Is Costco Lump Crab Meat Worth Buying?

If you love crab meat, we can safely assume that lump crab meat is your favorite. Indeed it’s the tastiest meat you have ever had. 

But it is expensive too….Sadly!

So you’re probably looking for the best lump crab meat at a lower price, which may be why you have visited this article. Lump crab meat “at Costco” costs significantly less than you get from Amazon! 

But my dear, buying lump crab meat at Costco comes with a limited fortune. You’ll find only a few options, all canned and refrigerated.

Before spending your hard-earned money, you must know whether the taste will leave you spellbound or make you regret it.

But don’t worry. We’ve conducted hours-long research to write a review of Costco’s best lump crab meat to save you time. All you need to do is become a bit less skeptical.

So, why not spare ten minutes for this quick read?

What is Lump Crab Meat? Let’s Understand First!

The anatomy of a crab isn’t simple. You can’t tell any meat from a crab’s main body except its legs and claws as lump meat. Instead, a crab’s middle body gives you three types of meat:

  • The muscle meat from the crab’s rear swimming fins is the jumbo lump meat, also known as super lump or colossal lump crab meat. These muscles, unfortunately, are only 2.  Super jumbo lump crab meat is far more expensive than crab meat from any other part. For the taste, it’s matchless.
  • The meat from the exact middle portion is lump meat or backfin. These meaty muscles are small. When you get lump-grade crab meat, it has a mix of meat from lump muscles and a jumbo lump section. The taste is almost equal to that of super lump meat, but the pieces are small, so it’s less expensive.
  • And the meat near the head section is known as white meat. When you get cheap lump crab meat, the cane has a mix of lump and white crab meat and is labeled as backfin. For the taste, it’s also good. It only lacks the desired grains. 

Mostly, it’s the case with lump crab meat cakes. I’ve often found eaters complaining about it. If you like to eat crab cakes, I advise you to get your lump crab meat and prepare the crab meat cakes at home.

So, from now on, while reading the product specs on lump crab meat packaging at Costco or any other store like Amazon, Sam’s Club, or Walmart, you can know what you’ll get in $$ cane.

What type of lump crab meat is with buying, then?

As a rule of thumb, the answer is only one that welcomes you with large and even pieces of crab lump with no water or additives.

A Quick Review of Lump Crab Meat at Costco

After knowing about the specifications of lump crab meat, it’s time to see what you can get when buying it at Costco. 

You can also get lump crab meat cakes at Costco. So, which is worth buying? We’ve got you covered in the review section. Here we go. 

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Costco and won't receive any commission from your purchase. Links are for navigational purposes only.

Chicken of the Sea Backfin Lump Crab Meat 

Next on our list is the cheapest lump crab meat at Costco. You can get Chicken of the Sea Lump crab meat (backfin lump) in 1 lb packaging. 

Yet, most of the time, it’s out of stock (pretty annoying)!

But, if you get it at Costco in your area, you’ll have this lump crab meat from blue crabs. 

What does it mean?

A lot of nutrition!

You’ll get more vitamins and minerals like B12, zinc, and potassium, more amino acids, fewer fats, and no carbs. Above all, you get Chicken of the Sea Crab Meat at low rates.

So when should you have it?

If your recipe has nothing to do with the presentation, like cocktail or crab cakes, have it! 

I’ve got good and bad news at the same time.


Chicken of the Sea “Lump” Crab meat is also available in 6 oz cane other than backfin lump meat—the good one. But it’s not available at Costco, usually—the bad! 

You can get it at Costco Business Center at slightly lower price.

Why Buy Chicken of the Sea Crab Meat?

  • More nutrition-dense crab meat from blue crabs
  • Cheap

What might you not like about it?

  • The cane has water, without which the meat can be dry
  • Not preservative-free

Rastelli Market Fresh Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes


You don’t need to get canned crab meat; spend hours making crab cakes and freezing them. Instead, you can get lump crab cakes at Costco if you prefer crab cakes over other crab recipes. 

Rastelli’s Market Fresh Lump Crab Cakes are excellent for this purpose. These crab cakes are available in 5 lb packaging with 20 counts each of 4 oz for $32/lb or $159.99 for 5 lbs.  

They offer a restaurant-like crab cake taste. I’m sure you’ll like them if you like those crab cakes at the eateries.


You can ditch the idea of getting them next time if you know how the homemade lump cakes taste or look ( when made following the best recipe).


Come on! These lump crab cakes have few lumps, while most of the content is white body meat and fillers. It’s where you’ll reflect upon the price and start thinking you wasted your money! So, have them after considering the points mentioned above.

Why have Rastelli’s Market Fresh Lump Crab Cakes?

  • Easy to prepare
  • Delicious
  • Come with proper cooking instructions

What might you not like about it?

  • Not fat-free
  • Not purely jumbo lump crab, but a mix of white body meat and jumbo lumps
  • Pricey for quality
  • Needs to be cooked

Handy Lump Crab Meat (Occasionally Available at Costco Online)

Handy Lump Crab meat is the first-rated crab meat at Costco. You can get it for $16.19. The meat is pasteurized, and you can enjoy it without heating or cooking. So, it pairs great with your salads and cocktails. 

For quality, Handy’s crab meat is highly reliable. Before packing the meat, the crabs are steam treated, ensuring freshness, texture, and persistent taste. 

Handy’s packaging system is also smart. There have been no complaints about bones or pecks left in the packaging, thanks to the package examination under black light! 

Since this crab meat is additives-free, you get the perfect value for the money besides health safety—I liked that the cane had no added salty water.

Why have Handy’s lump crab meat?

  • Carbs and fat-free
  • The best taste, texture, and freshness—the result of a great quality control system
  • No shells or bones
  • A longer shelf life of 18 months

What might you not like about it?

  • Pricey


Is Costco lump crab meat real?

Yes, the lump crab meat at Costco is real. The packaging mentions it, yet you can presume it is real even if you don’t find such labeling. In contrast, imitation crab meat is explicitly labeled as imitation crab meat.

Is Costco lump crab meat cheap?

Yes, lump crab meat is cheap at Costco. It costs you between $35 and $ 40 per pound, which is reasonable. However, in all seriousness, it is far behind compared with premium expensive lump crab meat like Epicure.

In a nutshell, you get what you pay for.

Do you cook Costco’s lump crab meat?

No, the canned lump crab meat is usually pasteurized, so it’s cooked and safe to eat. So, you can either eat it by adding a little dressing like butter or lemon or add it to your recipes.

Can you refreeze lump crab meat at Costco?

No, the canned crab meat from Costco isn’t frozen, nor can you freeze it, for it can ruin the tenderness. But it’s advisable to refrigerate it!

Final Thoughts

Costco is a great place to get canned lump crab meat Costco. Carefully choosing crab meat allows you to enjoy a delicious meal at your dinner table.

Yet, if you’re thinking about getting canned jumbo lump crab meat at Costco, you can’t find it at Costco. So, you’ll have to look for it elsewhere. 


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