What are Only 3 Best Crawfish Burners for 2024?

Do you need a high-end propane burner to enjoy mouthwatering crawfish and seafood boils in your backyard? 

Today’s blog post has got you covered! 

In this article, I’ll review and compare 3 top-rated crawfish burners to help you choose between these finest options on the market. 

From powerful flame control to durable designs, let’s explore the sizzling features that make these burners stand out and turn your outdoor gatherings into unforgettable feasts. 


Assessing what you need and how you should choose is the first step to choosing the right burner for you. So, make sure to complete the buying guide section from this article. Good luck!

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Detailed Review of 3 First-Rated Crawfish Burners

Here is my detailed review of 3 best burners for crawfish. These burners have been arranged and reviewed according to their BTUs output, but which is the best will be concluded by the end of the review section.

GasOne B-5350 270,000 BTU Rugged Propane Burner

best Crawfish Burners Reviews

First on my list is GasOne B-5350, a 270,000 BTUs burner, as the best crawfish burner.

Heat Output and Performance

Among 3 burners reviewed in this blog post, it has the highest heat output of 270,000 BTUs. You can cook anything on it, from a crawfish to a cow. The heat output is outstanding and consistent.

This GasOne B-5350 burner is dedicated for those who need extra heat. Otherwise, for backyard cooking, a regular burner with up to 200,000 BTUs is enough. And it’s the reason that some users who didn’t experience such high heat outbursts think it could burn anything–on light notes.

The discussion about the performance doesn’t end here. The burner has flame adjustability through a PSI control setting of up to 20 PSI. Thus, you can control the temperature more precisely to cook food in skillets and pots of up to 120 Qt capacity. 

Besides this, the built-in wind guards ensure an even heat without fuel loss; and the burner remains quiet during use.

Here is one important thing to remember. Since this burner provides the highest BTU output, expecting it to perform consistently at the lowest setting might be less realistic, so don’t blame it please!

Design and build quality

The GasOne B-5350 large burner measures 16.50 X 16.50 X 17.75 inches. You can easily place your large crawfish or seafood pots on it.

As a burner made of sturdy material of cast iron and alloy steel, it’s durable. But, its paint might peel off contrary to what is advertised as high-temperature paint. So, it would be best if you conditioned the paint yourself.

Yet, overall, it’s durable!

I like that the GasOne burner has a fully stable frame. The underneath storage rack provides additional stability to the unit. It’s why you can fearlessly put your 40-100 Qt pots on it and boil crawfish for your guests.

As for the material, some speculations have been about using cast iron, not stainless steel. 

Let’s be technical. 

Cast iron material is a great choice for such heavy-duty stoves because it provides a thicker, heavier and more robust structure to handle large pots. In contrast, burners with stainless steel frames can warp.

Using a stove can be challenging if it’s difficult to assemble or use. The good news is that the GasOne propane burner comes fully assembled.  

Here is one downside. If you consider taking the stove to a camping site, it’s less portable (it should be for such robust construction).

The GasOne B-5350 burner has some valuable safety features as well. For instance, it has a leak and breakage-proof steel braided hose. So, you need not worry while carrying your stove anywhere or using it under harsh weather conditions.

In a nutshell, the GasOne 270,000 BTUs stove is an excellent burner for crawfish boiling. 


  • Heat efficient highest heat output is perfect for cooking food in large quantities.
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • A sturdier unit with heavy gauge cast iron can hold up to 120 Qt pots.
  • It has wind guard construction for quiet and consistent flame and fuel efficiency.
  • Great for price


  • It’s less portable.
  • No information about warranty.

GasOne Square Heavy Duty Single Burner Outdoor Stove 

If you don’t need a burner of more than 200,000 BTUs, the GasOne, B-5450, Square Heavy Duty 200,000 BTUs burner can make the best choice. It’s smaller than the GasOne B-5350 burner, measuring 15.5 “L x 15.5 “W x 12 “H.

Heat output and performance

This GasOne Square B-5450 Burner with 200,000 BTUs has almost the same features as the previously discussed GasOne 5350 burner, except for the windshield.

It has an adjustable 0-20 PSI regulator to allow you to have precise control over heat. Therefore, you can put anything over it from a small skillet or a large 100 Qt pot. It’ll cook with all ease. 

It has a main burner made of cast iron for an even heat distribution.

Hence, for performance, it performs outstandingly every time you use it.

Yet, the design lacks a built-in wind guard, as GasOne B-5350 has. For this reason, the stove can be louder in the wind. Likewise, the heat efficiency might be affected, which costs you fuel. 

And, to me, this is a flaw because you get a burner for outdoor cooking, where the wind is obvious. But you can overcome the problem by using a windshield.

Design and build quality

The GasOne 200,000 BTUs stove is sturdy. Its main burner is made of cast iron. And, the frame comprises metal (heavy iron), which translates to longevity. Thus, the overall combination gives durability to the unit.

