What Kind of Cheese Is Babybel?

Are you wondering what kind of cheese Babybel is? Based on your query, we can safely assume that the cheese covered with a bright red cover has won your heart.

To learn everything about Babybel cheese, spare a few minutes to read this well-researched article.

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What Kind of Cheese is Babybel?

First produced in France in the 1950s by the Bel Group, Babybel is not a modification of Dutch Edam Cheddar but a distinct cheese.

In 1977, the Bel Group introduced “Mini Babybel cheese,” a smaller, individually wrapped version with a creamy texture, available in flavors like original, cheddar, and Gouda. Ideal for both kids and adults seeking a wholesome, flavorful snack.

Babybel Cheese Ingredients  

All organic and pure ingredients are combined to prepare Babybel cheese. The tasty, creamy, and tangier cheese comprises the following components:

1- Pasteurized milk 

2- Coagulant 

3- Salt 

4- Cultural Bacteria 

5- Yeast 

6- Rennet Extract 

Hence, your Babybel cheese has all these natural ingredients.  

Babybel Cheese Nutrients: 

Babybel is a nutrition-rich snack that boosts your snack’s taste and protein. A chunk of French mini Babybel consists of 

∆ Fat: 5.1 g 

∆ Calcium: 150 mg 

∆ Salt: 0.15 g 

∆ Energy: 65 calories

∆ Saturated fat: 3.4 g 

The nutrients may vary according to the types and sizes of cheese.  

Babybel Cheese Calories 

Calories are a vital aspect to think about before buying any edible product. Cheese calories may also vary with the stuff you eat with cheese. In addition, calorie count varies for different products:

~ Babybel light cheese = 60 calories. 

~ Babybel medium cheese = 70 calories

~ Mini Babybel cheese = 50 calories 

Babybel Cheese Types  

All kinds of Babybel cheese look the same, and many people think there is only one flavor of Babybel, but it’s not true. Babybel comes in various types. When you peel off the red wax from the cheese, you’ll get to know that the unique flavor is hidden inside the wax.  

According to the wrapper, wax color, and taste, Babybel cheese comes in seven types. All kinds of cheese are made of pure milk and vary in taste from mild to Sharp Original. 

Let’s jump in and find out the best to the worst type of Babybel. 

1- Mini Babybel Original

The Mini Babybel Original is a semi-hard cheese introduced in 1951. You may think the Babybel Original Snack Cheese is not the best version. Let me tell you that the Mini Babybel Original is a modified form of Edam cheese. 

It originated in Dutch and is made of pure pasteurized milk, oil, and salt. The ingredients are organic. The Mini Babybel’s original is not labeled as tangy; this cheese tastes a bit salty and has a mild taste of grassiness. 

You can pair up your Babybel original cheese with nachos or crackers to enjoy the creamy & crunchy duo. You may like the taste of the original, but there are also many other options. 

2- Mini Babybel White Cheddar

The Mini Babybel White Cheddar Cheese is semi-hard, creamy, and 100% real cheddar cheese. It contains no preservatives or chemical residues that can harm your health and well-being. 

It contains approx 70% calories in a 21 g slice. It consists of a handsome amount of calcium & protein. Therefore, it’s healthy for you and your family. 

The Mini Babybel White Cheddar is loved because of its creamy, sharp taste. Most people associate it with a tangy, piquant flavor, but it’s not sour, as mentioned earlier. It also originated from Edam cheese. 

You may always experience its delicious taste by simply peeling off the wax. But pairing your Babybel White Cheddar with veggies, chips, and other snacks will enhance its creamy and tangy flavor.  

3- Mini Babybel Mozzarella

The Mini Babybel Mozzarella is a dense Babybel cheese made of genuine pasteurized milk, salt, oil, etc. It doesn’t contain any artificial flavors or colors.

It contains 50% calories in a 21 g piece. Therefore, it is a healthy, kid-friendly snack.

