Top 11 Best Convection Toaster Ovens for 2022

Do you want to know what are the best convection toaster ovens? And you want to ensure you find one that saves energy, has excellent cooking performance with multiple cooking functions, cooks food evenly, and takes less space on your counter shelf?

Here, we’ve listed the best convection ovens with multiple features that diversify your cooking experience. Besides this, we’ve also shared the buying guide for what you need to look for in the convection oven before buying one; hopefully, it’ll help you make the best decision. Let’s go!

Best Convection Toaster Oven Reviews

Here we begin with detailed reviews of some of the top convection toaster ovens.

1. Wolf Gourmet Elite Digital Countertop Convection Toaster Oven 

Do you want to have a premium quality convection toaster oven without caring a lot about the budget?  The Wolf Gourmet Elite Convection Toaster Oven can be a great option for you. 

While keeping the Kitchen cool, it heats up to temperature lightning fast. It can cook everything from pizza, baked potatoes, pies, homemade bread, cookies, cinnamon rolls, baked chicken, and casseroles, and you name it!


The simple but sleek design is perfect for your kitchen. The exterior of this oven is 16.7 x 22.4 x 12.5 inches. However, the interior capacity is 1.1-cu.-ft., but spacious enough to fit a 5½-pound chicken. 

The stainless steel build of the oven gives it a more compact look. The oven fits most quarter sheet pans and 9″ x 13″ stoneware dishes. It has two easy-glide racks that make it easy to reach and reposition into three positions.

A large LED control panel and two silver knobs for adjusting temperature and cooking functions are on display next to the glass door. 

Heat loss has been a big problem with many ovens. Yet, in this oven, a gasket runs around the top of the oven’s interior to prevent the heat from losing. 

Likewise, the spring-loaded door is also sealed, preventing heat loss. Thus, this convection toaster oven is more insulated than a typical oven with a seal around the door. 

No loss of heat; still, this oven has a “typical” issue. It’s the oven top getting hot. So, make sure not to touch it without gloves and not put anything above that gets melted due to heat.

The Wolf convection toaster oven is easy to use and clean. The racks slide out easily to make cleaning hassle-free. 

Besides this, a crumb catcher tray comes with the oven. So, you can easily remove it, wash it, or dust the crumbs off. You can also remove side rack holders for thorough cleaning. 

Accessories you’ll get with the Wolf Elite convection toaster oven are:

  • 2 oven racks
  • 1 baking pan that has a broiling rack insert 
  • Integrated probe thermometer
  • Extra pair of black knobs
  • Removable crumb tray 

Cooking Performance

The multitasking Wolf Elite convection toaster oven has 7 cooking modes: proof, bake, warm, toast, roast, broil, and bagel. In addition, the oven has five heating elements that provide even heat for the fast broiling function.

With intuitive controls, you can easily select time, temperature, cooking mode, and function. These ensure that you get precise and ideal temperature settings for each mode. Next, the convection fan circulates heat thoroughly for even roasting and baking with no hot spot and reduces cooking time by 25%. 

You’ll like the halogen light to the oven’s interior, which keeps the interior bright so you can check on your food while it’s cooking. However, the old model of the wolf elite doesn’t come with the inner light.

You can quickly toast 6 slices of bread. The size is big compared to many toaster ovens, so it takes some time to heat up. However, The 1800W power can heat the oven to 400 degrees in 8-10 mins. 

It also does an excellent job with proofing; you can easily proof two loaves of bread. The results are amazing — the food is baked and roasted evenly with no hot spots. 

While cooking, the sides of the oven get extremely hot. However, the control handle stays cool enough to use during cooking. When paying $$$, you expect a better heating control system.

Final Verdict 

The Wolf Gourmet convection oven is excellent for its high-quality construction, efficient performance, and simple operation. The Wolf convection oven with the toaster is perfect for handling overflow sides during the holidays when the regular oven pulls around the clock.

The only downside of the Wolf Elite convection toaster oven is the high price tag. But given the unique features and five-year limited warranty, it’ll be worth investing the money in this bad boy. 


  • Perfect size and compact built 
  • Quick and even cooking
  • Easy to use and clean
  • The convection fan is quiet
  • built-in temperature probe
  • 5-year warranty


  • A bit overpriced 
  • The oven’s top gets pretty hot
  • It doesn’t toast evenly

2. Ninja DT201 Foodi 10-in-1 XL Air Fry Convection Toaster Oven

The Ninja DT201 is at 2nd place as the Amazon Best Seller among convection ovens. Let’s break down what makes it the best convection toaster oven. 

A convection toaster oven with a dehydrator! Ninja DT201 convection toaster oven is huge and compact simultaneously.


This Ninja Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro oven can accommodate full family meals and cook faster than a regular oven. The sleek design and stainless finish give your kitchen a lavish look it needs. 

It has a uniquely designed top-to-bottom ventilation system. The exterior of ninja pro-Xl is 17.09 x 20.22 x 13.34 inches, and the interior is spacious enough to fit a 5-lb. chicken, 12-inch pizzas, or up to 12-lb turkey breast. It can also fit a 9×13 pan/dish, but the one that doesn’t have handles, the one with the handle, will not fit. 