When you receive the burner, you don’t have to assemble it. Connect it with the regulator and propane tank; you’re ready to go.

If you plan to cook crawfish boils at a camping site, the burner portability might be your concern. This entire burner weighs about 20 lbs. So, it’s portable as well.

As compared with the last GasOne 270,000 BTUs burner, I like this burner for its angled frame design. The frame is more durable and resistant to bending when used with heavy pots. Additionally, it’s extremely stable without caring what you put on it.

Discussing safety, the O-ring further takes care of you against leakage. You can lose or tighten it according to your needs. Besides this, its steel braided hose is leakage-proof.

In short, the GasOne 200,000 BTUs Burner is the perfect choice for all your crawfish cooking needs.


  • The burner’s performance is excellent, with precise control.
  • It can be used with any pot or pan up to 100 Qt
  • It has a sturdy build.
  • A fully stable burner is easy to use.
  • Portable


  • It has no wind guard, so the heat efficiency is affected in windy weather.
  • No warranty

Concord Banjo 16″ Single Propane Burner of 200,000 BTU 

Concord, 16 Inch Burner, is the third-best pick for crawfish burners. It’s a heavy-duty cast iron burner with 200,000 BTUs. 

What makes it an incredible unit, and what it lacks? 

Let’s know!

Heat output and performance

The Concord 200,000 burner is a beast when it comes to heat output. With its CSA Certified 20 PSI regulator, it allows you to control the actual heat flow up to 200,000 BTUs. 

Unlike the GasOne 200,000 BTUs stove, it has a built-in windshield. Therefore, the heat output isn’t disturbed and remains consistent and precise.

Further, the cast iron construction of the burner helps in even heat distribution. So, put simply; the Concord 200,000 BTUs burner can be fully trusted for performance. 

But, such a high heat unit might be less suitable for use with woks and pans. Though the PSI control is there, the heat setting for low flame is not as uniform. 

If you often cook small meals, it might not be for you. But, as a crawfish or seafood burner, it’s excellent.

Design and build quality

With the 3-leg design measuring 16.5 “x16.5 “x12”. The burner provides stable support and enough support under your crawfish pot. It weighs 20 lbs–it’s on the portable side. 

Overall, the cast iron burner and paint-coated steel have been built to withstand the test of time. YET, it doesn’t fully. 

The primary structure is powder-coated. Yet, the rivets and screws are not painted, so they can catch rust. And you’ll need to condition the stove paint, additionally.

For easy storage and portability, the burner’s legs are detachable.


On the downside, it has been advertised as easy to assemble and disassemble for easy storage. However, in reality, it’s challenging. 

I appreciate that the manufacturers send the burner with a little wrench and screwdriver, but they need to send clearer instructions. 

If you succeed in assembling the burner, I’ll advise you not to disassemble it for storing purposes. You can better store it without breaking the unit down.

Another shortcoming of this stove is that, unlike other high BTU stoves in this article, its propane hose isn’t steel braided. However, the hose looks strong and sturdy.

In short, the Concord 16 Inch Burner is your reliable partner for outdoor cooking adventures.


  • Performance is excellent with precise control.
  • It can be used with pots of up to 100 Qt
  • The sturdy structure provides excellent support for large pots
  • It has a windshield for maintaining heat flow. 
  • The burner has a parts replacement warranty besides good customer support.


  • The auxiliary parts are not paint-coated, so are prone to catching rest.
  • The hose is as robust as it’s not steel braided.
  • Not easy to assemble.

So, which is the Best Burner Among These 3 Picks?

For 270,000 BTUs output, the GasOne B-5350 is a winner with no competition–it has already been selected after considering many other options. Yet, for 200,000 BTU burners, there is competition between GasOne B-5450 and Concord Burner. You can prefer one over the other or vice versa for some reasons, which are listed below.

Opt for GasOne 5450-B if:

  • You don’t mind adding a windshield as it does not have any.
  • The warranty is not your concern; you already trust GasOne.

Opt for Concord 200,000 BTUs stove if:

  • You need a stove with a built-in wind guard.
  • You can repaint it for corrosion resistance.
  • You prefer a burner with a warranty over one with no warranty.

Hence, with a narrow margin, the Concord stove is the winner because it comes with a warranty and helpful customer support from the manufacturers.

What’s a Crawfish Burner, And, How Should You Choose it?

A crawfish burner is a type of outdoor propane burner specifically designed for boiling large quantities of foods in large pots, like crawfish. For household use, they offer a high heat output of about 50,000 to 30,000 BTUs, which is necessary for boiling crawfish and seafood quickly and evenly. 

You can select the crawfish burner BTUs according to the boiling pot capacity. Yet choosing an excellent quality high BTU propane burner isn’t easy. 

