Top 10 Wide-Slot Toasters – Detailed Reviews

Are you on the hunt for an ideal wide-slot toaster for your thick-sliced bread? We think that’s the very reason you landed on this page.

Here, we have enlisted and reviewed solely the best wide-mouth toasters out there.

At the end of this article, we have also included a buyer guide to help you make a confident buying decision. Let’s jump headfirst into the reviews without further ado.

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Best Wide-Slot Toasters – A Quick Rundown

Before getting into the in-depth reviews of our best wide-slot toasters, having a quick overview can help you scroll through this long-form article and land on a product that best fits your needs.


Top 2-Slice Wide-Slot Toaster

Top 4-Slice Wide-Slot Toaster

Best 2-Slice Wide-Slot Toasters

1. BLACK+DECKER 2-Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

The Black & Decker Toaster is the best budget-friendly option with great quality and functionality. The fiber-plastic casing renders it exceptional longevity. Above all, there’s no significant tradeoff except that it’s brutally simple. But being simple doesn’t mean being ugly. Let’s look at what it has to offer you.

Design, controls, and features

The Black & Decker Toaster has a modern design but conventional, retro looks. It has a broad base with a relatively thin upper half. 

The edges are slightly curved; the footrests are about one inch high, and there’s a cord management system underneath the base. All the controls are accessible, being on a single front side.

The control panel comprises three function buttons (Bagel, Frozen, and Cancel), a shade selector knob with 6 presets, and a lever mechanism to lower or raise the slices.

The Black & Decker toaster has a drop-down crumb tray that slides for easy removal and dumping of the contents.

As for the slots, they’re broad enough to accommodate most types of bread — extra wide. The metallic, self-adjusting guides in the slots center the slices for even, consistent cooking.


Toasting in the B & D wide slot toaster is fun. It has six shade settings/time presets that allow you to control the doneness/browning of your toasts. 

As pointed out by some buyers, even toasting is questionable–the slices get a little browner in the center. Thus, they can even burn in the middle if you don’t know how to tweak the time selector knob for different bread types.

With this budget toaster, you can warm the long Italian slices of bread using an optional warming rod bracket (easily removable) that can be fixed on top of the slots.

A “Frozen” button allows you to defrost refrigerated slices of bread and other breakfast favorites like waffles. The “Bagel” button is also there for toasting bagels on one side while warming the other.

Since it’s made of plastic, it’s wiser to toast and dispose of the first few toasts as they may smell of melted petrochemicals, especially the harmful ones. That’s a huge drawback of plastic-made toasters made of plastic.

Ease-of-Use & Cleaning

The B & D toaster is pretty convenient to use: the entire control panel is on the front side. Its control buttons have LED indicator lights, so you know which function is on, and shade values are a knob’s turn away. 

Besides the interactive control panel, the lever mechanism is well-built and well-designed to keep working for years.

Just pull out the crumbs to clean off the crumb tray from the toaster’s rear. 

You must also clean it at least once a week. Otherwise, the lifting/lowering lever may get stuck because of the crumbs. As for the toaster’s exterior, you can use a paper towel to clean it.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Cord storage mechanism
  • Lifting lever mechanism
  • Wide slice slots


  • Made of plastic, not-so-good for a cooking appliance
  • The cord is so short that it doesn’t even need the storage mechanism
  • Uneven toasting–the toast browns more in the center than on the sides
  • Doesn’t include a digital display/progress indicator

2. Smeg TSF01PGUS 50s Retro Style Aesthetic 2 Slice Toaster

The second toaster on our list is from Smeg for those who prioritize elegance and beauty above all.  This simple retro-style toaster is available in up to 9 color variations. It has 2 slice capacity with wider slots to fit in larger artisanal bread, thick bagels, and dense pastries. 

The Smeg 2-slice toaster is Amazon’s choice and, for this reason, has an interesting number of sales on the website.

Let’s look at its design and features and how it stacks up.

Design, controls, and features

This toaster has a vintage yet modern look. Its exterior is made of high-quality plastic. The design is compact. It has two wide toasting slots.

The Smeg 2-Slice toaster has a dial/gauge on its left sidewall, which renders it a mesmerizing retro look. The gauge has a central knob that serves as the Variable Browning Control, allowing you to adjust the toasting cycle duration for your ideal doneness/brownness.

The dial has a bezel and a peripheral ring to let you customize the heat setting. for six types of bread. 

