Babybel’s Purple Cheese: What You Need To Know

Do you want a nutritious and convenient snack for kids and adults? You must know about this delicious purple Babybel cheese snack. It’s made with real cheddar, which satisfies all your cheese cravings!

The renowned French company Le Groupe Bell invented Babybel in 1977, and over the years, the company introduced various yummy flavors, including the purple Babybel. This mini cheese snack has become iconic, recognized for its perfect size, fantastic taste, and diverting wax jacket.

If you’re intrigued by this amusing purple snack, you must try it. Here is everything you need to learn about the purple Babybels to know what to expect from this product.

What is Purple Babybel Cheese?

Purple Babybel, known initially as Mini Babybel Cheddar Cheese Snacks, is a small cheese snack with 100% real cheddar and pasteurized milk. It’s a bite-sized snack with a robust, tangy flavor that lingers in your mouth.

Purple Babybel is a recent addition to the Babybel flavors. It has proven to be an instant favorite because of its yummy taste and wax casing. The following essential features of this product make it so desirable and appealing:

9 Things You Must Know About Purple Babybel Cheese.

It can be exciting to look at bright Purple Mini Baby Babybel cheese and crave it. I’ve got a few more details about this Babybel’s cheddar snack for you. Let’s see what these are.

1- Babybel Purple is also a bite-size cheese.

Purple Babybel is recognized for its ready-to-eat portion size of 21 grams per serving. It’s a convenient snack as you can pop one out and eat it on the go without cutting the cheese.

The small size also makes it delicious for those who want to cut down on calories, as it only contains 70 calories per little cheese.

2- Babybel Purple has the most creamy among all Babybels.

Purple Babybel has a distinct aroma that’s sweet and tangy at the same time. The cheddar is creamy, with a robust taste and a slightly bitter finish. However, it’s not too overwhelming as they’re a light snack. Some people describe the flavor to be like Mac and Cheese.

Previously, many Babybel eaters have been unpleasant because of their snack’s “plasticky” taste, yet, the Purple Babybel brings you an original dairy-like soft taste.

It’s so yummy that you might switch to Babybel’s purple version forever.  

3- Babybel is a perfect nutrition-rich snack equally suitable for vegetarians.

Purple Babybel is made with real cheddar, making it a healthy snack. It’s high in calcium and protein, making it a tasty snack and a quick energy booster. 

Each Purple Babybel contains 6.2 grams of fat, 15 mg of cholesterol, 0.6g of salt, 126 mg of calcium, and 4.6 grams of protein. Since it has almost no carbs, it’s also a great snack for you on a low-carb diet. 


• It’s a rich source of protein and calcium.

• It contains no added colors, flavors, or preservatives.

• Also suitable for pregnant women.

• It’s made from pasteurized milk.

 • Naturally lactose-free.

• It’s suitable for vegetarians.

• It’s easy to carry in a backpack, gym bag, or pocket.

4- Purple Babybel Cheese also has a wax coating.

Purple Babybel waxed cheese is covered with cellophane wrap to protect the cheese for storage. The wax helps lock moisture in the cheese, making it softer and sweeter. 

5- You can’t eat Purple Babybel Cheese’s wax coating?

Many people need clarification and eat their Babybels without removing the wax covering. Although the wax on the cheese is edible and considered “food safe,” it’s not supposed to be ingested.

The purpose of the wax is only to protect the cheese until consumption. Thus, you should always remove the wax coating and enjoy the yummy cheese inside.

You can eat Purple Babybel cheese on its own, add it to chicken salads and even use it as a pizza topping.

You can also deep fry Purple Babybel if you’re in the mood for a heavier snack. Dip the unwaxed cheddar in flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs, deep fry it, and enjoy with your favorite sauce. 

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6- It can be challenging to get Purple Babybel in the USA.

It’s pretty hard to find purple Babybel in the USA. You can get a similar flavor of “sharp cheddar” on Amazon. It’s also one of the best-selling Mini Babybel cheeses.

7- You can’t freeze Purple Babybel cheese.

Freezing Babybel will affect the quality. That’s why you should never freeze Babybel cheese if you want to enjoy it to the fullest every time.

8- Purple Babybel is not processed at all.

They don’t process Babybel cheese. It’s real cheese made by a traditional cheese-making process using the four ingredients involved in making Babybel Original and Light. 

They include the following in the process: 94% cheddar cheese obtained from pasteurized milk, salt, vegetarian rennet, salt, and water.

9- Purple Babybel cheese is not certified as halal.

Babybel is not certified halal. However, it does not contain animal products other than cow’s milk. So you can assume halal but without any testimony.

Will you?


Now that you know everything about the Purple Babybel, try it. This product will satisfy your cravings for both Babybel and Cheddar!

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