Ninja oven’s black digital display puts the controls at eye level, making them easy to see and use. The door is made of tempered glass for safety. One step ahead, this toaster oven has an interior light that will automatically turn on when the door is open while cooking and when 1 minute before the cooking time ends. 

Such a good oven! Where is the problem? It’s cleaning time…

The manufacturer says that it’s dishwasher safe. However, the factory recommends hand-washing of all parts. 

The truth is, the Ninja XL pro is hard to clean. Especially after air frying or roasting meat, when oil splatters all over the inside, drippings get onto the heat elements above and below, even with a drip pan.

It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty and additional accessories, including: 

  • 2 Sheet Pans, 
  • 2 Wire Racks
  • Air Fry Basket
  • Roast Tray
  • Crumb Tray
  • 15-Recipe Guide
  • DT200 Series Owner’s Guide

Cooking performance

The Ninja is really a ninja appliance regarding versatility in cooking functions. This oven can air fry, roast, bake, whole roast, broil, toast, bagel, dehydrate, reheat, and pizza. 

With a high wattage of 1800 watts, the convection power of Ninja cooks anything from brussels sprouts to frozen french fries, from panko-crusted chicken breasts to chicken. In short, the functionality of ninja 10 in 1 is matchless. 

For instance, 360 degrees roast technology roasts all sides of chicken, beef, and more without needing you to rotate your pan. 

Ninja Pro XL preheats in 1 minute to the highest temperatures of 425 F. Potentially, it’s 10X faster than a full-size oven when working optimally!

It automatically starts to countdown once preheating is about to be over. So, we’ll advise you to keep your food ready before you preheat it.

The fast cooking of the oven is also a result of the high-velocity fan beside the that’s why you feel the noise of a convection fan though it’s not too loud. The highest temperature for this system is 450F.  

Final Verdict

Ninja oven is overall a satisfying product in terms of temperature, evenness, and maintenance of cooking, which always remains the primary concern when buying a convection countertop oven.

Some customers complained that the company sent them the wrong mode(DT200 unit instead of DT201). It’s upsetting you’re paying extra and still getting the cheaper model with fewer features. The manufacturer must look into it. 

The size is perfect for big families, plus it cooks meals faster. So given the reasonable price and functionality, you can consider having the Ninja XL pro. 


  • Cook faster with 10*convection technology 
  • Cook two foods at once on two different racks
  • Uniquely designed air roast function 
  • Accurate temperature settings 
  • Easy to use 


  • A little noisy
  • The exterior gets very hot
  • Hard to clean
  • Customer support is less responsive
  • The 1-year warranty isn’t sufficient

4. KitchenAid KCO211BM Digital Convection Toaster Oven

With sleek designs and amazing features, KitchenAid convection countertop ovens are trendsetters. 

Let’s look at the amazing cooking features this oven offers.

The KitchenAid digital countertop oven offers a large capacity on a small footprint. The black matte color with metal is built to give your kitchen a sleek and stylish look. Besides this, the KitchenAid oven’s dimensions are 16″ x 17″ x 11.3″. Such size is excellent to fit your countertops.

Despite the small footprint, it has 50% more capacity. The internal dimensions are approximately 8.5 h x 15″ w x 12″ d. It can easily fit a 9 X13 inches baking pan with a grill rack. Yet, it cannot hold a 12″ pizza and can’t roast a whole chicken as it’s not deep enough. 


It features a convection system that includes 4 heating elements and a fan. Unlike the traditional baking systems, this combination provides more consistent temperatures and airflow.

It comes with a large black digital display. First, the control panel offers presets to choose between 9 functions like broil, frozen, roast, toast, pizza, bagel, bake, keep warm or reheat and a unique knob for setting time for customized cooking. Besides this, it has a couple of push-buttons for on and off.

Sadly, you’ll miss a “pause button.” 

The interior is made of nonstick material, which is easy to clean, plus you get the crumb tray you can wipe off after every cooking session. This model has been powered by 1800 wattage and is backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee. With this convection oven, you also get:

  • 1 removable metal drip 
  • 1 crumb tray
  • 1 removable metal rack

Thus, the usage is pretty convenient, and the same is with cleaning.

In short, when it’s about design and capacity, the KitchenAid’s toaster oven is great. Yet, on the downside, like several rivals, the buttons are not illuminated, nor does it have an illuminated interior to allow you to check your food progress — less progressive!

Cooking Performance 

With KitchenAid KCO211BM, you get 9 preset cooking functions – bake, broil, toast, warm, reheat, bagel, pizza, cookies, roast, and frozen. 

Surprisingly, the company doesn’t advertise this, but the convection oven also works as an air fryer. All you have to do is select a convection bake and set the temperature to max. It’ll turn into a giant air fryer. Not only does it become a giant air fryer, but it works better than standalone air fryers. 

The large capacity of the KitchenAid convection oven can cook everything from Red Baron to frozen pizzas. Moreover, you get the preset temperature and time for all cooking functions. All you have to do is select the feature using the knob. 

