Why is Ruta Maya the Best Organic Coffee at Costco?

When you love coffee, no other thought comes to your mind except the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans. And, in a quest to extract your favorite dark brew, you leave no stone unturned, from exploring the equipment to learning about top coffee brands.

It’s why it comes as no surprise when you consider Costco as the best place for getting the next organic coffee beans. 

But what’re the best coffee brands at Costco that could give a consistent flavor every time? 

It’s Ruta Maya organic whole coffee beans, sold at Costco for a decade. 

Why’re these coffee beans so good?

This article covers all about the magical qualities of Ruta Maya Coffee.

So, let’s get ready for another coffee adventure.

What’s so Special About Ruta Maya Organic Coffee?

If some brands have successfully maintained the quality of their product for several years, they have some standards to maintain.

If you visit Costco online store, you can find thousands of customers praising Ruta Maya Coffee beans for the last 10 years–it’s the highest-rated coffee. 

What are the standards of Ruta Maya coffee?

 Let’s know them.

1. Ruta Maya Coffee is produced in a controlled organic environment.

Ruta Maya coffee beans are supplied by a family-based business that grows specialty Mayan Arabica coffee in partnership with over 1500 Mayan farmers. This small-scale coffee production helps the Maya Ruta to maintain the coffee standards.

2. They get you shade-grown arabica coffee only.

Ruta Maya coffee beans come from trees grown in the shade. By protecting them from strong sunlight, their natural aroma stays intact. While slow maturation of shade-grown coffee helps the beans with caramelization, which is why the after-taste of Ruta Maya organic beans is not bitter..

Besides this, these coffee beans have lower acidity.

3. The coffee beans are completely organic.

Ruta Maya coffee trees are grown free from any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. In this way, the company gets you cleaner beans while contributing to a healthier environment for the air, land, and water. For the evidence, the Ruta Maya coffee is USDA certified as organic coffee by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

4. The premium quality coffee is grown in volcanic soil.

The exceptional quality of Ruta Maya coffee is owed to the combination of high altitude, mineral-rich soil, and a tropical climate. All these factors play a role in superior coffee growth, which tastes incredible when brewed.

5. The Ruta Maya coffee is hand-picked.

The coffee beans that you receive from Ruta Maya are hand-picked. With meticulous hand-picking, only the ripest cherries are harvested. This is the reason every bag of coffee gives you a consistent taste for your coffee.

6. The coffee beans are roasted in small batches.

Ruta Maya believes consistent taste can only come through care, which you put in at every stage of producing coffee. For quality and freshness, Ruta Maya roasts their coffee in small batches. It allows the team to monitor the bean’s quality closely. This approach brings you the freshest coffee.

7. Ruta Maya coffee is air-cooled.

Unlike many commercial roasters, the company prioritizes coffee quality over speed. After roasting, our freshly roasted coffee requires ample cooling time before packaging. 

They avoid using water to speed up the cooling process, which may compromise the beans’ weight and quality. Instead, they let the coffee breathe and cool naturally and slowly, no matter how much time it takes.

8. For their special 99.9% Decaf, Ruta Maya uses the Swiss Water Process.

Ruta Maya decaffeinates its coffee beans with no chemicals. For this purpose, they use the Swiss Water Process, developed in Switzerland in 1933.

Swiss Water Decaffeination is a process that uses only water and time to remove caffeine from coffee beans. The process is named after the company that developed it, the Swiss Water Process Company.

For decaffeination, green coffee beans are soaked in water, then passed through a carbon filter. The carbon filter removes the caffeine from the water, but the flavor and aroma of the coffee beans are not affected. 

The decaffeinated coffee beans are then dried and roasted, making them indistinguishable from regular coffee beans. This is the reason that decaffeinated coffee is truly organic.

9. Ruta Maya coffee beans are always fresh.

The coffee beans by Ruta Maya are prepared on a smaller scale. Since the coffee trees are grown under shade, the ripening process is steady and controlled. It helps the company to prepare the bean bags keeping the demand in view. 

This is why the bag you order reaches you with the latest manufacturing date–they’re the freshest. And the actual secret of Ruta Maya Coffee’s success lies in its freshness.

Hence, the care taken at every step, from cultivating the coffee to packaging has been making the Ruta Maya Coffee so delicious for several years.