It has a retro-style knob lever. The good news is that it’s made of metal, and the bad news is also there—it can jam.

Another annoyance awaits you. This $$$ toaster has an industrial-grade black cord that lives in the front area, unlike other toasters from different brands. “WHO DESIGNED IT,” You’ll keep on asking.

For cleaning, the toaster has an easy-to-slide crumb tray. You can ditch the crumbs and keep them clean.


With features like “Bagel,” “Defrost,” “reheat,” and six toasting presets. WHILE the toasting performance isn’t excellent, it burns toast in higher settings. 

Yet when tried on 3-5 settings, it does a fantastic job. Besides this, the toasts are evenly cooked.

However, the toaster’s slots are quite wide for most bread types. For example, muffles, bagels and even Artisan wide loaf bread like sourdough fit in without much effort.  

Ease of Use and Cleaning

The toaster by Smeg is easy to use. It doesn’t have any intricate buttons, just a dial, and 2-3 buttons do the job of disappointing you— they toast evenly but not without burning, often.

YET, the toaster is prone to get scorching hot. So, you must be careful toasting the bread while the kids are around.

A slide-out crumb tray sits at the bottom for a quick cleanup, as said earlier.


  • The most stylish toaster on the market
  • Six levels of temperature 
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Generates more heat


  • Higher settings burn the toast
  • The lever mechanism may get stuck over time
  • Expensive
  • The exterior gets very hot
  • Can’t beat a $20-$30 toaster for the performance

3. Nostalgia 2 Slice RTOS200AQ

Nostalgia’s designs are inspired by mid-19th-century trends without sacrificing versatility and functionality. This Nostalgia-RTOS 200 toaster with various colors is comparable to the Smeg toaster if you want to compliment your kitchen and spend less.

Can it be your best toaster? 

Let’s find out in this detailed review. 

Design, Controls, and Features 

Nostalgia-RTOS 200’s dimensions are 10.83 x 6.89 x 7.67 inches with 2.2 pounds of weight. Hence, it’s a pretty portable toaster. It’s a compact and cute toaster that can be a perfect addition to your kitchen. 

The Nostalgia toaster has pretty basic presets on this tiny unit: defrost, cancel, and bagel. Additionally, it has a simple knob control with 5 settings. 

This retro-style 2-slice toaster has two wide 1.5” toasting slots designed for bagels and thick slices. 


Performance is where almost all toasters seem less reliable if you only use the preset settings — nearly burn your toasts or bagels. AND, Nostalgia understands this issue, being common to almost all toasters. Therefore, through its control button, you get more control over your toasting. 

The “cancel” feature helps you stop the toaster as soon as you anticipate your toast reaching the desired shade. Besides this, the toaster allows you to modify your bread’s shade and choose your preferred option from 5 toasting levels using its rotating dial.

Ease of Usage & Cleaning

Nostalgia-RTOS200AQ, a 2-slice toaster, has a simple-to-use control panel. The shade selector knob and enlightened buttons (defrost, reheat and cancel) are easy to operate.

The lift control lever that brings the toast to the top of the carriage for easy removal works like other high-end toasters.

The slide-out crumb tray is a valuable accessory as it keeps the toaster clean. The Nostalgia toaster has a slide-out removable crumb tray that can be washed and placed in a dishwasher since it is dishwasher safe.

What are the pros?

  • More controlled toasting
  • Stylish and compact with perfect cord storage
  • Extra wide toasting slots
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Affordable to purchase

What are the cons?

  • The lever mechanism may get stuck over time.
  • The exterior is made of plastic, and the color can rip off.
  • The paint rubs off after some time.

4. Hamilton Beach Toaster with Extra Wide Slots

The Hamilton Beach Toaster doesn’t come with many bells and whistles but performs flawlessly, especially for thick-sliced bread. It has two wide slots, but you can also purchase a 4-slot variant for just one additional buck. 

It’s an excellent option for those wanting to keep maximum control over the toast. If you’re a tech lover, you can choose the variant with Hamilton Beach’s Sure Toast technology.

Design, controls, and features

This Hamilton Beach toaster features a stainless steel body with a beautiful grey look and not-so-great aesthetics yet. Overall, it’s a functionality-oriented toaster that gets its job done nicely every time, any time.

There is a lever mechanism for lifting foods a little higher for easy removal.

