What to Know About Costco Organic Chicken Breast

Are you also among those who feel that finding organic boneless chicken is a tough row to hoe, despite wandering in a Costco store? 

Even if you succeed in finding organic chicken breasts at a Costco store or online, you might wonder, “Is it organic, really?”

Yes, Costco’s organic chicken is free from hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives–meeting all standards of what we call “organic chicken.” 

Want to get more information about the best Costco organic chicken brands? Why not? 

This post is an all-inclusive note on Costco’s organic chicken breast. So, at the end of this content, you’ll be confident enough to choose between Costco’s several best organic chicken breasts. 

Let’s get started!

What Makes Costco Organic Chicken Breast a Matchless Choice? 

When it comes to organic chicken, you can’t trust everyone. But you can blindly trust Costco. The thing that makes its chicken breasts matchless is that: 

Free From Preservatives and Artificial Ingredients

Costco’s organic chicken is free from any preservatives and artificial ingredients. Most importantly, all the chicken breast packages labeled as “organic” are GMO-free. 

Certified Organic by ICS 

Chicken breasts at Costco are also certified organic by ICS (Internal Control System). That’s the greatest evidence that the chicken you’re buying is organic. 

Hence, these are all the factors that make Costco’s organic chicken breast a matchless option. 

Which Brands Offer Organic Chicken Breast at Costco?

For organic chicken breasts, Costco has two brands:

Farmer Focus – Best Quality Controlled Organic Chicken Breasts

Farmer Focus serves “traceable” born, raised, and harvested in the U.S.A. chicken to its customers. It ships uncooked and frozen chicken breasts.  You can get 10 packages of 10 lbs of organic chicken breast for $149.99 ($14.99 per lb).

You can get your order through UPS 2nd Day Air–an express delivery system that lets you get your order on the following business day of order placement. 

The even nicer thing is that Farmer Focus serves you happy chickens raised on small family farms with the highest ethical standards. And you can easily learn about the farm where the chicken is raised. This is possible due to the 4-Letter Farm ID code on each label.

Kirkland Signature–the Best and the Cheapest  

Costco’s brand Kirkland Signature has chicken breasts coming from chickens raised without any addition of hormones or antibiotics. Plus, they’re packed without any preservatives. So why would one doubt the quality? 

Kirkland Signature offers the second-best uncooked organic chicken breasts in 6.5 lbs packs. This package has frozen and uncooked chicken breasts, so you can cook them following your favorite recipe. 

In the 6 lbs package, you get USDA organic chicken breast. Most importantly, Kirkland Signature offers chicken raised in  USA grade A in this pack. 

What’s the specialty of Kirkland Signature’s 6.5 lbs pack? 

The chicken breast you get in this package is 99% fat-free and gluten-free. It also contains an 8% solution of water and kosher salt. 

What Type of Organic Chicken Breast is Available at Costco?

You’ll find two main characteristics when you hunt through Costco for organic chicken breast. 

Any guesses? 

Let us break it to you! 

Costco only offers boneless and skinless chicken breasts. Both the skin and breast bone are removed by hand. 

Removing skin, breastbone, and tenderloin gets you the leanest chicken cut, super tender, juicy, and quick to cook. In short, Costco’s chicken breast won’t just give you a lip-smacking taste but also saves your cooking time. 

Does Costco Also Offer Fully Cooked Chicken Skewers? Hell yes!

Costco isn’t just a platform to buy uncooked and frozen organic chicken breasts.

WestEnd Cuisine at Costco offers Mediterranean-style grilled chicken skewers that are handmade with chicken breast. 

The best thing about these chicken skewers is; that they’re gluten-free. So they’re kept free from any gluten ingredient when processing. Besides this, they’re also preservative-free. 

The chicken used in these skewers is raised without antibiotics and growth hormones. Most importantly, they’re vegetarian-fed. Therefore, can you dare to doubt the quality?

What about the weight of these grilled chicken skewers? Each pack has 14 skewers with a weight of 2 oz. Thus, if you’re looking for something scrumptious yet fully cooked from a breast cut, these chicken skewers are the perfect option at Costco. 

What are the Weight Options of Costco’s Organic Uncooked Chicken Breast?

Both brands of organic chicken breast, Kirkland Signature and Farmer Focus, have different weights in the box with a different number of pieces in each box. Farmer Focus offers 10 lbs of chicken breast with 20 breasts in one box. There are 10 packs in a box, each with 2 breasts. 

Each single breast piece is about 8 oz in weight. You can serve honey garlic or any other flavored chicken breast to 20 guests. 

On the other hand, Kirkland Signature sells its best organic chicken breast in a 6.5-lb package. Each box has 3 pouches with 2 breasts, totaling 6.5 lbs. This package is enough to serve a family of 5-6 members. 

What’s the Price of Costco Organic Chicken Breast in 2023?

Costco’s organic chicken breasts are available at inspiring rates, so you won’t have to switch elsewhere for your purchase.

  • You’ll have to spend just $149.99 for 10 lb to buy a box of Farmer Focus. Here, the price per pound is just $15. Getting the highest-quality, leanest chicken breast at this rate is amazing!
  • Compared to Farmer Focus, Kirkland Signature offers very reasonable rates. You can get 6.5 lb organic chicken breast at just $5.99 per pound–you might also get a discount for delivery charges. Yet, due to the high demand, getting Kirkland Signature Organic Chicken Breasts online can be challenging, except that you can get them at some other store for a higher price of $8.94 per pound. So I’d recommend you visit your nearby Costco store.