What Ruta Maya Coffee Blends are Available at Costco?

Costco is everyone’s go-to place for getting quality organic coffee beans at a reasonable price. And among the various coffee varieties at Costco, Ruta Maya coffee beans are available in a wide range.

Below is the list of most demanded Ruta Maya Coffee Beans at Costco:

1. Ruta Maya Organic Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee 5 lb

Available at Costco for the last 10 years, the Ruta Maya Medium Roast Whole Coffee Beans are the top-selling coffee beans at Costco. 


The shade-grown Arabica coffee beans’ preserved aroma and organic sourcing make them exceptional. Medium roasting takes care of the coffee beans’ natural oils, which deliver you the most delicious taste. 

Because of retaining their natural oil, the coffee beans don’t clog the grinders; therefore, the grinding process is hassle-free. 

Ruta Maya Coffee reaches you the freshest. Each bag sourced to you is directly sent from Ruta Maya Company. It’s why your coffee always states the same.

At Costco, Ruta Maya Organic Medium Roast Coffee is available in 5 lb packaging for $44.99, costing you $9 per lb.

2. Ruta Maya Organic Dark Roast Coffee, 5 lbs

If you want to settle with some dark roast coffee beans, the Ruta Maya Dark Roast Whole beans are for you. Ruta Maya Dark Roasted Coffee beans are available at Costco for $44.99 in 5 lbs packaging, to cost you $9 per pound.

The coffee beans offer a full-body strong coffee taste that is less complex–you don’t experience an after-bitter taste.

Organically grown and processed, ethically sourced coffee beans are a treasure of arabica coffee beans’ taste. The beans come in a zip-lock bag, so the freshness is never lost.

3. Ruta Maya Decaffeinated Coffee 2.2 lb, 2-pack

When you’re just after the taste of coffee, not the caffeine addiction, you need decaffeinated organic coffee beans with no compromise on taste quality. It’s where Ruta Maya Decaffeinated Coffee Beans save you. 

Available in 2 bags of 2.2 lbs each, the entire packaging is available for $44.99, to cost you $10.23 per pound–most affordably priced.

The Ruta Maya shade-grown Arabica coffee beans are decaffeinated naturally by using the Swiss Water process only. This is the reason the beans serve you with their best taste. They look blackest, yet the taste is not bitter. So, enjoy the true taste of dark roast Arabica beans.

4. Ruta Maya Organic Jiguaní Whole Bean Coffee, Dark Roast 5 lb

Available in 5 lbs packaging for $47.99 ($9.60 per pound), Jiguani dark roasted whole beans by Rita Maya are heavenly beans. The Jiguani Coffee beans hail from the lush mountains of the Sierra Maestra in the Province of Granma, Cuba’s prized coffee region. 

This unique blend celebrates the historical ties between the Caribbean’s indigenous people and the Maya of the Yucatan, bridging the gap of ancient civilizations.

This limited-stock coffee is known for its velvety texture and complex aroma with no after-bitter taste. Its rich flavor uniquely combines nutty, chocolate, and spicy notes. Besides this, the coffee gives you a cream-like full-bodied feel in your mouth, which you call velvety.

If you want low-acidity coffee, Jiguaní coffee might be all you need!


Ruta Maya is the top choice for organic coffee beans at Costco, and there’s a good reason for it. They care about excellence, sustainability, and their rich cultural heritage, which makes the coffee unique. Their beans come from the lush highlands of Chiapas, Mexico, and are grown by a cooperative of dedicated Maya Indian farmers, ensuring the best quality, 100% Arabica beans grown in the shade.

When you’re looking for the best organic coffee beans, Ruta Maya is the clear standout. So, the next time you’re at Costco, know that picking Ruta Maya means enjoying exceptional taste, supporting sustainability, and celebrating cultural heritage with every cup.


Are Ruta Maya coffee beans cheaper at Costco?

Ruta Maya Coffee is an affordable coffee at Costco. Depending on the coffee type, it costs you $8-9 per lb. However, on Ruta Maya’s company website, some types are cheaper than Costco, to save you $0.50-1 per lb.

How is Ruta Maya coffee sent to you?

You get Ruta Maya Coffee in zip-lock bags. Though these bags are prone to tearing, the coffee remains fresh until it ends.



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