Why are Pears Wrapped in Gold? Here are 5 Reasons

Do gold-wrapped pears in fruit boxes make you think about why they’re covered in this way? Indeed, they seem fancy, but they have reasons behind their prestigious appearance.

In today’s blog post, I’ll dig out traditional and practical reasons why pears are wrapped in gold.

How Did it Begin?

The tradition of wrapping pears in golden foil began in 1934. It was when Harry & David, a gourmet gift company founded by brothers Harry and David Rosenberg, started sending 1 pear wrapped in gold foil as holiday gifts in their pear boxes. 


For an Extra Special Touch…

By wrapping pears in gold, companies simply aimed to convey the fruit’s royalty and decadence. 

This practice has become a popular tradition now as it offers a luxury feeling and excitement to the gift boxes. Many companies and people have adopted this tradition, but Harry & David is still known for starting it.

So, Why Do Some Pears Come Wrapped in Gold in Fruit Boxes?

1. Add a Royal Look

Many sellers, like Harry and David, wrap pears in gold to add luxury and excitement. The shiny gold foil makes the pears a special treat, enhancing the joy of giving and receiving.

2. To Make Luxury Meets Excitement

Wrapping pears in gold adds luxury and excitement, making them special for both givers and receivers. The shiny gold foil turns the pears into a delightful treat, enhancing the joy of the gift exchange.

3. Commitment to Quality

The gold wrapping shows the company’s quality commitment. Specially picked pears are handled carefully, inspected, and packed individually before being placed in gift boxes.

4. Symbol of Good Luck

The gold-wrapped pear is more than just beautiful. Many consider it a symbol of good luck and create special traditions, like letting the youngest child unwrap it. Some even believe eating it brings a year of good fortune, making it a cherished superstition for many.

5. Shelf Appeal–a Practical Reason

The gold wrapping catches the eye on store shelves. It adds a touch of elegance to the fruit aisle, making the pears stand out among other fruits.

This visual appeal often attracts shoppers, leading them to choose these wrapped pears over unwrapped ones.

In a Nutshell,

The gold wrapping serves aesthetical and practical purposes, like enhancing shelf appeal and assuring consumers of the pear’s quality. So, next time you spot those glistening golden pears at the store, you’ll know that the wrapping means the fruit is well handled and delivered with premium quality–rather royal.

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