The toast feature is great. Besides this, you can easily cook frozen meals in it. For baking, you can deselect the convection setting, so things like delicate cakes get baked in a still environment without blowing air from a convection fan. 

On the downside, the oven lacks insulation; eventually, the exterior gets hot. 

Should it worry you? NOOO! The reason is that the door handle and knobs stay cool. Thus you can carry on your cooking safely. 

It also has a countdown option. The countdown starts when the preheat is done. Push the button, stop, and go back to displaying the temperature. You’re ready to bake or roast your food evenly. 

Final Verdict

KitchenAid is a perfect unit for a relatively small kitchen that takes less space but gives 50% more space inside, so you don’t have to experience any cooking limitations.

With fantastic features and a limited warranty, the KitchenAid convection oven is indeed one of the best convection toaster ovens.


  • 9 preset cooking functions with even cooking
  • 50% more capacity 
  • Easy to clean
  • Great functionality 
  • 1-year extendable warranty


  • No rubber seal on the door
  • No digital clock to check the time of cooking
  • The oven has no interior light to let you monitor your food.
  • The oven exterior tends to get hot.

5. Breville BOV900BSS The Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

The top-of-the-line Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro is next on our list. It has awesome features and an exceptionally beautiful design. Let’s take a look at why Breville is the finest smart oven for your house.


Breville BOV900BSS The Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro is incredibly easy to use. The overall design and functionality are amazing. 

The exterior of this unit is 21.5 x 17.5 x 12.7 inches and is made of brushed stainless steel. The interior of this oven is huge, almost 16″ wide, 12 ‘deep, and 7″ high. 

It can easily fit huge 11lb roasts or tall loaves of bread without scorching the top parts and yet provide excellent results. With 8 rack settings, you have an infinite range of levels for cooking various-sized dishes.

This model’s 13 cooking settings make it much more flexible than the Smart Oven Pro. The big LED digital display makes reading easier. A door seal wraps all the way around to keep more heat in.

The oven is easy to clean and has a user-friendly interface. The warranty of this oven is 2 years, unlike other toaster ovens that only come with one year. 

You’ll get the following accessories with this unit:

  • 13-inch Pizza Pan
  • Two Oven Racks
  • 9 x13 inch Broil Rack 
  • Enamel Roasting Pan
  • Mesh basket rack for dehydrating and air frying

Cooking Performance

The Breville smart air fryer oven has 6 quartz elements and convection technology with a 450-degree Fahrenheit range. So, it cooks food much faster and better than a regular oven or air fryer. 

Super Convection mode increases the fan speed, which results in a crisper, faster, and even cooking speed than ever before. Besides all these, the oven is accurate at low or high temperatures. This bad boy preheats in 2-4 mins!

Compared to the older model smart oven pro, this oven offers several new features such as proofing and dehydrating.Proofing mode, which was recently introduced, proofs the dough for optimal baking outcomes. Similarly, you may dehydrate up to four trays in one go.

You don’t need a separate air fryer to cook frozen snack items like fries and onion rings. Furthermore, the baking function produces flawless results. It beautifully bakes cakes and evenly browns cookies.

The new phase cook feature, which lets you to configure back-to-back cooking processes, is the standout feature. For example, you may roast chicken crisp and brown on the exterior before switching to a slow cooking technique that cooks the chicken juicily on the inside. The rotation reminder notifies you halfway through to flip the pan around for the greatest even result, which is incredible.

Now about the toasting feature, this oven can toast 9 slices at a time. It puts heat exactly where it’s needed. Interestingly, once you have finished making toast or toasting a bagel and the oven is still hot, it’s best to adjust the cooking time if you want to make more. 

The toast feature takes 3 to 6 minutes. This oven takes slightly longer to toast than the smart oven pro, but only about a minute longer. 

Final Verdict

Designed with a touch-sensitive user-friendly interface and pre-programmed cooking features, the Breville BOV900BSS is the best air fryer oven you could own.

The other design Smart Oven Pro was criticized for failing the control panel, but they improved this time by adding a cooling fan within the air’s control panel to protect the delicate electronics from overheating and to extend the life of the oven. Overall, it’s a touch pricey, but well worth it.


  • When you open the door, the light turns on.
  • When the door is opened, the system automatically pauses.
  • The beeping sound may be adjusted and entirely hushed.
  • Auto-eject for toast and air fry settings
  • Design of a new magnetic rack-puller


  • The fast convection fan is loud.
  • It takes longer to reach a certain temperature.
  • Difficult to learn the settings for a beginner as it has no recipe book 
  • Expensive

6. Oster Toaster Oven – Digital Convection Oven

Do you need a small but smart convection oven? This countertop Oster Toaster Oven has everything you need in a high-quality convection countertop oven with knob free completely digital control panel…

How? Let’s get into the review.


The Oster stainless steel convection oven is famous for its high-quality build and features. The well-designed stainless steel countertop oven has easy navigation and is reasonably large. 

This unit comes with the latest convection technology. The exterior dimension is about 19.72 w x 16.29 d x 11.33 h inches. Though it only accommodates one rack at a time, the large capacity can easily fit a pan with a measure of 2 inches in height, 10.5 inches in width, and 12.5 inches in length. The oven has 1300 wattage power. 

