularly.

Similarly, if you often buy block cheese, look for a wire cheese slicer designed to slice from blocks. These slicers typically have a larger wire and a sturdy frame, allowing you to easily tackle blocks of cheese.

Wire Strength

The strength of the wire itself is paramount. A strong wire ensures that it won’t break or deform easily while slicing through hard cheeses. Stainless steel wires are a common choice for their durability and resistance to corrosion.

Slice Thickness Adjustability

Different recipes and preferences call for varying cheese slice thicknesses. Look for a wire cheese slicer with adjustable thickness settings that can give you uniform results. In this regard, the screw-based slice thickness mechanism is better. Some cheese slicers require changing your wrist angle to get thicker or thinner slices. 

Compared with slicers featuring screw-based adjustment systems, those with angle-based adjustment may seem hassle-free, but they give you less control over slice thickness size. As a result, your cheese slices are uneven. You should go with a cheese slicer that needs screw-type adjustment to choose cheese slice thickness. 

Wire Tightness Adjustability

In addition to slice thickness, the freedom to adjust the tightness of the wire is beneficial. It lets you maintain consistent pressure while slicing, which results in even cheese slices. 

Most of the wire cheese slicers allow you to tighten the wire between two points. Yet some others also allow adjustability between these two points for more precision (3-point adjustment) and, thus, prevent the wire from breakage owing to tension.

Wire Replacement Mechanism

Consider whether the wire cheese slicer offers an easy wire replacement. Accidents happen, and wires can break over time. You’ll have more peace of mind using a wire cheese slicer with an easy wire replacement process.

Freedom to Get New Wire

Some cheese slicers have replaceable wire. If the wire breaks, you can get extra wire from the manufacturers. In contrast, some others have fixed wire, which is not replaceable, nor can you get a replacement wire. Such cheese slicers are a waste of money if the wire breaks. So, opt for one that has a wire replacement mechanism, and you can buy extra wires from the company.

Extra Wires Included or Not

Some wire cheese slicers come with extra wires. These spare wires can be a lifesaver, as they save you from the hassle of finding replacements later. If the slicer includes extra wires, it’s a thoughtful bonus–honestly, you should choose only a slicer i

Dishwasher Safe…I Don’t Advise

Cleaning up after slicing cheese should be hassle-free. I won’t say that you should get a dishwasher-safe slicer. Cheese slicers are not complicated to clean. You can clean them by using a single wipe or gentle wash.

Instead, you should make a robust choice–get a slicer made of sturdy and smooth material. It’ll be easy to clean.


Finally, consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer. A warranty provides peace of mind and guarantees that the product is free from defects and built to last. Check the duration and terms of the warranty to ensure it align with your expectations.

In short, selecting the best wire cheese slicer depends on your specific needs and preferences. Considering the abovementioned factors, you can confidently choose the ideal wire cheese slicer for your kitchen.

How Can You Change Wire on a Wire Cheese Slicer?

Different cheese slicers have varying mechanisms for changing their slicer’s wire. You can check your product manual for the process of changing the wire. 

Changing the wire on a wire cheese slicer is a relatively simple process. Here are the steps you can follow:

Tools and Materials You’ll Need:

  • New cheese slicer wire (available at kitchen supply stores or online).
  • Screwdriver (usually a Phillips or flathead, depending on your slicer’s design).
  • Pliers (optional).

Steps to Change the Wire:

  • Remove the Old Wire:
    • If your cheese slicer has a tensioner or adjustment knob for the wire, make sure it’s loosened or set to the minimum tension to give you enough slack to work with.
    • Locate the ends of the wire on your cheese slicer. These are typically attached to two points, often metal posts or hooks, on either side of the slicer.
    • Depending on your slicer’s design, you may need to unscrew or unclip the wire from these attachment points. Use a screwdriver to loosen any screws or clips holding the wire in place. If there are nuts or bolts, use pliers or a wrench to remove them.

Replace the Wire:

  • Take your new cheese slicer wire and thread it through the same attachment points on your slicer where the old wire was removed.
  • If the wire has a loop or hook at each end, make sure these are securely fastened to the attachment points. If there are screws, nuts, or bolts, tighten them to hold the wire in place.

Tension the Wire:

  • If your cheese slicer has a tensioner or adjustment knob, use it to tighten the wire. Start with a little tension and adjust it as needed for your preferred cutting thickness.
  • If your slicer doesn’t have a tensioner, you may need to manually stretch the wire slightly to create tension. Be careful not to over-tighten and break the wire.

Test the Slicer:

  • Before using the slicer on cheese, test it on a soft, disposable item like a block of butter or a soft vegetable to ensure the wire is cutting properly and is at the desired tension.

Final Adjustments:

  • Fine-tune the tension as needed. If the wire seems too loose, you can create more tension. If it’s too tight, you may need to release some tension.
  • If there are any loose ends of wire sticking out, trim them carefully with wire cutters or pliers.

Remember that the exact steps can vary depending on the design of your cheese slicer, so refer to the manufacturer’s instructions if available. Always exercise caution when handling wire, and take care not to cut yourself during the process.

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