Is 10 inch Pizza Enough for 2 People?

You’re two; want to order pizza?

Possibilities are you already apprehend that a large 14-inch pizza might be too big for you, so you’re wondering whether a 10-inch pizza size is good to have.

I’ll help you choose the right pizza size for you 2 by calculating the perfect pizza serving per person out of 10 inch pizza. 

So, keep reading this article.

Understanding the Standard Pizza Serving Size

A standard large 14 inch has 8 slices and feeds about 3 hungry people 4 people with average appetite, and 5 individuals when you’ve many other sides to serve. 

Considering that 8 slices should feed 4 people (teens or adults) on average. 

Let’s calculate how many square inches of pizza each person should get, by calculating the area of 14 inch pizza pie.

To calculate the area of a 14-inch pizza with a radius or half of it of 7 inches.

Area = π * (7 inches)^2

Area ≈ 3.14159 * 49 square inches

Area ≈ 153.94 square inches

So, the area of a 14-inch pizza is approximately 153.94 square inches.

Now let’s consider how many square inches a 14-inch pizza offers for 3, 4 and 5 people:

  • When 14 inch pizza feeds 3 with no sides = 153.94/3 = 39 square inches 
  • When 14 inch pizza feeds 4 with few side or average appetite = 153.94/3 = 39 square inches 
  • When 14 inch pizza feeds 5 served with many sides or people with little appetite = 153.94/3 = 30 square inches 

By now, it’s clear that a hungry person needs 51 square inches of pizza, one with average appetite needs 39 square inches of pizza, and one with little hunger can have 30 square inches of pizza.

Calculating the Area of 10 Inches of Pizza

Considering the above done pizza needs calculations per person, we can calculate the area of 10 inch pizza and divide it accordingly.

The formula for the area of a circle is πr², where π is approximately 3.14 and r is the circle’s radius. The radius of a 10-inch pizza is 5 inches, so the area is:

πr² = 3.14 * 5² = 3.14 * 25 = 78.54

≈ 79 square inches

Therefore, the area of a 10-inch pizza is about 79 square inches. 

So, is 10 Inch Pizza Enough for 2?

By keeping 51, 39, and 30 square inches pizza requirements for one adult or teen according to appetite levels, respectively, we can calculate whether a 10-inch pizza making 79 square inches of pizza is enough for you 2 or not:

  • For 51 square inches serving size: 79/51 = 1.5 people
  • For 39 square inches serving size: 79/39 = 2 people
  • 51 square inches serving size: 79/15 = 2.6 people

It means a 10-inch pizza can be enough for you 2 if you have an average or little appetite for pizza or have other pizza sides.

What Pizza Size Should You Get for Very Hungry Two?

Since a 10 inch pizza is enough for 2 people with an average to little appetite for pizza, the question arises, What other pizza sizes can you opt for?

The answer is a medium pizza of 12 inches is ideal for very hungry 2. 

Here is how:

12 inches pizzas has an area of:

πr² = 3.14 * 6² = 3.14 * 36 = 113.09 square inches.

So, considering the requirement of 51 square inch pizza per person for hungry people: 113.09/51= 2

Hence, you can get a medium pizza fo 12 inch size for your 2 who love eating pizza to fill the appetite.

2 Factors You Should Consider When Ordering Pizza for 2

By now, you’ve got an idea whether 10 inches will feed you 2 or not and what other pizza sizes you can have. But, by paying attention to a few more factors, you can ensure a memorable pizza-eating experience. These factors are listed below:

Pizza Type, its Crust and Toppings

The pizza type you order has much to do with how it’ll satisfy you. For example, a thick-crust pizza with cheesy, meaty, heavy toppings can be more filling than a thin-crust pizza. Sometimes, a thin-crust pizza with fewer proteins or veggie toppings can leave you unsatiated. Such a pizza can sometimes be only good for 1 person. A Neapolitan pizza is a common example of a thin-crust pizza serving a single person.

When ordering by spending an extra $ for toppings, you can save a lot that you might have to spend on getting a larger pizza. 

Pizza Preferences

Discuss your and your companion’s pizza preferences. Consider options like meat lovers, vegetarians, or speciality pizzas. You may need to compromise or order multiple smaller pizzas to accommodate different tastes.


A 10 inch pizza is enough for 2 who have average or little hunger for pizza. It might also be the case that you’ve got some other sides to eat besides pizza. Yet, if you have no other side to pizza or have a good hunger for pizza, opting for a 12-inch pizza is better.


Should I get a 14 inch pizza for 2?

No, a 14 inch pizza might be too big for 2. A 14 inch pizza makes 153 square inches of area, which is enough for 3 to 5. If you get a 14 inch pizza owing to some ongoing discount offer on pizza, chances are that you’ll have to refreeze it.

How can you reheat frozen pizza slices?

If you have a toaster oven or air fryer, reheating pizza is just easy. 

  • To reheat frozen pizza slices in the oven, preheat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit with the baking sheet so that the baking sheet gets scorching hot. Then, place pizza slices on the sheet without overlapping them and heat them for 12 minutes. You’ll get pizza slices with crispy crust.
  • To reheat frozen pizza slices in the air fryer, preheat the air fryer at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about 4 minutes. Then, place pizza slices in the air fryer basket evenly. Let them heat in the air fryer for 8 to 12 minutes, depending on the thickness of the pizza crust. The pizza slices will come out with a crisp crust.
  • To reheat frozen pizza slices in a skillet over a stovetop, preheat the pan on medium heat for 3 minutes. Place the pizza slices in the pan and cover with a lid. Reduce the heat to a minimum and let the slices heat for 10 minutes. The slices will come out hot and crispy, like freshly ordered.



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