Here are some factors you can consider making the right choice:


Backyard burners are available in two materials: stainless steel and cast iron. Stainless steel is an attractive choice, but cast iron is better. 


Though cast iron is susceptible to catching rust, yet, it features a thicker construction than stainless steel. For this reason, it’s less prone to warping, and you can put heavy pots with a lot of food on them. 

Besides this, thick cast iron burners are pretty durable because they can withstand high heat and corrosive elements in the environment. 

Stainless steel is also durable but not as resistant to heat and corrosion as cast iron. While professional-grade stainless steel is extremely expensive, it makes the burner less affordable. 

If rust is your only issue, a little care can keep your cast iron burner from catching rust. You need to dry the stove before storing it; store it in a dry place; and use a cover. Or you can occasionally coat the stove with paint–it’s a better solution.

Heat output

The size of a crawfish burner refers to the burner heat output, which is determined in BTUs. How many BTUs you should choose depends on your individual needs as well. For example:

  • For grilling and general backyard cooking: 15,000 to 30,000 BTUs should be sufficient.
  • For large-scale boiling (e.g., seafood boils): 50,000 BTUs to 300,000, with flame adjustability, might be necessary.
  • For deep-frying: 30,000 to 60,000 BTUs is usually suitable, depending on the size of the fryer.

As a rule of thumb, a 30 Qt pot needs a burner with 50,000 BTU. For an 80 to 100 Qt boiling pot, get one with 200,000 to 300,000 BTUs. Since these propane burners allow you to adjust the flame, so, you better go for a burner with higher BTUs, like 200,000.

Burner’s frame size

Ensure that the burner’s frame size matches the diameter of your pots, pans, and other cooking vessels for crawfish boiling. A larger burner will distribute heat more evenly and be more stable for large pots.

Look for adjustable controls.

Opt for a burner with adjustable controls to have better get precise heat output. This is especially important when cooking delicate dishes or simmering. Today, the high BTU propane burners come with PSI control. PSI flame adjustability on propane burners allows flame intensity control by adjusting gas pressure.

Wide and stable base

Opt for a burner with a wide and stable base to prevent tipping when using large pots or heavy cookware. This ensures safety during cooking.

Safety features

Gas burners have O-rings to create a seal between the burner and the gas supply line. This seal helps to prevent gas from leaking out of the burner, which could be dangerous. The O-ring is also a worn item, and it will eventually need to be replaced.

Besides this, portable propane burners have braided steel hoses for safety because these hoses are flexible, strong, non-flammable, and corrosion-resistant. It helps to prevent them from being damaged.

Wind protection

Wind can affect the flame’s stability and intensity. Look for a design with wind guards or shields to protect the flame from wind gusts.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Consider a design that is easy to clean and maintain. Removable parts or a design that minimizes grease buildup can make your cooking experience more enjoyable.

User-friendly assembly

Ensure that the burner is easy to assemble and set up. The complicated assembly might deter you from using it frequently.


If you plan to move the burner around or use it for camping or other outdoor activities, consider a portable model that’s easy to transport. Further, you can also check if the burner has a carry bag for easy transportation.


Set a budget and look for a propane burner that meets your cooking needs within that price range.

Check local regulations

Check any local regulations or restrictions regarding outdoor cooking and the use of propane burners in your area.

Considering these factors, you can choose a high BTU propane burner that suits your backyard cooking needs and provides an enjoyable cooking experience. Always prioritize safety and follow the manufacturer’s proper use and maintenance instructions.


What is the difference between a crawfish burner and a crawfish boiler?

The terms “crawfish burner” and “crawfish boiler” are often used interchangeably, but there can be some subtle differences in their meaning depending on the context.

A crawfish burner is an outdoor stove for preparing crawfish and other seafood boils. It’s a portable burner powered by propane gas. It can provide a powerful and concentrated flame of 50,000 to 200,000 or even 600,000 BTUs. 

Crawfish Boiler, on the other hand, a crawfish boiler is a large pot or container used for boiling crawfish or other seafood. 

Why is my propane burner so noisy?

Backyard propane burners can be noisy because of various factors, including high BTU output, gas pressure, burner design, wind conditions, burner cleanliness, air-to-fuel ratio, propane quality, and damaged components. Regular maintenance and following safety guidelines are essential. If excessive noise persists, seek professional inspection for potential issues and safe operation.

Why do high-BTU burners lack a shut-off valve or thermocouple?

The outdoor burners with high BTU do not have a shut-off valve or thermocouple. These burners are designed to operate continuously and provide adequate heat for large outdoor areas like patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens. 

Having a shut-off valve or thermocouple would interrupt the gas flow, reducing the burner’s output and making it less effective. 

Besides this, these outdoor burners are used in low-risk fire settings because of the open air and lack of flammable materials, making the safety benefits of shut-off valves or thermocouples less important compared to the performance benefits of not having them.

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