Unlike other models that make things difficult by including all features in one knob, Oster comes with multiple independent controls; you can easily choose the pre-set cooking feature. Not only this, by using temperature control button “+/-” you can further adjust the temperature and enjoy perfectly cooked food. This is what any beginner would love.

Adding to the convenience, the machine also has an interior light that automatically turns on when the door is open. Therefore, a model like this is a wise choice for anyone with limited counter space because of its energy efficiency, roomy interior, and ease of cleaning. 

For easy peasy cleaning, first, the oven’s sleek stainless steel body only needs a wipe. Second, inside removable crumb tray keeps collecting the drips or crumbs. You can remove the tray and clean it quickly after each cooking.

This six-slice toaster convection oven includes two rack settings for deep and shallow dishes, as well as a baking pan up to 13 inches by 9 inches.

This portable convetion toaster oven also comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. You also get a few accessories with it like:

  • A durable baking pan
  • Removable crumb

Yes, it’s the crumb tray that makes the cleaning easy.

Cooking Performance 

The Oster has fantastic features that make cooking enjoyable for you. Its versatility allows you to choose between 7 presets: warm, bake, defrost, broil, toast, and make pizza. Not only this, you can also customize the temperature and time settings to cook your recipes perfectly.

Among the presets, the defrost feature is great. The timer adds to the convenience. Interior light makes it easy to clean the interior—the temperature ranges from 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s wonderful to help you cook demanding meals like frozen pizzas.

You can easily bake 12″ pizza, casseroles, and cookies and roast the chicken. Many users complain that the toast feature doesn’t make toast well. 

The oven has a 7-minute timer to preheat. The interior light is also a great addition. However, while making toast, the light shuts off after the toast cycle is finished, which is annoying.

Its turbo convection heat technology speeds up cooking time and browns food more consistently than conventional ovens. Turbo broilers use infrared/halogen light heat and emit infrared heat for heat transfer.

A thing many users find annoying is the microscopic and practically unreadable little red LED words placed randomly around the digital clock display, which lights up all the time during the oven runs. We hope you’ll get used to it!

Final Verdict

The unit is one of the best toaster ovens with convection that Oster has made. It comes at half the price compared to its competitive brand ovens. The visibility is great. 

Despite the low price, the oven offers 7 preset cooking functions, including pizza and toast. This highly rated oven from Oster has the excellent capacity, is reliable, and does not cost an arm and a leg to replace like other brands. 


  • Larger capacity oven at an affordable price
  • Long 3.5-inch power cord
  • Turbo convection technology and great cooking performance.
  • Interior light
  • The digital control panel ensures an excellent user interface.


  • There are few presets only 7.
  • Slow toasting
  • The oven emits heat
  • Control buttons are hard to press.

7. Omni Pro 18L Air Fryer Convection Toaster Oven

Next on our list is the uniquely designed Instant Pot Omni Pro 18L Air Fryer Convection Toaster Oven with an air fryer. It seems to be their top-of-the-line air fryer toaster oven. 


The best convection toaster oven with rotisserie. Instant Pot Omni Pro is a 14-in-1 combo convection toaster oven. It incorporates multi-cooking features, including an air fryer, bake, toast, rotisserie, electric cooker, proofer, dehydrator, broiler, slow cook, convection roaster, warmer, and split cooking & temperature probe. 

The interior is wide, and the outer dimensions are 15.55 x 14 x 13.89 inches. This sleek oven further becomes more durable as it’s made of stainless steel. The instant pot Omni pro needs 1800 wattage power— the excellent temperature range needs this. 

With a big digital display, you can keep the entire cooking process in check. However, the buttons on the front are hard to push, according to users. 

It has a removable glass door that can be removed to wash the food splatters. However, you need to be a little careful with the oven door as it’s quite a loose hinge, so if you don’t push it to shut, it can fall onto the counter, causing it to crack. 

The cord length is 29 inches — it’s not long enough.

Pretty easy to use, but the trays have to be taken out and swapped, which might frustrate some. 

Just like cleaning, the oven is also easy to clean. The reason is, that the accessories are dishwasher safe. You get a lot of accessories along with the oven, including:

  • Temperature probe
  • Enamel baking tray
  • Stainless-steel oven rack
  • Air frying basket
  • BBQ-style rotisserie spit and forks
  • Lift tool

Cooking Performance 

This 14-in-1 combo convection oven can cook everything from roast to fries. The intuitive design makes setting the temperature and time for each cooking feature easy. 

It contains a convection fan that circulates super-hot air from the top for the ultimate even crisp air frying. In addition, it has golden quartz infrared, the ultra-fast dual radiant heat which preheats faster and cooks food evenly.

It also has a split cook feature, which adds to the convenience so you can combine two cooking programs. Double-layer glass doors provide effective temperature and prevent any heat loss. 

It comes with a temperature probe that gives you more precise control over the cooking process. 

The air fryer basket can fit more food than any other air fryer. You can cook steak, hamburgers, pork chops, chicken breasts, bacon, chicken nuggets, French fries, and whatnot.