It’s huge!

Do you expect to get such rates at any other place than Costco? 

No way!

  • Each WestEnd Cuisine grilled chicken skewers pack is available at $11.20 per lb. In the packaging, you get a total weight of 1.75 lbs for $19.59 with 14 counts of 2 oz each.


How many calories are in 4 oz of Kirkland Signature organic chicken breast? 

When you take 4 oz of Kirkland Signature organic chicken breast, you take in 110 calories. Not just the calories, but you’ll get 1 g (2%) of fat, 24 g (48%) of protein, 75 mg (3%) of sodium, and 70 mg (23%) of cholesterol. So every time you put one chicken breast on your plate, keep all these nutritional facts in mind.  

Is Costco Organic Chicken Free Range?

Yes, Costco’s organic chicken is free-range, especially those sold under the brand name, “Framer Focus.” This means the chickens have access to outdoor spaces where they can roam and forage. They’re also fed a certified organic diet, free from antibiotics and hormones.

Costco offers a variety of organic chicken products, including boneless, skinless chicken breasts, whole chickens, and ground chicken. You can find them in the freezer section at your local Costco.

Is Costco’s Kirkland Signature Organic Chicken Breast Really Organic?

Undoubtedly, Costco has guaranteed organic chicken breast. That’s because all the chickens are raised on certified organic fertilizers and pesticide-free pastures. The chicken is free from the addition of any hormones or preservatives. 

Not only this, but the Kirkland Signature is also free from Arsenic (an FDA-approved animal growth-stimulating substance that’s similar to anti-biotics). Hence, Costco sells USDA-certified 100% organic chicken breast. So bring yourself out of confusion in this regard. 

How long can you keep Costco organic chicken breast in the fridge?

If you have raw organic chicken breasts, you can keep them in the fridge for almost 2 days. 

Does more expensive Costco organic chicken taste better than Kirkland Signature’s?

No organic chicken tastes the same whether you get it from Kirkland Signature or some other brand at Costco. Both are free of antibiotics and hormones and raised on certified organic farms.

However, if you compare them head-to-head, expensive ones might seem more tasty owing to the price you paid for them. It’s because you presume them to be superior by paying a higher price. In short, Kirkland Signature offers the same quality organic chicken as other brands at Costco.

Is organic chicken really antibiotic-free?

No, to survive, the chicks need antibiotics. At the early stage, they’re injected with antibiotics, yet as time passes, the chances are rare that they have been given antibiotics. Hence, organic chickens have minimal antibiotics, which do not have much effect on the meat. Besides this, it’s noticeable that being organic also means hormone-free. Here, the chicken is 100% hormone-free.

Thus, in the end, they’re the healthiest option, sold as “organic.”

Does organic chicken meat look different than regular?

If you ask me about my personal experience, at first glance, you might not notice any big visual variations between organic chicken meat and regular chicken meat. They generally look pretty similar, with a light pink to white color.

Yet, when you compare them side by side, organic chicken cuts, e.g. drums and breasts, are smaller than regular ones. I have also noticed that some organic chicken cuts can have a slightly deeper color and appear more vibrant than regular ones. This might be because organic chickens munch on organic grains, grass, and insects, which gives their meat a bit more pizzazz. Their diverse diet could contribute to a subtle difference in the meat’s hue.

But remember, you can’t solely rely on how the chicken meat looks to determine if it’s organic or not. The organic label is more about specific farming practices, like feeding the chickens organic food, providing outdoor access, and avoiding antibiotics or hormones.

If you’re keen on getting organic chicken meat, it’s best to look for trustworthy producers or sellers with proper labeling and certifications. That way, you can be confident you’re getting the real deal.

Does Kirkland Signature Organic Chicken Breast taste better than regular chicken?

I think organic chicken breast tastes better than regular chicken breast. There’s just something special about the flavor and texture of organic chicken that sets it apart. It has a more intense and satisfying taste, and the meat is usually juicier and more tender.

One reason for this enhanced taste could be the diet of organic chickens. They typically enjoy a natural and organic diet consisting of grains, grass, and even insects. This diverse range of food adds depth to the flavor of the meat. Additionally, organic chickens are often raised in a more humane and stress-free environment, allowing them to develop naturally and produce meat that’s packed with better taste and texture.

Another factor contributing to the superior taste is organic chicken’s absence of antibiotics and hormones. Regular chicken often contains these additives, which can affect the overall flavor. By choosing organic chicken breast, you can savor the pure, unadulterated taste of the meat without any artificial influences.

Of course, taste is subjective, and everyone has their own preferences. Some people might not be fans of organic chicken’s intense flavor. However, if you appreciate high-quality, natural ingredients and enjoy a more robust taste in your poultry, I recommend trying organic chicken breast. It’s a worthwhile experience for those who value top-notch ingredients and a more pronounced flavor in their meals.

In a Nutshell

We hope you have got all about Costco’s organic chicken breasts. We have discussed it all, from brand to price and weight. So, if you’re thinking of making garlic butter or lemon chicken breasts for your lunch, Costco is in a class of its own for taste and quality.

Once you buy from Costco, you’ll call it a ninja, giving you sterling quality in this leanest chicken cut, i.e., chicken breast. You can reach me through the comments section if you have any queries. I’d love to resolve your queries. 

I wish you good luck with purchasing organic chicken breasts at Costco! 

Note: Links in this post are for easier navigation only; we have no affiliation with Costco and won’t earn commissions from your Costco purchases.

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