Are Angus Burgers at Costco Worth Buying?

5 Things You Must Know About Costco Angus Burgers

Are you planning to have some lip-smacking Costco Angus burgers but don’t know which is the most trustworthy place for taste and quality? No need to be confused, as you can only find the best options at Costco. Costco isn’t just a master in the quality of Angus burgers; it offers the best prices you can’t find elsewhere. 

To help you in your purchase, we’re here with everything you need to know about Costco Angus burgers. You’ll get everything covered in this content, from best brands to price lists. 

So let’s go, you all Angus burger lovers!

1- Costco Angus Burger Patties are Special! 

Do you know why Costco Angus burgers are one in a million? Why is Costco Angus burger something to die for when there are many burger options? 

It’s the marbling that makes it second to none. The excess fat is marbled, creating a flavor that regular beef can’t provide. Other than this, the high amount of marbling keeps the meat moist. So you enjoy a perfect juicy Costco Angus burger after cooking.  

2- You Can Get Angus Beef Burgers at Costco from Two Brands.

Costco has Angus burgers from 2 brands. 

  • The first one is Rastelli, which offers gluten-free with no artificial ingredients. Besides this, you’ll get the Angus burgers from this brand with no preservatives. Each burger is individually vacuum sealed to ensure the quality and life of the burgers. 
  • The second brand to bring you Angus beef at Costco is the Chicago Steak company. If you want to taste something new yet matchless quality, you can opt for Chicago Steak Company.

This brand is serving its customers with uncooked and frozen Angus ground meat as burgers. The best thing that makes this company stand high among other brands is offering a 5 oz bottle of seasonings. So, you can now get the perfect restaurant taste in your burgers at home. 

Options of Angus Beef Burgers at Costco

When looking for Angus burgers at Costco, you’ll get two options. 

  • The first is available in 10 lbs with 20 burgers in the pack. So this pack can help you serve 20 guests or thrice for your family of six to seven members. Each of these burgers is 8 oz which makes a perfect size for a burger lover. 
  • The second one is a pack of 14 lbs Angus beef burgers. When you buy this pack, you’ll get a total of 28 Angus burgers in it. And that’s really amazing! So if you’re looking for premium quality Angus burgers to serve large crowds or your guests at dinner, this is the perfect pick for you. 

Now let us spill the beans that these 28 burgers aren’t of the same type. The pack has,

  • Eight pieces of wagyu steak burgers
  • Eight pieces of USDA prime burgers
  • Twelve pieces of Angus steak burgers. 

And all these types come in the same weight of 8 oz. Hold on; it doesn’t end here. You must know that this brand is offering these burgers, which are 80% lean and 20% fat. So it’s the best combo a relish and juicy burger can ever have. 

How Much Do Costco Angus Beef Patties Cost you?

Costco Angus burgers are available at reasonable rates that you can’t find anywhere else. 

3- Costco Offers Prime and Choice Grades in Angus Beef Burgers

When looking for Angus burgers at Costco, you’ll come across two different beef grades in these burgers. Do you have enough information about different beef grades? Choosing one might be tricky depending on the benefits and other factors. Here’s the detailed note on Costco’s grade options in its Angus burgers. 

Prime Grade Beef in Costco Angus Burgers

Among all the beef grades, prime is the highest grade. Prime grade is best known for its highest marbling and is produced by young cattle. Whether frying, broiling, grilling or roasting, prime beef is best for all. 

Mostly this grade of beef is used in restaurants and hotels, but Costco is providing you restaurant-quality prime grade as Angus burgers to enjoy at your home.  

Because of the finest quality and richness of fat marbling, this beef grade is the most expensive among all grades. Chicago Steak Company at Costco is providing USDA prime burgers in the pack of steak premium Angus beef burgers. 

Choice Grade Beef in Costco Angus Burgers

Pierre signature Angus cheeseburgers are made with USDA choice beef. If we compare choice beef with prime beef based on the level of marbling, the former has less marbling than the latter. Less marbling doesn’t mean a decrease in quality. 

The high-quality choice-grade beef makes the Angus cheeseburger super juicy, tender, and fully flavored. The best thing about choice-grade Angus beef is that it’s economical. So if you’re looking for an economical alternative to the prime beef, go for the choice beef in Angus burgers.   

4- Costco Has Both Ground and Chopped Beef in Angus Burgers

Not all Angus burgers have beef cut in the same way. Some have ground beef, while some have been chopped and mixed with seasonings. 

No! They aren’t the same at all. Ground beef is more towards a smooth texture and perfectly holds shape. So it’s best to use it for burgers. It makes your burger super succulent, juicy, and rich in taste. 

While on the other side, chopped beef is chunky and coarse. Plus, it’s chewy. If you like to have meat chunks in your Angus burger, go for the one that is made with chopped Angus beef. Both options are available at Costco. It’s up to you which one you like to have. 

5- Costco Angus Cheeseburgers are also Worth Buying.

Do you want something that doesn’t require much of your cooking time? Costco has a fantastic option of fully cooked Angus cheeseburgers. 

The Angus beef steak in Pierre’s signature cheeseburgers gives a punch of flavor to your taste buds. For making it more delicious, Angus beef is topped with American cheese. 

And both things are covered from top and bottom with a sesame seed bun that is super soft and makes the right combination with beef. 

What’s the Price of Costco Angus Cheeseburger? 

With 8 pieces, a single pack of these Angus frozen cheeseburgers by Peirre Signatures is available for $18.19. So if you’ve planned a small birthday party with five to six friends, this is what you should definitely go for. 


These Angus cheeseburgers are packed with dry ice. Contact with skin can badly burn your skin, just like frostbite. So better to hold the package wearing insulated gloves to avoid any mishap.

How many calories are in the Costco Angus cheeseburger? 

Costco Angus cheeseburger has a total of 490 calories in it. Along with these calories, you’ll get 26g of fat. Other than this, there are 39g of carbs and 24g of protein in a single Costco Angus burger. 


How many calories are there in a 6 oz Angus burger at Costco?

When you eat a 6oz Angus burger, it means you take 294 calories. If we dig deep into the nutritional facts, we’ll know that there are 1.5g of total carbs. 

Besides this, it has 20g of fat and 27g of protein. So, before enjoying a 6 oz burger, you must know its calories and nutritional facts.

What makes Angus beef good for burgers? 

Angus beef is matchless for burgers because of the high level of marbling. This marbling helps the burger come out moist, tender and juicy. 

Are Costco Angus burgers pre-cooked?

Some Costco Angus burgers aren’t pre-cooked or pre-seasoned. You’ve to season and cook them after bringing them out of the refrigerator. 

At the same time, you’ll get some Angus cheeseburgers seasoned and fully cooked. For those, you’ll need to microwave them to eat. 

Which Angus burgers at Costco are the best?

The Chicago Steak Company’s burgers are the best. These burgers are frozen and individually packed. So, you find them most tasty.

Final Thoughts

When all is said and done, let us summarize this content by saying that Costco is the second-to-none place to buy Angus burgers. So, if you’re looking for the best quality Angus burgers, head towards Costco. 

Whether it’s prime or choice beef, both options are available. Not just this, but the ground and chopped Angus beef options are available. Ground Angus beef gives you a rich flavor. In contrast, the chopped beef gives chunks in every bite. 

Moreover, the prices of Costco Angus burgers are so reasonable that you won’t consider any other place for your purchase. We wish you good luck with your purchase!

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