Temperature can be perfectly adjusted from 170° to 450°F. The amazing thing is it has seven customizable toasting levels for toasting bread, bagels, and more. This also includes a preheating option, which is great.

Final Verdict

This great oven has a bit of a hefty price tag.

The oven is a giant once you’ve learned to use it. Yes, it requires understanding. 


Many complain about the lack of instruction and care in the user manual. Figure out a lot of things on your own. The oven also gets hot, so keep 5″ space on each side.

Another downside of this oven is that it emits a terrible rubber smell. However, it’s because of not properly cleaning the oven before first use. You can avoid it!


  • Multi-tasker 
  • 14 in 1 combo with incredible cooking performance.
  • Split cooking mode 
  • Touch-sensitive responsive control panel
  • Sleek and aesthetic design with a premium feel


  • Loud
  • Lack of instructions 
  • It’s heavily priced.

8. CHEFMAN Air Fryer Toaster Oven XL SIZE

Do you need an XL convection toaster oven? Chefman air fryer toaster is another large XL toaster oven, perfect for big families and cooking multiple foods in one go. 


Chefman is another great convection oven with an air fryer. The oven stainless steel built is portable. 

This simple but highly functional air fryer toaster oven is neither too big nor too small. The exterior is 15 x 15.75 x 14 inches. There is a large digital display on the upper front side. 

The Chefman air fryer toaster has 9 different cooking functions. You can slow cook, dehydrate, warm, broil, bagel, convection bake, air fry, and toast in one multi-functional unit. 

The oven also has 60 mins timers which are amazing. In addition, it offers an auto shut-off function, so once your food gets cooked, the oven shuts off automatically. 

The user-friendly interface and controls are simple and easy to use, adding convenience and efficiency to your cooking experience. The spacious 20-liter capacity fits medium frozen pizza, up to 6 slices of toast, or whole chicken so you can make a variety of food for the entire family — without heating your regular oven.

The best part is that CHEFMAN is UL certified with advanced safety technology for long-lasting durability. Moreover, a 1-year assurance warranty is provided by Chefman. 

It comes with several racks, which complete the purpose of multi-cooking. 

The interior is made of nonstick material, which can be easily clean or wiped off. For cleaning purposes, the crumb tray is wide enough to catch the food particles, so there is no mess. 

The CHEFMAN oven comes with 

  • 1 Broil pan
  • 1 Air fry basket
  • 1 Baking rack
  • 2 Dehydrator racks
  • 1 Removable crumb tray.

Cooking Performance 

The high-speed convection fans of the Chefman air fryer toaster oven speed up baking & provide that desired brownish crunch & flavor to your food. The temperature range is between 200-450°F, making it easy to adjust the precise temperature according to food. 

The roast and convection feature delivers amazing results for various foods like chops, roast chicken, and pizza. Besides these, baked items also turn out pretty well. 

The convection setting on this oven truly provides a significantly reduced cooking time. Besides these, you can achieve the desired toast shade with this unit; it works wonderfully as an air fryer. 

The highlight of this oven is its cool touch. Unlike many toaster ovens, it gets a little warm but not scorching hot. However, the machine emits a strong odor during its first use. Should you avoid this oven, then?

No, this odor will be gone after first use.

With dual-function cooking technology, you can program your air fryer + toaster oven to cook with one preset. It automatically tunes into a second preset for any meal. 

The Cook time is almost 10 to 20 mins, which is significantly faster than expensive ovens. Another amazing thing is that the oven turns off if the door is opened.

Some complain that the unit vents hot air out of the back, so pull it away a few inches from all sides.

Final Verdict

The medium-built Chefman air fryer toaster oven can easily fit on your countertop and perform multiple cooking functions four times faster than a regular oven. 

The trade-off is that it’ll fit larger pans for baking and roasting than many other models.

The CHEFMAN 20L unique design convection oven offers fantastic features.


  • Intuitive and easy to use 
  • 4 times faster
  • Dual cooking function
  • The fan is not too loud.
  • Large capacity 
  • The system turns off automatically when the door is opened.


  • No pause button 
  • The oven’s rear is uninsulted.
  • The alarm’s beep sound is barely audible. 

9. COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven with Convection System 

Let Alexa handle your convection oven for you, making cooking more fun than ever. The latest unit of the COSORI Air Fryer Toaster oven cooks food much differently than other models of COSORI. Additionally, it has an app feature. Here’s a breakdown of its design, cooking performance, pros, and cons. 


The COSORI is the best convection toaster oven with rotisserie, and air fryer, of course. 

If you need a modern touch and want to get something that can work even when you’re not around, then the COSORI convection toaster oven is a great option. 

The interior dimension of this unit is 12.8 x 13.4 x 8.9 inches (D x W x H) and exterior dimension is: 16.3 x 16.9 x 15.5 inches (D x W x H)

The highlight of this oven is its compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google help which is really cool! It comes with a smart app feature, which means you can easily connect it with the app. 

