Only 4 Best Y Peelers for 2023

Do you want to enter the world of Y peelers because you’re tired of struggling with traditional peelers? You’re in for a treat. 

In this article, I have found you the 4 best Y-shaped peelers after assessing about 11 high rated peelers available in the market.

From ergonomic designs that fit like a glove to ultra-sharp blades that glide through produce, these 4 selected peelers promise to revolutionize how you approach peeling tasks. 

Let’s explore these exceptional left and right handed compatible Y shape peelers’ key features, benefits, and real-world performance.  

Here we come!

4 Best Y-Shaped Peelers’ Reviews

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1. Gourmet Easy Stainless Steel Premium Peeler

The Gourmet Easy Stainless Steel Premium Vegetable Peeler is a perfect Y peeler if you’ve been waiting for the most durable peeler. Encased in a gift-ready package that promises to deliver you the performance you need the most.

As soon as this peeler sparkled on my table, I couldn’t help appreciating its premium construction. The entire construction is of 304 stainless steel, which is most resistant to rust. 

Whether you throw it in the dishwasher or leave it in the rain during outdoor camping, it’ll never rust. Truly, you get what you pay for–I affirm it’s pricey, yet it’s a deal of a lifetime. You get it with a 5-year warranty.

The peeler is especially for those who need a long handle. It’s a 7.1 inches long peeler, so it fits in your hand firmly. At first glance, you can suspect the stainless steel handle to slip off. Yes, it can if you have been using a peeler with rubber handles. But, it’s not a drawback in design–the curved handle is for solid grip. Yet, I advise you to use it carefully initially.

Let’s know how well it does the job of peeling off. From potatoes to cucumbers, apples to asparagus, this Y-shaped peeler efficiently skins and portions an array of vegetables and fruits. You can also use it for peeling citrus to beautify your cocktails.

Its serrated, 2-inch wide extra sharp blade works wonderfully with softer and tougher skins. It’s the super sharpness of the blade to blame if you see anyone annoyed with this Y Peeler.

In summary, I like this peeler with first-class craftsmanship and a 5-year warranty. However, the learning curve with its less ergonomic handle and super sharp blade can make you think twice before putting your hand on this Rolls-Royce of Y-shaped peelers.


  • Most durable peeler with 304-grade stainless steel built.
  • Most versatile peeler because of its razor-sharp serrated blade
  • Suitable for big hands
  • It’s dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean after use.
  • 5-year warranty for replacement
  • Giftable


  • The blade is very sharp, so it is important to use caution when using it.
  • The handle can be slippery if used with citrus.
  • Hefty price tag

2. OXO Good Grips Y-Peeler as Best Y Peeler

It’s no surprise that when you need the best peeler, the first name to come to your mind is OXO Good Grips Peelers. OXO Good Grips’ Y peeler has been popular since 2001 as a reliable kitchen tool. However, in my list of best Y peelers, it holds a runner-up position.

Let’s start by discussing its ergonomic design. The handle is 1.5 inches wide and around 3 inches long. It offers you a firmer grip through a non-slip rubberized material and textured structure when peeling off food.

While the blade part is 2 inches and 3 inches wide, this size is pretty good to let you peel off fruits and vegetables of varying sizes. 

Here let me inform you that the peeler’s dimensions mentioned in the product description are wrong; yet, the product’s image has illustrated the dimensions correctly. And it’s the major reason why some buyers have been disappointed by the size, especially when they needed a peeler with a long handle. However, such width of the handle, again, provides the desired grip.

What’s more? The real-time performance!

Its Japanese stainless steel blade has been made to remain super sharp for over a decade–what an investment! 

This blade effortlessly peels off the toughest of vegetable and fruit skins. Furthermore, the blade contour adapts to the shape of the item you’re peeling. It minimizes waste and leaves more of the good stuff for you to enjoy. Since the blade is sharp, it’s best for creating decorative garnishes out of citrus peels for your cocktails.