It also has a spherical digital display with plus/minus buttons to let you adjust the toast shade setting up to 7 temperature values.

Besides this,3 preset buttons, “Defrost,” “Bagel,” and “Cancel,” are illuminated with indicator lights for easy indoor usage. 

The Hamilton Beach Toaster has air/heat vents on both sides to let the heat/warm air out, helping the outer side stay cool to the touch–just one example of a well-thought design. The bottom has a cord hook and four footrests.

The slots are fairly deep: ideal for bagels, thick slices of bread, and Texas toast.


The Hamilton Beach toaster has 7 shade settings with “setting 4” as default. As per our experience, setting 3 works great for most types of bread with even and consistent results.

It shades one side a bit more than the other so that you can spread butter or something else on the less-shaded side. Since this toaster is about functionality, it performs slightly better than other toasters. Yet, the toasting is uneven.

Ease of Cleaning

The Hamilton Beach toaster is fairly easy to clean.

You can use a paper towel to wipe fingerprints and stains off the stainless steel body for a quick cleanup. It has a slide-out crumb tray that comes out easily for easy dumping of its contents.

On the downside, several buyers have reported dents in the product when received, which may be related to mishandling of the toaster either at the end of the manufacturer or the delivery service.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Has a 7-setting digital screen to set the temperature
  • A dedicated Bagel function is included.
  • Heat vents on both sides 


  • The lever mechanism may get stuck.
  • Footrests are slightly smaller

Best 4-Slice Wide-Slot Toasters

5. Cuisinart Touch to Toast Leverless – Best Wide Mouth Toaster

Cuisinart is an American home appliance brand known for high-quality products. The Cuisinart Touch to Toast is available in two options: 2-Slice and 4-Slice units. It sports a brushed stainless steel housing with a motorized lift mechanism. 

Above all, it has a whopping 3-year warranty and 1.5” wide slots. Lastly, the Cuisinart Toaster has garnered over 4000 reviews on Amazon chanting its praises. Let’s see whether it can add to your kitchen’s beauty, versatility, and functionality.

Design, controls, and features

The Cuisinart Toaster is a conventional-style unit with matchless build quality, amazing features, and a seamless blend of digital technology. The one-window, front-mounted control panel has all the functions you need to achieve a good toast from a lot of bread types.

The top part of the control panel comprises a blue backlit LED display showing the shade setting and countdown timer. Based on your toasting preferences, you can set the shading value anywhere between 1-7. The “Toast and Cancel” buttons lie beside the display.

The lower portion of the control panel includes three buttons: Bagel, Defrost, and Reheat. The Bagel function only heats the upper half of the bagel for a crispy top and a chewy bottom.

The extra-wide, 1.5” toaster slots are ideal for French toasts, bagels, frozen pancakes, and toaster pastries.

One of the most impressive features of the Cuisinart Leverless Toaster is its motorized lift & lower mechanism. The motorized lowering kicks in as soon as you press the Toast button. Resultantly, it lowers the slice into the toasting chamber. As the countdown timer runs out, a “ready” beep sounds and the motorized lever lifts your bread above the casing.

While motorized levers are notorious for malfunctioning, it’s not the case with the Cuisinart Leverless Toaster. We couldn’t find a single complaint about the motorized function going faulty. Instead, some buyers reported that the mechanism worked perfectly even after over a decade of use.

The unit has rubber footrests and an underneath cord storage space. It also has a slide-out crumb tray (one of the toaster essentials, anyway). The toaster is compact with a somewhat oval, square shape, so it can easily fit in a congested space like a kitchen cabinet.


You can quickly put almost any bread type in it for toasting. Using the shade settings that determine the toasting cycle duration, you can have your desired shading on your bread.

For the performance, Cuisinart’s toaster puts other similarly priced toasters to shame. If you’re in a hurry but want perfect toasts, the “Leverless Toaster” is our overall favorite.

Ease of use and cleaning

This toaster is pretty easy to use because it has a front-mounted control panel with all the essential functions. The sole drawback is that the paint job for the buttons is poor–the symbols on the buttons will wave off after consistent usage.

It’s also well-designed, so there’s no need to turn the unit upside down and shake it to get the crumbs out of the way, as with some poorly built, cheaper units. Since all the crumbs are channeled away into the bottom crumb tray, just slide the tray out to dump the contents, and you’re done.