APP Control-VeSync and with voice control, you can send commands easily. Even the COSORI Air Fryer Toaster oven basket is labeled as smart. The unit offers 12 versatile cooking features. 

It can easily fit the 5-pound chicken. Up to 6 slices of bread(4 x 4 inches), a 12-inch pizza in the oven’s 26 quart / 25-liter capacity. The door lays flat when you open it, making it easy for you to take out your food,

Moreover, the oven uses 1800W and AC 120V, 60HZ. 

The manual does not state that the trays are dishwasher safe. On the downside, it requires quite a clean-up when you cook fried chicken. 

Like most air fryer units, this one also emits a smell during first use. After a few minutes, the smell will eventually go away. The oven comes with a 1-year limited warranty. 

The COSORI convection toaster oven comes with:

  • Crumb tray
  • Air fryer basket
  • Food tray
  • 1 Wire rack
  • Rotisserie fork set and rotisserie handle
  • Recipe book
  • and user manual

Cooking Performance 

The machine can air fry, preheat, dehydrate, bake pizza, roast, toast, bagel, bake, broil, defrost, ferment, and keep warm. The reason is its incredibly low and high-temperature range of 80°-450°F. 

Inside, it has more room than previous models, which can easily feed 7 people at a time. 

It Performs great as dehydrating and can work best for dried fruits or beef jerky. It also has the ferment option. 

The ferment function is definitely a game-changer, which can make the dough, proof bread, pizza, and rolls, plus it can also make yogurt. 

The convection fan and 5 heating elements cook food evenly and faster. With the help of a voice-over and app, you can control the whole cooking process. 

The app can also control the light in the oven. Incredibly, the oven has 3 levels to position your baking tray. Based on your settings, the oven lets you know on which level you can cook your food. 


The air fryer feature works great. You can cook pizza, fry chicken and make steak. This oven makes cooking the steak 100x easier.

The app also suggests the recipes along with the required temperature and time which is needed. 

With the help of a convection oven, you get results similar to deep frying. The food comes out crunchy and crispy. 

Final Verdict

This amazing smart convection oven is for you if you want something that performs multiple tasks and takes less space and time. If you have a big family, this one covers all the burden of cooking extra food on holidays. If the oven is full, it doesn’t cook as evenly as a standard oven.

Don’t worry; the smart oven doesn’t cost you a hefty price. 

The price? Don’t worry!

It’s affordable, considering the cooking feature it offers. 


  • Interior light 
  • Smart oven 
  • 12 versatile cooking features 
  • The convection fan can be turned on and off.
  • Much quieter than a regular basket air fryer 


  • No rotisserie
  • Oven gets hot
  • Emit smoke while cooking greasy food like chicken
  • No Auto Shut off system — the timer continues to run even after the oven is open.

10. Hamilton Beach Countertop Convection Toaster Oven

Are you looking for a basic convection countertop toaster oven that falls under budget but doesn’t fall short of the performance? The Hamilton Beach Countertop oven 31123D is a great pick for you; it’s basic but functional.


Hamilton beach’s compact oven is 18.5 x 15 x 9.5 inches and 11.5 pounds. This size is advisable to serve a small family of 2-3 only.

This oven is wonderful since it has a roll-top door that makes it simple to put in and remove food.

It has a pretty simple control panel with 3 knobs to regulate the time, temperature, and cooking operations. Awkwardly, the temperature dial has a learning curve, and users are frequently puzzled by temperature readings. Therefore, initially, you can be a little unhappy. Don’t worry, soon, your confusion will be gone.

While it appears little, this oven can accommodate 6 bread slices, 12 inches of pizza, and a 9 X 11 baking sheet.

The roll-back door is also helpful to award you with some extra counter space in front of the toaster. So, you can manage your dishes in front of the oven.

This little oven is also breezy to clean. The roll-door reduces the mess of food spills. It incorporates a separate crumb tray, so you won’t have to worry about spilling food. Remove the tray, wash it individually, and then replace it.

An oven is an under-budget machine, of course. Yet, we like that still it has been made of alloy steel material which adds more years to the toaster oven’s age.

The Hamilton Beach toaster oven comes with the following additional accessories:

1 Bake rack 

1 Bake pan

Cooking Performance 

Hamilton Beach’s toaster oven includes 4 cooking modes: convection, toast, bake, and broil, with a temperature range of 150-450.

The knob controls the cooking function, time, and temperature. Aside from that, the auto shut-off feature includes a 30-minute timer and an “alarm” feature, which saves both food and power.

The temperature is automatically adjusted by the cooking operations. Furthermore, it must remain on the setting option to maintain the oven in warm mode.

To get the perfect shade of toast, you’ll have to find out where to turn the timer dial. The toast made in the Hamilton convection toaster oven is second to none. In addition, it includes a rear post that separates the back of the unit from your wall, preventing any direct contact with the back’s potentially hot surface. Remember, we’ve already advised learning your Hamilton Beach toaster oven temperature setting first, which will obviously take some time.

Convection technology is a bonus to let you enjoy versatile recipes as it cooks food faster than any conventional oven. Additionally, it aids in even heating for baking, broiling, or toasting.