The Mini Babybel Mozzarella is salty and tangy like mozzarella strings but has more bounce than them. If you love mozzarella sticks, you will become obsessed with this flavor. 

It is a soft and creamy version of Edam cheese that you can eat with burgers, pizzas, etc. The duo of mozzarella cheese with olives and pepperoni will take your taste to the next level. 

4- Mini Babybel Light 

The “Bel Group,” Babybel’s parent company, has also created a tiny version of the Edam cheese named Mini Babybel Light Cheese Snack. It’s for those averse to cheese fat or wanting to lose weight but can’t resist eating cheese. 

The Mini Babybel Light contains 50% less fat than regular organic cheese. In turn, it has 50% fewer calories in a 21g cheese slice than in the standard version. It’s made of all organic ingredients, so no artificial flavors are added.

It is an excellent source of calcium for the body.

Low fat doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable. But those who don’t like the delicate cheese taste may not like it.

5- Babybel Sharp Original 

The Babybel Sharp Original Cheese has a different fan base. It’s made of pure milk and other essentials like salt, proteins, fats, etc. It’s also free of preservatives.

The Sharp Original contains 60% calories and 6g fat in a 21g cheese slice. It tastes like the Original Babybel with sprinkles of a sharp, tangy flavor. 

It is a semi-hard cheese with a bit of sweetness and saltiness, making its unique flavor with crackers. 

Hence, if you don’t like the Edam Original Cheese, try the Babybel Sharp Original. We bet you’ll love it!

6- Mini Babybel Bonbel 

The Mini Babybel Bonbel is made of goat milk, pasteurized cow milk, salt, gelatin, and vegetable oil. 

It contains 6g of fat in a piece of 21g. It doesn’t incorporate unnatural hues and seasonings and is the perfect combination of creamy and salty flavors. 

The Bonbel Cheese is a light cheese with a clean, fresh taste. You can enjoy the cheese by pairing it with veggies, crackers, nachos, and whatever you want to eat.

7- Mini Babybel Gouda 

This semi-hard cheese is manufactured with pasteurized milk, microbial enzymes, salt, etc., and packs only 4g of saturated fat and 5g of protein.

This cheese resembles the Edam in many ways.

The Mini Babybel Gouda is a creamy cheese with sweet and nutty flavors.

Babybel Cheese Wax 

When you buy a Mini Babybel cheese, you’ll see that the cheese is covered with a wax-like structure. Babybel is coated with red paraffin wax to protect the cheese from microorganisms like bacteria, mold growth, etc. 

The wax also prevents the cheese from drying as it ages. Edam Dutch cheese also uses red wax to protect the cheese. Primarily, the red wax protects the cheese from aging, especially during transportation. (Today, nearly 75% of Mini Babybel is consumed outside France.)

How is Wax Put on Babybel?

The patented machines are used to put wax on cheese. Babybel uses dedicated, patented machines by the Bel Group to put wax on thousands of cheeses in seconds.

Several cheese-making companies put wax manually on cheese. They melt the cheese wax and paste a thin layer on the dry cheese using a brush. You can also do it by dipping the cheese into a melted wax pot.  

Can You Eat Babybel Cheese with Wax?

You may think you can eat the wax enclosing your Babybel cheese. But no. You’re not supposed to eat cheese with wax because it works solely as a protective layer—it’s only there to keep your cheese moist and avoid bacteria. 

But in some conditions, if you ate the red paraffin wax, don’t worry. The wax is not going to affect you because food wax is used. The resin may be distasteful for your taste buds. 

