Is Angus Beef Grass Fed? No…not Always!

Have you just learned about Angus beef, its marbling, and its mouth-watering tenderness? And you’re wondering: “Is Angus beef always grass-fed?” Such a question is obvious, especially when these cattle are pictured in lush green pastures. Yet, it’s not true. 

And in today’s blog post, I’ll shed light on the actual diet sources of these premium lean meat offering cattle. 

What’s Angus: Let’s Know First

First things first, let’s know what Angus–you might already know, I can understand. 

Angus is a breed of cattle–not a diet. These cows featuring black coats are famous for producing tasty, well-marbled beef. Besides this, the meat features rich flavor and tenderness, making it a go-to choice for many meat lovers.

What’s Grass-Fed Beef, Next Thing to Know

Now, onto the grass-fed buzz. Grass-fed beef simply means meat coming from cattle, fed on grass only–the cattle can be from any breed. The cattle might graze on pasture and munch on grass and forage for most of their lives. This natural diet helps in producing leaner meat with a different flavor profile than grain-fed beef. Plus, it’s often seen as a more sustainable and animal-friendly way to raise cattle.

Then, What’s the Connection Between Angus and Grass-Fed

So, what’s the deal with Angus beef and grass-fed beef? From the above discussion, it’s apparent that Angus beef doesn’t mean that the animal is grass-fed. Angus cattle diet might be grass, grains, or a mixture, just as other breeds are fed. 

How Can You Know if Angus is Grass Fed or Not?

When you’re shopping for Angus beef and getting grass-fed beef is your concern, read the label. Look for terms like “grass-fed” specifically, and don’t be fooled by terms like “grass-finished.” Grass-finished beef may sound similar, but it only means that the cows were fed on grass for a few months before slaughtering to attain a more consistent grassy taste. 

In contrast, with no vagueness, grain-fed cows are given grains like corn and soy during their last months, leading to more marbling, tenderness, and a milder flavor. However, these meats, despite featuring longer shelf life, are pro-inflammatory.

In short, the only way to ensure buying grass-fed Angus is by reading the label. If the label doesn’t specify, asking your butcher or the store staff for more information is a good idea.

Does Grass Fed Angus Tastes Better?

Yes, grass-fed Angus beef tastes better. Grass-fed Angus beef has a slightly different flavor—it’s more earthy and robust than the buttery richness of grain-fed Angus beef. However, whether you like the taste of grass-fed Angus or not is a matter of personal preference.

Health Considerations

For health-conscious eaters, it’s worth noting that grass-fed beef is often considered a healthier option. It typically has lower levels of saturated fats and higher levels of certain nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.

So, the Bottom Line is:

Angus beef is about the breed of cattle, not their diet. Angus cattle can be raised in various ways, including grass-fed and grain-fed. When you’re at the meat counter, check the labels and ask questions to ensure you’re getting the beef that aligns with your preferences, whether it’s the marbled goodness of grain-fed Angus or the earthy richness of grass-fed Angus. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and it’s all about savoring the flavor you love.

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