  • Sleek and pretty design with stainless steel housing 
  • Front-mounted control panel
  • Wide enough slots for thick slices of bread
  • Motorized lift mechanism
  • LED display with shade settings and countdown timer/progress bar


  • Short cord
  • Button paint rubs off over time
  • Takes a bit longer to toast medium-sized slices of bread

6. BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster 

The Black & Decker 4-Slice Toaster, like its 2-Slice counterpart, has garnered (literally) thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. It’s a testimonial to its simplicity of operations, excellent performance, and high-quality build. 

The sole significant con, just like its mini variant, lies in its fiber plastic construction. Let’s get into its detailed review.

Design, controls, and features

The Black & Decker 4-Slice toaster has a genuinely admirable design with curved, stylish edges and all the controls found on the front side. It has two control panels, each dedicated to a pair of slots. Except for being bigger, massive, and bulkier compared to its twin 2-Slice model, it has similar controls and features.

Update: The B & D 4-Slice toaster has been redesigned for the better. Now, it has black plastic corners and a chrome-finished plastic body, which gives it a stainless steel look. The slider cranks have also undergone a redesign.


Performance and simplicity are all that B & D 4-Slice toaster is about. It has extra wide slots that accommodate most types of bread and gives you maximum control over your toast. While it doesn’t include a lot of bells and whistles, all the basic functions are there.

The B & D toaster toasts evenly on both sides of the bread, which some people may like. If you insist on toasting one side of the slice less than the other, you can use the Bagel function, which allows you to toast the single side while warming the other.

As far as toasting performance is concerned, the B & D 4-Slice Toaster is simply the most trustworthy.

Ease-of-Use & Cleaning

The Balck & deckers’ wide slot toaster is a fairly easy-to-use toaster with two slider cranks for lifting the toasts when done, two browning control knobs, and all the controls accessible from the front side. 

The lever kicks in automatically once the toasting time is over, or you can use the “Cancel” button to force the slider crank mechanism into action. Alternatively, you can slightly move the slider up to check the doneness of your slices without interrupting the toasting cycle.

It has a cord storage mechanism/hook underneath, but the cord is so short that you will rarely need it. It could have been better if the cord had been longer, but even the short cord is justifiable for the price and affordability of the unit.

Since it’s a 4-slice model, two crumb trays slide out effortlessly for a quick cleanup.


  • Has extra wide slots
  • Toasts both sides of the slice evenly
  • Comes with two crumb trays
  • Extra-ordinary performance


  • The cord is too short
  • It’s a plastic body
  • Comes without a progress indicator

7. Breville 4-Slice Smart Toaster

The Smart Toaster from Breville is one of the genuinely hot-selling toasters on Amazon. It has four extra-wide slots that allow you to fit in giant artisanal bread, thick bagels, and dense pastries. 

It offers you many features along with matchless longevity, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that it appears at the top of our list. Let’s deconstruct its design, controls, features, performance, and ease of use one by one.

Design, controls, and features

The toaster by Breville is genuinely exquisite and sophisticated. It’s made of brushed die-cast aluminum and has a sleek, compact design despite having four extra-wide slots. 

The unit measures 11.9″ long x 10.9″ wide x 7.7 inches high and weighs a little over 9 pounds. Another helpful feature of the Breville toaster is its underneath cord storage.

The Breville Smart toaster has two sets of slots with five independent control buttons, namely “A Bit More,” “Lift and Look,” “Defrost,” “Bagel,” and the “Fruit Bread.” Individual switches/buttons have got a light for a better visual experience while using it.

At the bottom of the front side, you get two variable browning controls to slide buttons with an LED indicator to adjust and monitor the bread’s doneness. It’s a useful feature to help you know leftover time.

The “Lift and Look’ feature is more innovative than the “Lever” feature in many other toasters. It automatically lowers your bread into the toaster, lifts during the toasting cycle when you want to monitor the progress, and lifts it again at the end of the cycle.

Similarly, the “Bit More” function allows you to add a little extra time without interrupting the cycle. The rest of the functions are also beneficial.

Such a goddess, then what does it lack? In the past several complaints have been registered about the malfunctioning of buttons. However, Breville seems to have fixed the controls in newer units.


Toasting in this toaster is marvelous. It’s mainly because there’s a dedicated slide button with 5 doneness-level settings for each pair of slots. The 5 doneness level settings allow you to toast a diverse variety of bread loaves, bagels, and thick slices. 