Babybel Cheese’ Wax Colors & Countries: 

The wax colors and cheese flavors vary in different countries, depending on their manufacturing method. You’ll experience distinct tastes of the same cheese in Canada, France, the US, etc. The variations of cheese according to countries are given as follows; 

Babybel in France

~ Red: Edam / Original

~ Green: Goat Cheese 

~ Red & Green: Edam cheese made with organic milk

Babybel in Europe

~ Red: Edam / Original

~ Blue: Light / Less Fat

~ Purple: Cheddar

~ Yellow: Emmental 

~ Green: Organic 

~ Black: Enriched with protein

Babybel in Canada & US 

~ Green: Mozzarella

~ Red: Edam / Original

~ Blue: Light / Less Fat

~ Yellow: Swiss flavor (Only available in Canada) 

~ Light Green: Organic

~ Orange: Gouda 

~ Black: White Cheddar

~ Purple: Sharp Original 

Babybel in Australia 

~ Blue: Light / Less Fat

~ Red: Edam / Original 

~ Orange: Cheddar

How Should You Eat Babybel Cheese? 

Here’s a quick checklist after removing the wrapper:

✓ Remove the paraffin wax before eating. 

✓ Cutting both ends will help you to take the cheese out easily. 

✓ Cut the cheese into small pieces while eating. 

You can eat cheese alone, but pairing it up with crackers, nachos, etc., will boost the taste. 

Babybel Cheese Taste  

Babybel is a soft cheese with a mild salty flavor. Babybel cheese doesn’t contain any sharp or tangy flavor, so you can handily mix it with other cheese flavors to enhance the taste of snacks. 

Babybel cheese is also gluten-free and doesn’t include preservatives. Instead, it has a wax coating to protect it for a long time. Most people don’t like creamy things. Hence, Babybel will be their best choice because it’s not too creamy, and a single slice can be enough for snacks.  

Benefits of Babybel Cheese  

1- Helps Manage Osteoporosis 

Babybel doesn’t contain lactose, so it’s the best source of calcium for your bones. Consuming approximately 20 g of Babybel is enough for your body’s daily calcium needs. It can improve brittle bones and osteoporosis. 

2- Contains Little Fat  

An increased fat intake can lead to disorders like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc. Babybel cheese comprises low fats. Thus, It’ll be a healthy snack for you, and you can eat it while dieting. 

3- Organic

Babybel cheese is manufactured organically with raw pasteurized milk, enzymes, salt, and other organics. The cheese doesn’t encompass any artificial flavors or preservatives. 

Chemical additives can harm your toddler, so you should use organic cheese for their snacks. Babybel doesn’t affect your body’s metabolism. Thus, it’s the best choice for your entire family, including pets. 

4- Has Minimum Sugar  

The Babybel cheesemakers take care of every minor aspect while manufacturing cheese. A very minimal amount of sugar is used in Babybel cheese. 

Hence, a diabetic patient can also enjoy the yummy taste of cheese without worrying about sugar levels. 

5- Lactose-free  

Babybel is generated with a lactose-free formula. The reason is that the specialists don’t add lactose to the cheese. Thus, it’ll help a diabetic patient maintain a low-carb or keto diet to fight insulin resistance.

6- Strengthens Teeth & Bones 

Babybel is derived from pure milk, so it’s a great source of calcium. Babybel intake will strengthen your teeth by preventing cavities and bones and give the desired creamy taste to your snacks. Thus, it’ll help reduce the risks of ailments caused by low calcium levels, like osteoporosis.

 7- Prevents Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases 

Many studies declare that consuming cheese decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases as it comprises all the valuable nutrients like calcium, protein, etc. 

Therefore, to save yourself and your family from heart disease, you should include cheese in your diet. 

8- Reduces Bad Cholesterol  

Today, people consume very high levels of fats and cholesterol by eating junk food daily. Pairing your snacks with this low-fat Babybel cheese will help you deal with bad cholesterol and make your food healthy and nutrition-rich. 

9- Contains Omega-3 Fatty Acids That Improve Brain Health

Babybel cheese, being organic, is among the few types of cheese with Omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids ensure your cardiovascular health and proper brain functioning during aging. They can even prevent deadly diseases like cancer.

