Costco Organic Eggs: Buying Guide & Prices for 2024

Do you want to get organic eggs at Costco? Lucky you because Costco offers organic eggs as an affordable option for everyone.

Recently I visited Costco shelves and found a large variety of organic eggs there. Thanks to Kirkland Signature, the private-label company of Costco, it has got you cheap organic eggs, from cage-free to pasture-raised.

By exploring more online, I’ve discovered valuable or even the best Costco organic eggs. You can order them via Instacart. Yet, to get them at, you need to have a membership. 

To help you out, I’ll discuss several best options for getting organic eggs.

So let’s get into the details! 

Pasture-Raised Vs Free-Range Vs Cage-Free Organic Eggs – Know First 

The organic egg-citing world is full of pasture-raised, free-range, and cage-free labels! Honestly, I couldn’t understand them first. I had to educate myself about these labels. 

So, before jumping to Costco shelves, I’ve broken down the differences between organic egg types–I’ll further do it for their grading system as well.

Pasture-raised eggs

Picture a picturesque scene with hens roaming freely in lush, green pastures. These lucky ladies get at least 108 square feet of space. 

Such freedom lets them happily scratch and peck to include all those lovely, nutrient-rich plants and bugs in their diet. Resulatanly, your eggs are nutrient-rich.

Free-range eggs

These chickens should have 10 to 25 square feet of space per bird to roam outside. However, the term “free range” is used only for marketing purposes. First, the spaces might not be as vast as the pastures. Second, the chickens are allowed to roam for how long, you don’t know. 

Then again, their diet is not purely organic. It’s usually a combination of natural food and feeds that the farmers provide.

Cage-free organic eggs

As the name suggests, these chickens aren’t confined to cages – definitely a step in the right direction. They typically live indoors in barns or similar setups. Yet, they get more room to move around than caged chickens. Their diet is usually organic, meaning they’re fed with feed free from synthetic pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

To sum it all up 

Pasture-raised eggs are the best. Free-range is a second option if you want to cherish yourself a little bit. Lastly, cage-free is the least desirable. The same goes for the prices; they decrease respectively.

AA-Grade Vs A-Grade Vs B-Grade Eggs: A Chunk of Necessary Knowledge

When it comes to organic eggs, the grading system typically used is based on the condition of the eggs’ shells and the quality of the internal contents. Here’s a general breakdown of the grading system for organic eggs:

AA Grade

AA-grade organic eggs are of the highest quality. They have clean, smooth, and unblemished shells. Inside, they’re firm and vibrant in color, while the whites are thick and clear. The result is a superior taste and texture.

A Grade

A-grade organic eggs are of good quality but may have minor imperfections on the shell, such as small stains. The yolks and whites are still of decent quality, but they may need to be more firm and vibrant than those of AA-grade eggs.

B Grade

B-grade organic eggs are the lowest grade in terms of quality. They may have more noticeable shell imperfections, such as cracks or stains. Additionally, the yolks and whites may be less firm and have a paler color compared to higher-grade eggs.


The grading system primarily focuses on the appearance and quality of the eggs rather than their nutritional value. So, when choosing organic eggs, just forget about the AA or A grades if you find pasture-raised eggs.

But when choosing between free-range or cage-free eggs, you can prioritize eggs for their grading.

Best Organic Eggs at Costco 

1. Kirkland Signature Organic Pasture-Raised Eggs

If you need the best Organic eggs at Costco, get these Kirkland Signature Organic Pasture-Raised Eggs via Instacart. 

These Kirkland’s Signature Pasture Raised Organic A-grade eggs are available in a dozen packaging. 

According to the company, you should also know that they didn’t give any hormones or antibiotics to the hens–what peace of mind!  

You can get the package on Costco or Instacart; the choice is yours. Remember one thing: the price of eggs at Costco is less expensive. One dozen will cost $4.25, while on Instacart, the price is $5.59 for one dozen. 

2. Kirkland Signature Organic Free-Range Eggs

Second comes the Kirkland Signature Organic Free-Range Eggs on my list.

If you ask me, eggs among the cage-free and free-range options is best? I’ll recommend the free-range option of Kirkland. This is because hens get some outdoor access and a good environment which isn’t possible in cage-free options. I don’t think it adds much to the eggs’ quality. Yet, you are happy that the chickens have been treated humanely.

Apart from that, the hens are fed only a vegetarian diet, and the eggs are rated A by USDA, assuring good quality. 

Coming to the prices, it’s slightly lower than the second option we’ve discussed above. For $7.99, you’ll get 2 dozen eggs.

3. Kirkland Signature Extra Large Brown Organic Free Range

Kirkland Signature Extra Large Brown Organic Eggs are an excellent source of protein, vitamin A, selenium, and other vital nutrients. These eggs are USDA-certified organic eggs that come with A-grade quality. 

Cage-free or free range?

These are free-range eggs.

A Grade means they’re not as darker in color outside or inside. However, you won’t have to worry about your health because they don’t contain any artificial hormones. 

4. Kirkland Signature Organic Hard-Boiled Eggs

Kirkland Signature Organic Hard-Boiled Eggs are one of the best options for those who have no time to boil eggs every morning for breakfast. Thanks to Kirkland, these eggs come ready to eat; you only need to peel them, no need to boil them. 

Again, though not pasture-raised, they’re free-range–they can win some of your trust!

What else may you like about these hard-boiled eggs? They’re 100% organic and cage-free. By getting this deal, you’ll get 16 hard-boiled eggs for only about $9.89, which is definitely not a bad offer. 


What are Costco’s organic egg prices in 2023?

The Costco organic eggs cost you about $2 to $7, depending on egg types and grading. Here is a list of Costco’s best-selling eggs prices:

Does Costco sell cage-free organic eggs as well?

Yes, you can also get cage-free organic eggs at Costco. These eggs are relatively cheaper and cost you about $2 per dozen.

Yet, I haven’t added them to my list of Costco’s best organic eggs because of the chicken’s restricted environment. Still, here is a list of Costco’s best cage-free organic eggs:

If you need cheaper eggs, you can opt for them, for they’re also graded as AA or A to ensure quality.

Finally, what are the Best Costco Organic Eggs?

So which type of organic eggs are best among all the options at Costco? Although the answer depends on personal preference, first pasture-raised are the best. The mother chickens have access to the 108 square feet of outdoor area. 

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