For bagels, Breville has included a dedicated button that solely bakes the bagel’s inner side without shading the outer side’s color. Using a sliding lever, you can select the doneness levels from the front side. As far as performance goes, the Breville Smart Toaster is beyond the competition.

Ease of Use and Cleaning

The “Lift & Look” control helps you achieve the toast with a customized shade. The “Bit More” button allows you to keep the piece inside for another thirty seconds for your desired doneness level. 

Cleanup on the Breville Smart Toaster is a breeze. It has a front-mounted, slide-out crumb tray that you can quickly pull out and empty it.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Has an LED indicator for toasting progress
  • Features slider levers to control doneness up to five levels
  • Has five independent control settings/buttons for each pair of slots


  • A bit expensive
  • The crumb tray can get stuck sometimes
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty, which seems too trivial for the price
  • Customer service is not up to the mark

8. Oster 4-Slice Touchscreen Toaster 

Oster offers excellent quality and durability for all your kitchen appliances. Here’s the Oster 4-slice touchscreen toaster, our pick for wide-slot toasters from Oster. This toaster has 4 extra wide toasting slots, which can effortlessly fit all your favorite bagels and artisan bread. 

Let’s have a look at its unique features:

Design, Controls, and Features

The Oster Smart Screen Toaster is modernly designed with elegant black and stainless steel accents. Its sleek design features a digital display that makes it genuinely unique. 

Additionally, it’s effortless to carry as it has 6.06 pounds weight and 12.83 x 12.99 x 8.66 inches dimensions.

The futuristic display is touch sensitive. The digital icons become very bright when used and fade out when off. So, why pay $300 for an LCD touchscreen where this toaster toasts bread, bagels, and waffles like a champ? 

Through the “lift and look” feature, you can lift the lever while it’s toasting to check your toast and see if it’s dark enough. Moreover, the toaster handles raise the toast no matter what you’re toasting. So, you can even quickly grab the English muffins too. 


The toasting performance of this Oster toaster is excellent. It toasts evenly on both sides, delivering perfect browning and a great taste. 

You can select the toast shade of your choice as this toaster lets you choose 6 different toasting shades besides the basic setting: Bagel, Frozen, and Reheat. For more control over your toast’s shades, it also features a “Cancel” button; press it when you see your toast is brown enough as per your need. 

Additionally, the “Countdown Timer” feature is a plus. This feature ensures the toasting progress of your toast and lets you know how much time is left to complete the toasting process. 

You can perfectly toast your bread at the default level of ‘4’ (out of 6).

The extra-wide slots fit thick or thin slices without hassle. To your goodness, its Bagel and Frozen functions can be used individually and combined to let you toast the frozen waffles in one go. 

You need to select the options from the digital panel, and you’re all set to get your toast the way you want. 

A significant drawback is that the toaster produces a liquefied plastic smell the first few times, which disappears after several uses. 

Ease of Usage & Cleaning

The Oster 4-slice touchscreen toaster is easy to use for every family member.

The preset settings are easy to read yet a little bit dim. The countdown timer and quick-check lever feature make the toasting fairly easy.

The inner body of the toaster is stainless steel, and a removable crumb tray makes the inside cleaning process super easy and quick. Likewise, It’s simple–slide out the crumb tray and clean your toaster.

On the downside, cleaning the exterior surface is challenging. The shiny black plastic surface picks up fingerprints and smudges, making cleaning difficult. 

This toaster by Oster has modern features (touchscreen controls, progress indicator, 3 preset modes, build quality, and classy looks) at a very affordable price that makes it worth buying. 

What are the pros?

  • Budget-friendly 
  • Stylish looks, lightweight and easy-to-use digital controls
  • Lift feature to check progress during the toasting cycle.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Countdown timer to ensure better toasting

What are the cons?

  • It takes a little longer to toast.
  • The cord is too short.
  • The touch controls are pretty dim and can be hard to read.
  • Expensive.
  • Black glossy surfaces show fingerprints.

9. Dash Clear View Toaster: Best 1100 Watts Toaster for Bagels

A see-through toaster can be all that you might need. We understand it well. It’s why we’ve added this beautiful magician to our list of the best wide slot toasters.

Let’s see how it complements your breakfast.

Design, Controls, and Features

Dash Toaster’s extra-wide slots (1.5 inches) provide ample room for whatever you’re hoping to toast: beards or bagels.