10. Healthier Body

One serving of 21 grams of Babybel cheese contains 5 grams of protein. So, adding good protein sources helps your body repair, fight infections, and improve muscle mass and blood circulation. 


Can You Use Babybel Cheese on Pizza? 

Yes, Babybel cheese is likely to be used on pizza. You might not like the tangy flavors of other cheeses on pizza. 

Babybel cheese is the best in such a case because it rapidly melts and spreads over the pizza dough. Its mild taste enhances the flavor of the pizza. 

Can you Melt Babybel in the Microwave? 

Babybel can be melted in a microwave at 200° Fahrenheit for 10 to 15 minutes. If you’re making a pizza at home, Babybel is a good option because it smoothly melts in the oven. 

Before melting the cheese, adding some oil and butter to the pan is a good idea. It’ll prevent cheese from sticking and smoothly melt it. You can use melted cheese in burgers, fondue, cheese sticks, sandwiches, etc. 

Is Babybel Cheese Real Cheese? 

You may have heard a myth that Babybel is a piece of processed cheese, yet it’s not true. Babybel cheese is made with organic ingredients, including salt, vegetarian rennet, lactic ferments, and significantly pure milk. Hence, it’s 100% real cheese you can use with any snack. 

Can Babybel Cheese Go Bad if it’s Not Refrigerated?

Babybel cheese is pasteurized milk to be stored for more than two years. Yet, it’s essential to store cheese in a cold environment to keep it soft and fresh. 

It can go awful if it’s not chilled. Therefore, always keep your cheese under 8 degrees Celsius temperature.

Is Babybel Cheese Good for Your Health?  

Before buying Babybel cheese, you may wonder if It’s suitable for your and your family’s health. Let’s dive in and find out the fitness proportion of cheese. 

1- Babybel is less fattening than other cheeses. 

2- It contains significantly fewer calories. 

3- Babybel is the best source of protein to balance your body’s protein level and nutrients. 

4- It’s calcium-rich cheese. So your bones will be healthier.

5- It can stave off several cardiovascular diseases. 

6- It offers a considerable amount of iron and zinc to meet your body’s needs.

7- If you’re a cheese lover, Babybel Cheese is the best partner for your meals. 

It’s made of 100% pure pasteurized cow milk. Therefore, the intake of cheese is healthy for you and your family. 

Can a Person with Diabetes have Babybel Cheese? 

Yes, a diabetic person can eat cheese. Specifically, the Babybel cheese contains a meager amount of sugar. 

Various dieticians also declared that 100% pure cheese is the best source of protein and calcium for a diabetic person. Therefore, a person with diabetes can also enjoy Babybel cheese with snacks. Yet, please consume it in moderate quantities.

Can You Eat the Wax of Babybel Cheese? 

Babybel’s wax is specifically used to protect the cheese from microorganisms like bacteria and molds and keep it moist for ages. The paraffin wax is coated on the cheese, so you’re not supposed to eat the wax. 

In an accidental situation, if you’ve eaten the cheese wax, It’ll not harm your body because the food wax is used. However, the resin may spoil the taste of your tastebuds. 

Does Babybel Cheese Have Preservatives? 

While making the Babybel cheese, no preservatives are used. The cheese is made of pure, organic ingredients, enhancing the cheese’s quality. The Babybel manufacturing team keeps an eye out so that no chemical residues get added to the cheese. 

Which Cheese is the Best for Gaining Weight?

You may see many people who eat a lot but can’t gain weight. So, if you want to gain weight, you should add fat-rich cheese to your diet. 

Processed and/or artificial cheese or yogurt contains chemical residues that don’t let you gain weight. Therefore, organic cheese and full-fat yogurt will help you stabilize your fat level and attain more weight. 

Bottom Line  

You now have a complete guide on Babybel cheese. So, you can enjoy the cheese with your snacks without worrying about the preservatives and side effects.

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