Whenever using anything sharp in the kitchen, safety is a concern. I love the fact that OXO Good Grips’ Y-Peeler is safe to use. 

It has a built-in potato eye remover that lets you quickly get rid of those imperfections without resorting to a knife. Additionally, it has a blade cover for more protection.


It’s a snap! 

When you’re done, just toss it in the dishwasher.

In a nutshell, the OXO Good Grips’ Y-Peeler is a must-have tool for any kitchen. Its ergonomic design, sharp blade, and convenient features make peeling fruits and vegetables a simple and enjoyable task.


  • Robust and sturdy construction
  • The rubberized wide handle offers excellent grip.
  • The Japanese stainless steel blade is sharp.
  • Dishwasher safe peeler
  • Safe to use
  • Equally suitable for left-handed and right-handed folks.


  • The 3 inches long handle might not be good for big hands.
  • The blade is not replaceable.
  • No info about the warranty

3. LURCH Germany Universal Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Vegetable Y Peeler

LURCH Germany Universal Ultra Sharp Peeler is another best Y peelers you can have. It’s a high-quality peeler, perfect for peeling fruits and vegetables. 

Compared with OXO Good Grips’ Y-peeler, the design is slightly different but super smart. It’s got a “Y” shape that fits perfectly into your hand. It’s like holding a comfortable tool that won’t slip, even if your hands are wet. That’s a big plus because safety matters in the kitchen.

The Y-peeler by LURCH Germany is only about 5 inches long. Its thoughtful design offers maximum grip during usage.

Now, let’s talk about the blade. It’s made of Japanese stainless steel, which means it’s tough and won’t rust–just like OXO’s Y peeler. This peeler is available in different blade styles, allowing you to pick it precisely according to your needs.

And let me tell you, this blade is sharp!

It’s slides like a hot knife through butter – it easily glides through potato skins, carrot peels, and even cucumber rinds. So, no more struggling and wasting time…

What’s really cool is that it works on all sorts of veggies. Big or small, this peeler can handle them. And if you’ve got a potato with those little “eyes,” this peeler has a special tool to scoop them out easily.

Cleaning up is a breeze too. You can toss it in the dishwasher when you’re done, and it comes out sparkling clean.

Any shortcomings? Yes, it has — of course, no gadget is perfect. 

It’s great for most veggies; super tiny ones might be a bit tricky.

But overall, the LURCH Y Peeler is like having a reliable sidekick in the kitchen. There have been some negative reviews on; those are particularly about LURCH Germany’s Julienne peeler.


  • Sharp, Japanese-made stainless steel blade
  • The Y-shaped handle provides a comfortable and secure grip
  • The blade is outstandingly sharp
  • Dishwasher safe


  • The blade can be a bit sharp, so it is important to use caution when using it.
  • The peeler can be a bit small for some people’s hands.
  • The warranty has not been mentioned.

4. KitchenAid KE145OHOBA Classic Y Peeler

The KitchenAid KE145OHOBA Classic Y Peeler can be best for you if you need an affordable peeler for everyday use. It’s a real game-changer in the kitchen.

First off, the design is super comfortable. It’s got a “Y” shape peeler with 2.95 x 0.98 x 7.48 inches dimensions. The handle is long to fit nicely in your big hand. Besides this, it has a rubberized material covering to make the handle slip-resistant. For this reason, the peeler is easy to hold and control, even when your hands are wet.

The blade is where the magic happens. The single edge blade is sharp, like a ninja sword. It effortlessly glides through potato skins, apple peels, and more.

One of the coolest things is how versatile it is. Whether you’re dealing with big potatoes or tiny carrots, this peeler can handle them all.

Cleaning up is a breeze too. Just toss it in the sink or the dishwasher, and you’re good to go. No more scrubbing and struggling to get it clean.

It’s best for those needing it, yet for some folks, it might not be perfect. 

The reason is its long handle which seems awkward for small hands. Similarly, if I compare it with the previously discussed two peelers, it lacks potato eye remover. So, you’ll need a knife to get rid of those unwanted bumps or spots in your veggies and fruits. Lastly, it shaves one way only.

