Diamond Valley Halal Ground Beef Review & Best Places to Buy

Do you think that it’s hard to find authentic halal beef? And, among a few brands, you’re perplexed to put your trust in Diamond Valley’s halal ground beef, which, at the same time, seems a lucrative option being cheaper at Costco.

If you’re worried about whether or not you should get it, I have you covered here. I’ve reviewed this excellent halal ground beef from Diamond Valley. Besides this, I’ll also compare different places where you can get it.

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Diamond Valley Halal Ground Beef Review

Diamond Valley Halal ground beef is a product of Australia. It’s made from premium meat with grass-fed, no added hormones, and no fed animal by-products. 

It contains 85% lean meat and 15% fat. This product is an excellent protein, vitamin B, Iron, and Zinc source.

Diamond Valley is a halal meat brand, as their animals are humanely raised and hand slaughtered. They sell meats of almost all kinds and all cuts. They source their halal ground beef from quality halal beef with no fillers. 

The beef is fresh and versatile for cooking when taken out of the packaging. It has a beefy flavor with a unique mixture of fat and umami that gives it a mouth-watering taste.

You can create delicious recipes using the Diamond Valley Halal Ground Beef, including meatloaf, casseroles, homemade tacos, easy meat lasagna, and much more!  

Why should you get Diamond Valley Halal Ground beef?

  • An 85% lean meat ratio is ideal for versatile recipes.
  • The price is reasonably low.
  • Antibiotic-free
  • Hormones-free

Best Places to Buy Diamond Valley Grass-Fed Halal Ground Beef

Diamond Valley sells this brand on the West Coast. Three non-US suppliers supply high-quality halal beef to Diamond Valley: two from Australia and one from New Zealand. It’s sold in America across several major supermarkets and retail stores, some of which are mentioned below. 

Diamond Valley Halal Ground Beef at Costco – The best place to buy in bulk 

Diamond Valley Halal Ground Beef Review: Best Places to Buy

Costco is famous for its wide selection of halal meat and seafood options; halal ground beef from Diamond Valley is also among them. 

Their low warehouse prices make them a one-stop shop for all your necessities. They sell Diamond Valley halal ground beef for $24.99 per 4 lb–only $6.25 per pound!

ShopRite Diamond Valley Halal Ground Beef – Best for buying in small packaging

This supermarket has a wide variety of halal meat, including ground beef, stew meat, steaks, cube steaks, and turkey cuts. If you want to buy Diamond Valley Halal beef, you can visit ShopRite and take advantage of their discounts and low prices. 

Their selling price is only $6.99 per pound of ground beef from Diamond Valley–it’s no different from Costco! However, the meat has been packed in 1-pound packaging only. It’s the best choice if you don’t want to buy in bulk.

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Diamond Valley Halal Ground Beef on Amazon

Amazon is among the best places to buy fresh or frozen, packaged, certified halal lamb and beef from Australia. They have a broad range of halal meat brands, including Diamond Valley. 

You can buy premium halal ground beef from Amazon for $79.99 per 4lb pack. The price is about 10 dollars higher than that of Costco. So, I won’t advise you to choose Amazon for shopping for halal ground beef.

Diamond Valley Halal Ground Beef at Instacart

Instacart is the world’s largest online grocery service. It has a wide selection of over 500 retailers and trusted local grocers to order from. It provides some of the best Halal beef options, and Diamond Valley Ground beef is one of them. 

You can shop directly for Diamond Valley’s Halal Ground Beef in 4 lb packaging from Instacart. 


What is the best place to buy halal ground beef?

No place is better than a wholesale grocery store for buying groceries, especially when it’s available in your area. Costco stands at the top among all the grocery stores offering meat and other household items at lower prices–their prices are just unbeatable.

So, go online or to the Costco store in your city; you’ll save a lot buying anything available there.

Does Costco sell halal ground beef from any other brand?

Yes, Costco sells halal ground beef, but the packaging doesn’t mention the brand except “Halal.” the ground beef is available for $5 per lb in 3 lb packaging. Yet, it’s neither grass-fed nor antibiotic-free. I don’t think you should compromise on the quality for $1.


With Costco’s Diamond Valley halal ground beef, you can have certified halal and grass-fed ground beef under your budget. With this product, you get the finest beef from 100% grass-fed animals with no added growth hormones or chemical treatments. 

I wish you good luck in buying healthy meat!



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