Final Verdict

While Hamilton Beach isn’t as flexible as most toaster ovens on our list, its four cooking modes, and low price makes it a great buy. Strongly suggest it!

However, there have been reports of smashed glass in the door of certain toasters. However, the handbook provides detailed advice on how to avoid this happening.

Think about the benefits and drawbacks of the Hamilton Beach toaster oven:


  • Easy to Clean  
  • Budget-friendly
  • Timer with auto shut off 
  • A wide temperature range to bake ideally


  • Small Size
  • No digital controls 
  • No preset cooking feature 
  • It can prove less durable.
  • The internal fan makes a rattling noise.

11. Oster Convection Countertop and Toaster Oven 

Are you looking for a toaster oven that stands out for its aesthetics and design? Here is Oster’s convection toaster oven. It’s equipped with a wide range of cooking options, which places it among the finest convection toaster ovens on our list.


First, let us appreciate the “french door” style of the Oster oven that makes it more spatial. Furthermore, it also allows you to transfer food more comfortably.

This large oven measures 23.8 by 20.15 by 15.1 inches. The toaster oven has a Teflon-lined interior and a brushed stainless steel exterior. Because of this, this oven is easy to maintain and long-lasting.

Inside, you get plenty of room, with dimensions of 15.75 inches across and 16.36 inches deep. It can accommodate a 14″ pizza, 9×13 inches baking pan 12 lb gobbler, and 14 bread slices easily.

The digital touch control buttons on the Oster toaster oven simplify the process of selecting the desired cooking mode.

With its two separate tracks, it allows for a wide range of cooking options.

Compared to toasting, baking is more controllable. It takes just 5-7 minutes to preheat before you bake anything.

And as default, the timer setting is 20 minutes; you may modify it to your preference.

The Oster toaster oven’s outside is composed of stainless steel, and its inside is Teflon-coated for easy cleaning. Moreover, a crumb tray can be removed and cleaned independently.

The extra accessories you get with this oven are:

Baking Sheet

1 crumb tray

Cooking Performance

With convection turbo technology, the Oster toaster oven is faster and more even at cooking. Using a convection fan to circulate air within the stove may save cooking time by as much as 30 percent.

This oven has seven presets beyond the usual fare, including toasting, baking, broiling, defrosting, pizza baking, and keeping food warm and dry.

You need to hit Start or Stop/Cancel twice to begin or end baking. When the oven is switched off, the lights go out.

Furthermore, for up to 6 hours of slow cooking, the Oster toaster oven control includes a fixed temperature of 150°F (65.5°C). You may use the whole 1500 watts of electricity to cook at temperatures as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

An automatic shutoff works after 90 minutes. When cooked at the right temperature, the crust of a pizza turns golden and crispy. A 14-inch cake can be baked with no problems “15 minutes, including preheating, is all you need to make a pizza.

Unfortunately, there is no toast timer that can be seen when using the machine. However, the quarter-based shading numbers shown by the device start at 4 and turn off by themselves after 2 minutes.

In addition, the oven’s inside light remains on the whole cooking time so you can monitor the progress of your meal without disturbing the cooking process.


The Oster French door oven is a snap when it’s about usage or cleaning. When stainless steel material makes it durable, on the other hand it also ensures pain-free cleaning

This model’s buttons are also a bit soft and sometimes it becomes distressing. At the same time, the oven’s cable is short. In short, despite a few compromises, the Oster oven comes with matchless performance.

Few reported issues can worry you. They’re especially about the oven’s door. Is it a brand’s fault? NO!

How? Here is the truth…

  • First, it’s about the oven doors not staying open… It’s because of a little misunderstanding, in fact. Basically, the oven door has been designed in a way, that if opened accidentally, it should close automatically after some time as the oven doesn’t feature an “auto shut off” system. So, to keep you must open it in full swing.
  • Second, you find a hairline gap between the doors. Does it cause heat loss? OR it is a design flaw? Not at all! No brand would do such a blunder. So, you need not block this gap. Soon you’ll see that your oven is cooking incredibly.
  • Third, the oven door can shatter. Yes, they do. It’s because of microcracks and any oven door can explode and the reasons can be some minor mistakes that you keep repeating.

In a nutshell, the Oster oven can be a baking or roasting beast. You only need to put your confidence in your guy!


  • Impressive design with innovative doors
  • The cooking performance is terrific.
  • Large and roomy
  • Use and cleaning are easy.
  • It was not expensive.


  • Simple in operation and maintenance
  • The Power Cord is Too Short
  • Noisy

How should you Choose a Convection Toaster Oven? Buying Guide

Convection toaster ovens come with a wide range of features and cooking functions. You can find different sizes in the market, from big to small. 

Most models come with multiple cooking functions, while some others are straightforward. They also include helpful accessories that make the entire process more convenient. Before investing in a new convection toaster oven, you must consider several important things. 

Size and Capacity

Regarding choosing the right size of convection countertop oven for your kitchen, you need to consider two factors: the amount of cooking space you want and the available counter space in your kitchen. In addition, consider what you cook almost every day and which kind of cooking function you don’t need. 

