What Size is Domino’s Medium Pizza & It Feeds How Many?

Do you want to know what size Domino’s medium pizza is and whether it can be enough for you?

Today’s blog post is for you.

Here, we’ll unfold the mystery behind Domino’s medium pizza and its satisfaction in the next 2 minutes.

So, let’s quickly learn about the size of Domino’s medium pizza.

Understanding the Domino’s Medium Pizza Size

Domino’s medium pizza boasts a diameter of 12 inches. Yet, to estimate whether it can suffice you or not, we need to know how big it is.

So, let’s revise our math lessons. 

Like our beloved pizza, the area of a circle is calculated using the formula A = πr² (where r is the circle’s radius).

In this case, with a 12-inch diameter, the radius (r) would be 6 inches.

So, plugging in the numbers, the area of Domino’s medium pizza is approximately:

A=π×62=3.14×36=113.04 square inches.

The size equals about 5.8 or 6 slices of a 14-inch pizza.

Domino’s 12-Inch Medium Pizza Feeds How Many?

To determine how many people a 12-inch size medium pizza feeds, it’s essential to know how many calories it has.

The calories in a pizza depend on the crust type and toppings.

Considering a 14-inch cheese pizza slice’s calories determined by USDA, this 12-inch pizza has about 1653 to 1700 calories, or even more according to toppings.

According to Domino’s, their thin crust medium pizza of 12 inches has 1582 calories.

Yet, the number goes extremely high for medium pan pizza–it gives you 2152 calories. 

On the other hand, the calorie allowance for an adult per meal varies from 500-700 calories.

Thus, a 12-inch pizza can be enough to feed 3-4 adults, according to pizza crust type and toppings.

However, the satisfaction may also depend on personal dietary needs and other factors like:

  • The appetite of the people eating. Some people may have a bigger appetite than others and may be able to eat more slices of pizza.
  • Whether or not other food is being served, if other food, such as appetizers or sides, is being served, people may eat fewer slices of pizza.
  • The type of pizza. A pizza with many toppings may be more filling than a pizza with fewer toppings.


Among the diverse pizza sizes offered by Domino’s, the 12-inch medium pizza stands out as an excellent choice, capable of satisfying 3 to 4 individuals.

However, remember that the actual number of servings can vary based on factors like appetite, the presence of other foods, and individual dietary preferences.

Size is crucial, we agree, yet it’s equally important to consider the types of toppings, crust variations, and health preferences to ensure a delightful and satisfying pizza experience. 

So, the next time you look forward to enjoying Domino’s medium pizza, relish not just the flavors but also the thoughtful choices that cater to your unique cravings and dietary needs. 

Enjoy every bite of your cheesy, flavorful goodness with satisfaction and contentment!

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