What are the Best Costco Chicken Sausage Links in 2023?

A sausage is a versatile piece of meat; whether you eat it raw or in a hot dog, a fantabulous taste is a given. Based on your web search, it’s safe to assume that you already know about the Kirkland beef sausages at Costco. Unfortunately, chicken sausages aren’t very well-known. But Costco sells these too, and at the best rate!

If you’re planning a BBQ this weekend, Costco’s chicken sausages can up your game and leave everyone in the neighborhood speechless! They’re low in price and very tasty.

This guide will help you choose the best chicken sausages at Costco. I have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions and any other questions that may arise while reading this article. I hope you don’t have to look anywhere else.

Best Costco Chicken Sausage Reviews

Costco sells various chicken sausage products, and it doesn’t come as a surprise that all can’t be good. It took us hours to handpick the best ones, which appeared to be only four. Let’s dive into the reviews without further ado.

1. Aidells Smoked Chicken Sausage, Chicken & Apple

First up, the most common chicken sausage you’ll find is Aidells Smoked Chicken Sausage; you can find these sausages in the refrigerated deli area of the store near items such as breakfast sausage.

These come in other flavors too, but the price is the same for all; these include pineapple bacon and organic smoked chicken and apple, while some different flavors might not be available at Costco, such as cheese and habanero.

What’s so great about it?

The best thing about these sausages is that they contain no artificial ingredients: they’re all-natural and smoked. The chickens they use in these sausages are not raised on antibiotics; there aren’t any nitrates either!

They are a bit processed as they pass through some minimum but essential stages for transforming chicken into sausages. They are fully cooked, so you only need to reheat them. I recommend heating them in oil or an air fryer so that you’ll get a crispier sausage.

One point to note is that these sausages are not for people who avoid pork because they have pork casing. Hence, people with pork allergies or other reasons can’t enjoy them. Again, remember that these sausages can be regarded as pork-free easily, but they’re not.

How does Aidells chicken sausage taste?

Now comes the taste test, which might be the most crucial part for some; these sausages are a perfect sweet, smokey, and savory combo. They’re full of flavor.

You might get a hint of a porky flavor because of the pork casing, so if you want to avoid that taste, I suggest you not try these. You can have these sausages at any meal and combine them with eggs, hash browns, and other complimentary dishes.

You might wonder why they’re called chicken and ‘apple!’ It’s because the sausage is made of ground chicken and apple (and other things). This makes them super tasty.

The price point

This small, fulfilling meal will set you back about $17.99, a reasonable price for a 3-pound meal. The taste and everything are great at this price. 

Nutritional information

Although chicken sausages have more protein, they’re okay with nutrition because they also have plenty of fat. One 3 oz chicken sausage has about 170 calories. They contain 12g of fat, 4g of carbs, and 13g of protein.

They also have high sodium, about 690mg in each sausage. That’s about 29% of the daily recommended intake. You’ll need to be aware so as not to overeat.

2. Amylu Chicken Sausage: No Pork Sausages

Next, we have the Amlyu chicken sausage with apple and gouda cheese. The sausages in this pack come in links; they are fully cooked and contain no gluten or MSG. An excellent point for non-pork eaters is that these include no pork.

These sausages also come in many flavors, but it depends on your local Costco store. These flavors include roasted garlic, asiago, andouille, Italian, Caprese, and some others.

How do they taste?

These sausages are a bit spicy compared to the previous product. They’re super flavorful and moist, so they don’t dry up too quickly. They’re also lower in fat than other sausages, making them stand out.

This plump, spicy, and juicy sausage is super delicious. Unlike the previous links, they don’t have a porky taste; you can be at ease about that! Like the chicken apple sausage, it has apple and gouda cheese inside, giving it extra flavor.

What’s the price?

These sausages cost about $17.40, which is reasonable compared to grocery stores. You get 18 links of sausages, a total of 3 pounds. The price is somewhat justified, as they’re entirely made of chicken, and you don’t get chewy unknown particles when you take a bite.

Nutritional information

One sausage link in this pack weighs 64g and has 110 calories. They’re pretty low on fat, with only 6g. They have high protein,16g, and about 4g of carbs. 

These sausages also have a high sodium content, 540 mg and 55 mg of cholesterol so keep an eye on that. 

3. Sabatino’s Organic Sweet Basil Chicken Sausage

Here comes Sabatino’s chicken sausages: smoked mozzarella, artichokes, garlic, organic basil, and cracked black pepper sausage. They are organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, and keto-friendly. 

They also have no sugar inside and are certified organic. 

That’s good, but what do Sabatino’s sausages taste like?

The sausage is pretty good and full of taste, but the casing isn’t too good. The casing is made of calcium alginate and is pretty salty. The salty casing makes it hard to eat.

Price point

These sausages also cost a similar amount as the others, about $17 for the pack. The pack is 36 oz, and the links are fully cooked and pork-free. They also have no antibiotics, but the taste isn’t too good.

Nutritional Information

If we take one sausage link, which is 85g in serving size, it has 160 calories, of which we get 12g of fat and 3g of carbohydrates. It has 16g of protein, making it suitable for hitting the gym. 

On the other hand, it has a high sodium content, 590mg, which is 26% of a human’s daily intake, so you should eat these in moderation.

Aidell Vs. Amlyu Vs. Sabatino: Which are the Best Sausages?

Sabatino chicken sausage comes in last from the start, and they can’t compete with the other two’s taste and texture. Aidell and Amlyu, on the other hand, have tough competition.

Aidells have much more variety in chicken sausages; you can get apple, habanero, garlic, and many other flavors. Amlyu also has variety but not as much. Aidells taste excellent, but there are instances of bones in the sausages, so beware.

Amlyu tastes a little bland, but the quality control and everything is great, so although it’s tough competition, I’d spotlight Amlyu.


How long do sausages last in the fridge?

Once you open the package, you need to finish them in about four days; if you can’t, you can freeze them instead. If you haven’t opened the box, they will stay good until the expiry date.

How do you cook Costco chicken sausage?

You can choose one of the three options, air-fry, stovetop, or microwave; I don’t recommend the microwave as it’ll get mushy, and you don’t want to eat it. 

How to cook Costco chicken sausage in an air fryer?

It’s a simple process, and you’ll get nice and crispy sausages without the extra calories from the oil. Just preheat your air-fryer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, put the links in a single layer inside the tray, and let them cook for five minutes, and they’ll be done!

Although they’re already done, the air fryer helps reheat and make them as good as new. You’ll get a delicious combination, indeed!

How to cook Costco Chicken sausage on a stovetop?

Pan-fry Costco chicken sausages on medium heat until they’re hot, and add water to steam as required. After about 8-10 minutes, drain them out and brown them for 2 minutes to make them super tasty!

How do you grill chicken sausages from Costco?

Here’s the most common way to heat sausages: grill them on medium-low heat for about 8 minutes or until they’re hot. You’ll need to monitor them and turn them around to maintain even browning.

Don’t even try: this is the worst way to microwave!

Okay, this is the worst way because this method leaves you with soggy sausages with a lot of water. You can use this method if you’re low on time (eat something else).

Heat the sausages inside the microwave for 2 minutes in 30-second bursts. Turn them on every burst so that they get evenly heated.


After reading through this, we hope you can decide which chicken sausage is the best and which one you should buy on your next visit to Costco. Time to have the best Sunday BBQ in the neighborhood!

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