The convection technology is available in different toaster ovens, ranging from wall-mount toaster ovens to small countertop convection toaster ovens. Most convection ovens measure the size of how many pieces of bread slices the oven can toast at once. You can find the ones that toast only four slices to the big ones that can accommodate 12 at once. 

The rule of thumb is to invest in the large convection toaster oven that you can fit in your kitchen. The bigger you own, the more food you can cook simultaneously. The primary function of a convection toaster oven is to circulate heat through the fan. The big oven provides more space for hot air, which cooks food more evenly. 

Temperature Range

The more heating the oven has, the less temperature it requires cooking food.

The convection toaster oven relies on the exhaust system. That’s why it’s a much better option than other types of oven. It uses less temperature and less time to cook, bake or broil. 

Check the position of the heating element. It’ll more efficiently regulate the temperature if it’s near the fan.

Control Panel

The display is important as well. Some come with bright LED-lit and back-lit displays, while others come only with mechanical dials. You want to go for the back-lit display as it makes things easier to see and navigate.

Some high-end brand convection toaster ovens may be equipped with touch screens, unlike traditional manual dials or knobs settings. Touch screen display also gives a more sleek look to your countertop oven. 

The higher-quality convection oven has more settings and presets. Look for the multiple-feature oven that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

Cooking and Baking Functions

Regarding settings, the convection toaster ovens come in a wide variety: roast, bake, broil, proof, and toast. New models include air frying, rotisserie, dehydrating, fermenting, and warming modes. If You’re sure you’ll use all these different settings, then it’s worth spending a little extra on the oven with the most advanced features and settings. 

Apart from these fantastic cooking modes, the convection oven makes your baking experience more enjoyable, with preset options for toast, pizza, and bagels. It’s perfect for someone who wants to simplify their baking expertise. 

The best convection toaster oven for your home is one that simplifies and improves the cooking you do daily and not the one that complicates the daily culinary routine. 

Additional Features

A convection oven with more settings comes with more valuable accessories such as a fry basket, rotisserie fork, removable wire racks, and cookbooks. Think about the food you cook daily. Because if you overlook the accessories when buying the oven, you’ll have to buy them later. 

There are many other valuable features that you should also look for in the convection oven. You’re getting for your home. Some useful features include interior lights, timers, and automatic shut-off features that can save your electricity and food from getting overcooked or burned.

Interior lights can be a small addition. Yet, it comes in handy to look at your food while it cooks in the oven; plus, it helps clean the oven from the inside thoroughly. 

FAQs about Convection Countertop Toaster Ovens

What is a convection toaster oven?

A convection toaster oven is the same as any other toaster oven, except it’s equipped with a fan and is small. The fan allows the heat to circulate evenly inside the oven. Compared to a regular oven, a convection toaster oven cooks food more evenly and faster than a regular one.

What are the benefits of a convection toaster oven?

Several benefits of a convection toaster oven make it a better option than a regular oven. 

  • The food gets a uniform heat, and resultantly cooks well and is evenly brown. It’s only because of the heat rotation system through a convection fan and several heating elements.
  • It can cook food faster and more evenly than a toaster oven owing to hot air rotation.
  • Easy to clean because of the uniform circulation of the hot air, which makes cleaning up the cooking pan easier. 
  • Convection toaster ovens have more cooking features. 
  • It gives a perfect crispy and caramelized crust to your food which you don’t get in a toaster oven. 
  • You can set the precise temperature for your food. 

What is the best convection toaster oven under $100?

Hamilton Beach Countertop Toaster Oven is the best convection toaster oven you can get for under $100. It only offers three cooking features and is a bit small compared to other brands’ convection toaster ovens. 

What is the best convection toaster oven under $150? 

COSORI convection toaster oven with a dehydrator is the best convection toaster oven for under $150.

What is the best convection toaster oven for under $200?

KitchenAid KC0211BM digital countertop toaster oven is the best Convection toaster oven under $200. It offers a large capacity on a small footprint. And, indeed, the cooking performance is reliable.

What is the best convection toaster oven under $250?

Ninja DT201 Foodi 10 in 1 Pro countertop convection toaster oven is best under $250. The price of Ninja DT201 is $249.99. It can accommodate and cook food for the whole family. 

What is the best convection toaster oven under $500?

Instant Pot Omni pro 18L convection toaster oven with an air fryer is the best convection toaster oven for under $500. the price of Instant Port Omni Pro is $299.95. 

What is the best convection toaster oven under $1000?

The Wolf Gourmet Elite Digital countertop convection toaster oven is definitely the best convection toaster oven for under $1000. In every way, this elite-price oven also offers elite features. 

All the ovens mentioned in this article are the best convection toaster ovens that you can get. The reason is, that these high-rated ovens incorporate multiple cooking features, providing precise temperature, constant air circulation, and even cooking. No doubt, they offer fantastic features, yet a few cons are also there. So, consider your needs and limitations of each oven before getting some. 

Final Thoughts

Which one is the best toaster oven, it depends on your budget, how many cooking features you need, and how many family members you have? All these factors determine the best convection of your own for you. We hope this article helps you decide on your next purchase. 

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