What’re Cuties: Know Your Sweet, Petite Citrus Fruit

Cuties, those tiny bursts of citrus sweetness, have become a household favorite, especially among kids. 

But what exactly are Cuties? 

Let’s peel away the mystery and discover the delightful world of these miniature citrus wonders.

What Are Cuties?

“Cuties” is a brand name for seedless, sweet, small, and easy-to-peel mandarins (citrus fruit) sold by Sun Pacific company. These mandarins are called clementines, in fact. They’re also available under another brand name, “Halos” by Paramount Citrus…Yes, Halos are also the same clementines mandarins. Both are grown in California. 

Clementines (sold under the brand names of Halos and Cuties) are a hybrid between a mandarin orange and a sweet orange, giving them a unique flavor profile. However, they’re not naturally seedless. To prevent fruit from having seeds, the trees are covered with netting to prevent bees from pollinating the blossoms, resulting in seedless tangerines– interesting to know!

Cuties’ easy snacking and sweetness-loaded bites make them a popular choice for snacking, especially for children.

Cuties are available in two varieties: Clementine mandarins and W. Murcott mandarins. 

You can eat Cuties on their own, added to salads, or used in recipes.

What Makes Cuties So Special?

1. Sweetness in Every Bite

One of the best things about Cuties is their sweetness. These tiny fruits are packed with natural sugars, giving them a burst of flavor that can satisfy any sweet craving. Unlike some other citrus fruits, Cuties are less acidic, making them perfect for those who prefer a milder citrus taste.

2. Nutritional Goodness

Cuties aren’t just delicious; they’re also good for you! They are a great source of vitamin C, an essential nutrient that boosts your immune system and keeps your skin healthy. These little fruits also provide dietary fiber, which aids digestion, and various antioxidants that contribute to overall well-being.

3. Snacking Made Easy

One of the reasons why Cuties have gained immense popularity is their convenience. Their small size and easy-to-peel skin make them a hassle-free snack option. Whether you’re packing a lunchbox or need a quick on-the-go snack, Cuties are the ideal choice. Plus, they’re naturally portion-controlled, helping you resist overindulgence.

4. Versatile Culinary Companion

Cuties aren’t just limited to snacking; they can add a burst of flavor to your culinary creations too. Their sweet and tangy taste makes them a versatile ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes. You can toss them in salads, blend them into smoothies, or even use their zest to enhance the flavor of desserts and marinades.

How Can You Choose the Best Cuties

When selecting Cuties, look for fruits that are firm, plump, and heavy for their size. Avoid any with soft spots or wrinkled skin, as these signs indicate aging. The color of Cuties can vary from bright orange to deep orange, but it’s the firmness that matters the most.

In Short

Cuties are nature’s way of delivering a perfect little package of sweetness and nutrition. Whether you enjoy them as a snack, incorporate them into your recipes, or share them with your loved ones, Cuties are a delightful addition to any fruit basket.


What’s the Difference Between Clementine Mandarins and W. Murcott Mandarins?

Clementine mandarins, formerly only known as Halos, are smaller and sweeter than W. Murcott mandarins. They also have a thinner, smoother skin that is easier to peel. W. Murcott mandarins, on the other hand, are larger and have a slightly tart flavor. Their skin is thicker and more textured than Clementine mandarins, but it is still easy to peel.

Another difference between the two varieties is their seasonality. Clementine mandarins are typically available from November to February, while W. Murcott mandarins are available from January to April.

Halos or Cuties, Who Came First?

Halos came first as a brand name for clementines (mandrines). Halos is a registered trademark of Paramount Citrus, which was founded in 1943. Paramount Citrus began marketing Halos mandarin oranges in the 1970s.

“Cuties” is a registered trademark of Sun Pacific, which was founded in 1963. Sun Pacific began marketing Cuties mandarin oranges in the 1990s.

So, Halos was the first brand of sweet, small, seedless mandarin oranges to be marketed in the United States.

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