The exterior is made of top-notch plastic and stainless steel accents. It comes in 7 attractive colors–white, black, red, aqua, cream, gray and yellow to match your kitchen interiors perfectly.

However, this retro-style toaster is less compact and portable as it has 15.7 x 6.6 x 7.8 inches dimensions and 4.4 pounds weight. 

The toaster features control buttons: defrost, bagel, reheat and cancel functions. Among all these, we especially liked the cancel button, which lets you quickly prepare or stop toasting your bread with a single button. The toaster offers 7 browning shades, which you can adjust via its control knob. 

An under-base cord storage area hides away the cord neatly when the toaster is not in use. This treasure of goodness comes with a drawback, however. 

Guess what?

The Lever is plastic! It can break or stop functioning, yikes! 


By now, you have known a lot about presets on toasters and additional cancel buttons for rescuing your toasts besides enhanced control. All can end in vain if you cannot observe your toasts’ progress. 


This doesn’t happen with Dash Clear View Toaster. The beautiful and elegant toaster is one of the most attractive kitchen appliances. While toasting your beard, you can check the toast done through the see-through window (on one side). And thus, you enjoy more control over operations.

The toasting quality is good as it toasts the bread quickly and evenly. The toaster with 1065 W (exactly) power works great and ensures consistent results. Another win is that this toaster doesn’t burn the toast like many others. Even at the highest setting of 7, the nice brown shade awaits you. 

How can we forget that the toaster is also flexible with the settings? You can dial it back no matter what shade you’ve selected.


Yes, this toaster is a bagel toaster, in fact. It is 10.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide to let the beagles slide smoothly in it. While the bagel setting is for restaurant-style bagels: to toast one side only.

Ease of Usage & Cleaning

This toaster is incredibly easy to use and works like a charm. Thanks to its two dials, one for adjusting how dark you want your toast and another for selecting what function you’d like to use: cancel, bagel, and defrost, or simply just toast. 

The cycle starts when the lever is pressed down, and bread automatically pops up when done. 

The slide-out crumb tray is breezy to clean and the same goes with the window glass which is removable. So, a single wipe can be good to go.

What are the pros?

  • Extra long and wide toasting slots
  • Beautiful design with a see-through window
  • Usage and cleaning are easy
  • Budget-friendly

What are the cons?

  • The maximum setting is still low to shade the bagels
  • Plastic-made body
  • It’s less portable
  • The crumb tray is flimsy

10. KitchenAid 4-Slice Toaster: Wide and Extra Long Slot Option

KitchenAid, as a subsidiary of the Whirlpool Corporation, is a respected brand owing to its excellent quality products. While the toaster under review doesn’t include a lot of features, it has several options: an extra long slot (in 2 slice toaster) proline (in 2 slice toaster), and extra wide slots (available in 2 and 4 slots). And it does its job outstandingly: each slice is evenly toasted.

That said, it’s pertinent to mention the frequent cries and woes of the KitchenAid toaster browning the toast up to the point of darkness, turning slices into pure charcoal. Some users also suggest that the only usable shade setting is 1–anything higher than that entails the smoke alarm setting off.

All of these complaints are legitimate but outdated – the issue has been fixed in the newer models. However, if you bought the KitchenAid Toaster recently and have faced the problem, you might be toasting thin slices of bread in the toaster made for thick toasts or bagels. 

Since the KitchenAid toaster has got quite wide slots, 1.5 inches precisely, it’s more suitable for toasting thick-sliced bread. It’s a no-brainer that toasting thicker pieces of bread requires more heat than required for thin ones.

Design, controls, and features

The design of this KitchenAid KMT 4115 is user-friendly, with a lever mechanism to lift & lower the toasting bread slices. 

Its 4 slots are broad enough to accept big and thick slices of bread. Besides this, with the help of five shading levels, you’ll get what you like the most. This toaster has one lever, two buttons, and a dial lever for temperature control for every two slots. 

“Staying on the kitchen counters ensures safety and ease of use,” you’ll agree!… With the help of its windbreakers on both sides of the toaster walls, the outer surface of the toaster remains cool-to-touch.


With the help of a maximum of 5 shading levels, you can toast your bread according to user choice. Likewise, it can accommodate anything from white bread to bagels and pretzels. Yet, it’s necessary to remember that this toaster takes time to toast the slices compared to all other toaster brands. 

