How Many Kg of Biryani Do You Need for a Party?

So, you’re hosting a dinner or lunch for your dear ones and want to know how many kg of biryani, like chicken biryani, mince biryani, beef/mutton biryani or vegetable biryani you need?

Let me guess: you want to ensure that everyone gets biryani to fill their appetite, yet it shouldn’t be wasted simultaneously. After all, it’ll cost you!

Don’t worry; I’m here to help you. I’ve cooked biryani at my home about 200 times on family dinners. It’s why I know very well how much biryani you might need for dinner.

Let’s get started with our quick but most precise calculations. Believe me, I won’t take a lot of your time.

Key Take Way

You need 3/4 kg or 750 grams of cooked biryani per person when served with no sides.

You need about 1/2 kg (500 grams) of biryani per person when served with 1-2 sides.

Understanding the Biryani Weight

Before distributing the cooked biryani (meat, chicken or sea food), it’s essential to know how much the Biryani weighs after cooking and why.

Here are the calculations:

The rice weight = 1 kg

Meat: 1.25 to 1.5 kg

Water: 2 litres

Oil or ghee: 200 grams

Other ingredients, including onion, tomatoes, etc: 400 grams

So, if you combine all these numbers, your cooked biryani of 1 kg rice will weigh about 5 kg. Now you must serve this 5 kg biryani or multiple of it among the eaters.

1 kg Rice Biryani for How Many?

Your 1 kg rice, which makes 5 kg cooked biryani, will be enough to satiate 6-12 persons according to appetite.

How Many Kg Biryani Per Person?

I said earlier that 1 kg of rice biryani will weigh about 5 kg when cooked as Biryani, so it’ll suffice for 6-12 persons.

The calculation is less precise, I understand, because it depends on your guests’ appetite and other side dishes.

Do you remember that I promised that I’d give you the most precise calculations on the amount of biryani you need?

It’s time to see it happening. Without any fuss, the table below clearly elaborates on each and everything.

How Many Kg of Cooked Biryani for  5  to 100 people?
PersonsBiryani With No SidesBiryani With Some Side DishBiryani With Many Sides
5 4kg3kg2kg

How Many Kg Biryani for Kids (5,10,15…100)

The calculations done above are for adult and teen eaters of mixed genders. Yet, if you want to serve biryani to kids of mixed ages and genders, divide all calculations done for adults into halves.

How Many Kg of Cooked Biryani for  5  to 100 persons (Mixed age and gender kids of up to age 7)
KidsBiryani With No Sides or for Heavy EatersBiryani With Many Sides or for Eaters with Little AppetiteBiryani With Many Sides or for Eaters with little Appetite
6526kg20 kg13kg
10040kg30 kg20kg

How Many Kg Raw Rice for Cooking Biryani You Need?

The previously done calculations were for cooked biryani. Yet, if you’re going to cook biryani for your guests, you might need to consider only the raw rice and meat ratio, which is usually 1:1.25 or 1:1.5 ratio. Below is the table for how many kg of raw rice you need when making biryani.

How Many Kg of Rice do you need to Cook Biryani for  5  to 100 People?
PersonsBiryani With No SidesBiryani With Some Side DishBiryani With Many Sides
51 kg.8 kg.5 kg
102 kg1.5 kg1 kg
153 kg2 kg1.5 kg
204 kg3 kg2 kg
255 kg4 kg2.5 kg
306 kg5 kg3 kg
357 kg5.5 kg3.5 kg
408 kg6 kg4 kg
459 kg6.5 kg4.5 kg
5010 kg7.5 kg5 kg
5511 kg8 kg5.5 kg
6012 kg9 kg6 kg
6513 kg10 kg6.5 kg
7014 kg10.5 kg7 kg
7515 kg11 kg7.5 kg
8016 kg12 kg8 kg
8517 kg13 kg8.5 kg
9018 kg14 kg9 kg
9519 kg15 kg9.5 kg
10020 kg16 kg10 kg

Does the Biryani Type Matter before Calculating the Required Quantity?

When ordering biryani, consider the type, not just weight. Meat and rice have same calories per gram, but meat fills you up more. Biryani types like Sindhi (heavy) need less per person than Hyderabadi (lighter). Consider guests’ preferences (meat vs veggie) and adjust accordingly. For accuracy, use recipe-specific info or guidelines like 0.5 kg per person for a full meal, but adjust based on type and sides. Remember, the perfect biryani party caters to everyone!

Does the Heat Level in Biryani Affect its Consumption?

Yes, the heat and spiciness of biryani affect its consumption significantly. People may eat mild-tasting biryani about 50% more. In contrast, if the biryani is spicy and hot, your guests may eat less biryani. Scientifically speaking, capsaicin in spices like chili peppers can suppress appetite: Studies suggest capsaicin can reduce hunger hormones and increase satiety, potentially leading to less biryani consumption.

However, excessive heat in biryani can result in a bad experience, and you should avoid customizing your biryani because:

  • Strong flavors might overpower other ingredients: Intense spice can mask the delicate aromas and tastes of other biryani components, making it less enjoyable for some.
  •  Not everyone enjoys spicy food: Spice tolerance varies significantly among individuals, and some might find hot and spicy biryani too overwhelming, leading them to eat less.


After diving deep into the aromatic world of biryani and crunching the numbers, it’s safe to say we’ve unlocked the secret formula for culinary happiness!

Our calculations have revealed that, on average, one person can devour approximately 0.5 kg of the delightful biryani goodness. So, the next time you’re planning a feast or a gathering, you can confidently whip up just the right amount, ensuring everyone’s taste buds are tantalized to the fullest.

Remember, biryani isn’t just a dish; it’s an experience that brings people together, and now you have the perfect portion size to make every gathering a flavorful success. Happy cooking and even happier feasting!

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