In a nutshell, the KitchenAid Classic Y Peeler is like having a trusty sidekick in the kitchen. It’s a sharp, comfortable peeler with a few negligible imperfections.


  • Sharp blade
  • Long and rubberized handle for a firm grip
  • Dishwasher friendliness makes it easy to clean
  • 1-year warranty


  • The blade has a single edge only.
  • The handle is overly engineered to be heavier
  • Not great for small hands
  • The handle is not textured so it can be slippery in wet hands.
  • No potato eye remover

So, What’s the Best Y-Shaped Peeler?

The Y peelers reviewed in this article are high-rated peelers which are durable and dishwasher safe. To help you make the right decision, I have already narrowed the choice to 4 peelers only. Yet, they suffice individual needs like:

  • Some of you might need a giftable quality premium peeler without caring about the price.
  • Some folks with small hands might need a good grip peeler for everyday use.
  • While a few others might prefer having a peeler with a long handle for their big hands.

So, keeping your needs in view, you can opt for any. The little imperfections are not deal breakers.

What’re Y Peelers, and Why Are They Better?

Y peelers are special peelers with a “Y” shape that make peeling fruits and vegetables easier.

Regular peelers have a straight blade, but Y peelers have a curved blade that looks like a smiley face. This curved shape follows the roundness and shape of fruits and veggies better, so you don’t waste a lot of the good stuff while peeling. 

Regular peelers can sometimes take off too much or too little, but Y peelers usually get it just right.

Because of the way they’re designed, Y peelers need less pressure to glide along the surface. Therefore, they’re more comfortable to use and help prevent accidents. 

They also work well for left-handed folks since they’re often designed to be used with either hand.

In a nutshell, Y peelers are like the superheroes of peeling. They save you time, make sure you get the most out of your food and are easy to use. 

How can you Choose the Best Y Peeler?

Choosing an excellent quality Y peeler can make your kitchen adventures smoother and more enjoyable. Here’s a simple guide to help you pick the best Y peeler for your needs:

Look for a Comfortable Handle

Since you’ll be holding the peeler for a while, it’s important to have a comfortable handle. The firm grip ensures safety and smooth usage. So, look for one that fits nicely in your hand and has a good grip. Some handles are made of rubber or silicone for better grip. Yet, others with metal handles might have ergonomic designs for added comfort.

Check the Blade Material

The blade is the heart of the peeler. Stainless steel blades are known for their durability and rust resistance. Good quality peelers feature Japanese stainless steel or 304-grade stainless steel blades. These blades stay sharp for a long time and are easy to clean. Avoid flimsy or too-thin blades, as they might not work well or last long.

Consider the Blade Angle

The angle of the blade matters because it affects how well the peeler glides over the surface of the fruit or vegetable. A blade with a slight curve allows for better contact with the produce, reducing the chances of wasted food. This is the key advantage of Y peelers compared to straight-bladed ones.


Look for a Y peeler that can handle various tasks. Some peelers have a swivel feature, allowing you to peel in different directions easily. This can be particularly useful for odd-shaped fruits and veggies.

Check for Left-Handed Use

If you’re left-handed, ensure the Y peeler you choose is suitable for both left and right-handed users. Some peelers are designed with a symmetrical shape that works well for everyone.


Cleaning up after cooking can be a chore, so opt for a Y peeler that’s dishwasher-safe. This makes your life easier and ensures the peeler remains in good condition over time.

Brand Reputation

Recognizable brands often have a reputation for producing reliable kitchen tools. Do a quick online search or ask friends for recommendations to find reputable brands known for their high-quality Y peelers.

Price Range

Y peelers come in a range of prices. While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest option, investing a bit more in a quality peeler can save you money in the long run by lasting longer and performing better.

Remember, the right Y peeler can make your kitchen experiences more enjoyable, save you time, and help you create delicious meals with ease. By considering these factors and choosing a peeler that fits your needs, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a peeling pro!



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