Another downside is that the heating elements may cause uneven toastings after consistent usage.

Ease of Usage & Cleaning

It is significantly easier to use this toaster because all the functions are on the front side of the toaster. The high lift lever lets you grab the toast quickly without inserting your fingers in the slots. 

The crumb trays are on the backside, so if you have placed this toaster on your shelf, clean them twice a week, so they do not get stuck inside. A simple wet cloth can wipe off the stains of the toaster, but because of the steel body, some wipes will remain prominent on the surface.


  • Stainless steel body
  • Windbreakers in the sidewalls to keep them cool to touch
  • Five levels of temperature control
  • Extra-wide slots


  • Takes longer to toast
  • The high distinction between the two and third levels of toasting
  • The outer side of the heating element heats less

How to Choose the Best Wide Slot Toaster?

Today toasters have become a significantly essential home appliance. When you don’t have enough time to bake bread and get a hot slice for yourself early in the morning, you get a toaster to serve you quickly. 

Yet, will you succeed in picking the right toaster for you? Not all the time. 

The reason is, when buying a toaster, you need to consider every related fact about them, including space in your kitchen, your usage, the type of toaster you need, and maintenance. Here are some crucial factors to consider before you buy one.


Size matters! Whether you are looking for a 2-slice toaster or a 4-slice toaster, the space that the toaster will need on your kitchen counter is essential to care for. The toaster can probably fit the counter, but storage can be hard. Likewise, a bulky toaster can be challenging to port. So, don’t ignore the toasters’ size and dimensions. 

Your Usage

You should keep in mind that if you use a toaster less often, don’t buy it; instead, use some alternatives to brown your slices. OR get a toaster for a few bucks only instead of investing heavily.

The reason is that many electric devices may become rusty due to environmental moisture. They may cause harm to their use if not careful. Conversely, if you want to toast several times a week, you should choose a sturdier toaster regardless of its price, for a good toaster can last a decade. Yet, if you have a large family and need a 4-slot toaster but don’t prepare toast daily, then getting a cheap toaster is a good idea.

In short,  get a toaster that can quickly fulfill your daily requirement of toasting your bread, buns, and bagels. 


You should never forget that your item must be portable because most of us always try to get better jobs with better pay. So it is natural you’ll move all around the region. Portability helps you a lot because you can even take your toaster to camping sites.

If the bought item is not portable, it’ll create problems for you to place them in your luggage, which will take extra space and money. 

Ease of Usage and Cleaning

You should always select an item that is easy to use. Ease of usage brings you saving of your precious time. It’s not simply about the control panel but the safety as well. For instance, some toasters can get extremely hot after a few minutes of usage. In such cases, they can burn you or your kids if touched accidentally. 

Besides easy and safe usage, cleaning- ease is also essential for all-electric items. Because of their wear and tear over time, you’ll increase the risks of being a victim of an unexpected accident. So, getting an easy-to-clean and stronger unit is advisable.

After-Sale Maintenance

Selecting a brand with flawless after-sale maintenance service is essential.

Toasters have some universal problems that will occur after some time. After-sale services play an indispensable role when these problems arise.

Here we’ll discuss the top ten toasters famous due to their specific features and models on Amazon in their global home appliances section.


Why do some toasters not toast bread slices on both sides?

Most toasters on the market toast in the (so-called) “restaurant style,” that is, toasting less on one side than the other–it’s usually the central side of the slots that toast less. 

It’s done intentionally to put jam or butter on the less-shaded side of the slice. But restaurant-style toasts aren’t preferred by everyone. It’s why many toaster users complain about one side of toasting.

Why does a toaster’s slot size matter?

The average toaster slot is about 14cm long and 12cm deep (high). But if your toaster slots are shorter or shallower, there are some tweaks to fit your slices in there. 

For example, you can trim the bread down to size or slip the toast horizontally instead of vertically—neither of which is an option if you prefer thick bread but have got a toaster with thin, slightly narrow slots.

While cutting a slice in half is a snip, who on earth would even try to flatten a thick piece of bread to squeeze it into the slightly-too-narrow slots of their toaster? There’s simply no way to reduce a thick slice of bread into a thin one.

As a general rule of thumb, your toaster should have about 1.5″ wide toaster slots. For this reason, slot width has served as our primary review criterion, with quality, longevity, and performance to follow.

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