5 Things to Know About Costco Bison: Ground or Whole Meat

Are you thinking of getting cheap ground bison at Costco?

Indeed, if it’s a healthy alternative to ground meat, then ground bison is the one for you. 

It’s free from hormones or antibiotics. 

Besides being lower in calories and fat, it’s also higher in protein and iron than other red meats, which are similar in texture. Getting such a healthiest option at a lower price is significant.

But is ground bison cheap at Costco and worth buying?

This short article covers everything about Costco ground beef. Please read it for 5 minutes to make the most informed decision.

1. Costco Bison Meat Comes from a Reliable Brand?

Currently, only one company offers ground bison and bison meat at Costco. It’s Northfork Meats.

Northfork has been in business since 1997. They provide a healthier, more humane, and sustainable alternative to beef.  

The brand claims not to use growth hormones and antibiotics. They care about bringing the best to their customer’s tables.

2. The high-quality, 100% pure ground bison is available at Costco.

The Northfork’s ground bison, available at Costco in bulk–10 packs of 10 lb, costs $139.99 or $14 per lb. Getting such a nutrition-rich meal for your dinner is incredible.

This ground meat is loaded with extra protein compared to beef. Besides this, the vitamins B12 and B6 contents are also high. Rich and excellent if you want animal protein for yourself.

This ground bison is matchless for heath-conscious sleeves as it comes from free-range raised, grass-fed bison. Besides this, it’s also hormone or antibiotics-free.

Then comes the question, “Is ground bison cheap at Costco?”

Yes, the ground bison sold at Costco is cheaper, but about $ 1 or 2–t doesn’t save you a lot. But it’s the quality you seek when buying bison meat at Costco, which is great.

3. Ground Bison burgers are best-selling at Costco.

If you ask me to pick a single product from Coscot among bison meat, it’ll be bison burgers. The price is also equal to the ground bison meat.

The burgers are sourced from the Northfork brand, famous for raising bison in a free-range environment without any hormones or biotics.

These burgers are sold in 30 packaging counts, weighing 9.975 lbs in total, for $149.99. Each burger weighs 5.33 oz. So you pay about $15 per lb of ground bison.

When it’s about flavor, it’s meaty and that of leanest cuts. If you like additional flavors of fats in your burgers, you must correct yourself there. In terms of bison-specific flavors, these burgers get 10/10.

Beware, they can become dry and tough if overcooked.

4. Costco’s Bison tenderloin is another excellent choice.

Like ground bison, bison tenderloin at Costco is also great value for money. It’s lean and tasty–the cuts are aged for 21 days to deliver more flavorful bites. It also comes fresh.

On the health side, this bison meat is also free-range-raised and free of hormones or antibiotics.

The nutrition content is also excellent–you get 23% more protein besides vitamins like B1, B6, and B12.  

The only annoyance is the picture at Costco… getting a tenderloin slab instead of tenderloin steak can surprise you negatively. 

So, be informed that this delicious meat cut needs further trimming and cutting when you receive it!

5. Medallion and sirloin bison are also fine but tricky to cook.

By now, you might wonder if Costco’s bison meat is worth buying. That is, but buyer feedback about sirloin and medallions has been negative.

For some, the Northfork Bison medallion meat was a waste of money–the meat cuts proved tough and hard to chew. Similarly, some said that the bison sirloin steak turned chewy, contrary to expectations. 

But that’s half the truth!

How? (What’s the other side of the coin?)

Medallion and sirloin are leaner meat cuts, especially when you get them from bison. They’re delicate and can become hard when overcooked.

And, from a price perspective, these cuts sold at Costco are reasonable. You must get them if you know how to cook a bison steak.


Is bison meat at Costco cheap?


The bison meat whole or ground at Costco is relatively cheap, but not as much as you often expect while buying at Costco. 

But, you can be assured about the meat quality. 

There are several price ranges available for ground bison at Costco. The ranges run from $9 to $16 per pound. And the packaging size also varies from 9 pounds up to 12 pounds. That’s why Costco sells ground bison for an average of 14 dollars per pound.

In terms of cost, ground bison can be somewhat more expensive compared to ground beef. However, it’s worth buying from the nutrition side. Bulk purchases of these products can make them more affordable and save money.

When buying ground bison from Costco, check the packaging to ensure the meat is fresh. 

What does ground bison taste like?

In terms of taste, there is a slight sweetness to the flavor of the ground bison, but not sugary. It could be more flavorful since it’s leaner and contains less fat than ground beef. In addition, it’s lean, and its texture can be a little coarser than ground beef.

Ground bison can be frozen, so if you don’t think to use all of it immediately, you can always put some in the freezer for later.

Is Northfork bison meat grass fed?

Yes, Northforks bison is free-ranged and grass-fed. 

However, it can surprise you that they’re grain-finished, and the brand is silent about whether the grains are genetically modified. They only state that these bison are raised on grains for 100-150 days to ensure their health.

How does Costco ship ground bison to you?

The standard shipping time for a package is 2 days. An express shipping option is also available, which makes it possible for your product to be delivered faster than the standard shipping times.

They ship the product in uncooked and frozen form. Depending on your location, there may be a delivery or shipping charge associated with your order. There is also a policy for refunds and returns available at Costco. 

Why should you buy bison meat from Costco?

When you buy it in bulk, you can get it for a much lower price at Costco. Costco sells ground bison at around 14 dollars per pound. You can save some cash if you purchase bison in bulk.

Final Thoughts 

So, is Costco the best place to buy ground bison?


The meat comes from animals that are raised humanely, delicious, and healthy. As an alternative to red meat, it makes excellent burger patties and can be used in place of red meat. 

Many customers who have tried it highly recommended the Costco ground bison. If you are looking for a quick lunch or dinner option, then this is a product that you should keep in your freezer. 

Although it’s more expensive than other red meats, it can be a good choice for you!



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