Best Stainless Steel Toasters 2023 – Most Durable Toasters

Are you looking for a stainless steel toaster for your kitchen and don’t know how to find the perfect one?

No problem! We’ll share a guide to help you choose and a list of the best stainless steel toasters in case you don’t have time to look for one yourself.

We’ve reviewed these sleek and durable toasters, keeping the hundreds of genuine buyers’ feedback in view. In our buyer guide section, which you can find under the reviews, we’ve also discussed the factors you should consider before purchasing a stainless steel toaster.

What you’ve got to do is only spare 15-20 minutes and read this article carefully. Soon, you’ll be able to make a regret-free decision. Here we come!

Best Stainless Steel Toasters Reviews

Now you know what to look for when buying a stainless steel toaster. Read detailed reviews of a few handpicked products you should lay your hands on this year.

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1. Oster 2-Slice Touchscreen Toaster

The Oster 2-Slice Toaster is our top pick for multiple reasons. It has a beautiful look and helps you through your busy mornings like a breeze! Read our detailed review to learn why this simple yet elegant toaster outperforms the rest on our list.


They designed the Oster toaster with a beautiful black color and silver finish. It looks more modern and sleek, unlike standard toasters. The digital touchscreen looks futuristic and gives it bonus points in the looks department.

First, the interface is incredibly intuitive and responsive. It helps you toast your bread with just a single touch. It has a quick-check lever, and you can check the browning of the toast while it toasts! It’s a hard-to-find feature that shows you the toast’s real-time progress.

Cleaning is sweat-free, thanks to the removable crumb tray!

Despite being made of stainless steel, it’s lightweight (weighs only 3.8 pounds).


Just like the toaster’s looks and feel are superb, it toasts your bread to absolute perfection. It works great, although it only has two slots for toasting.

The six toast shade settings provide ease so that you can toast according to your taste. It has three functions: bagel, frozen, and reheat.

The reheat and frozen features invite peace of mind when you either want to reheat the toast or toast it right from the freezer. The quick-check feature is fantastic and helps you be more productive.

We appreciate that the toaster already has a digital count-down timer, yet a quick-check lever adds more value to your experience. In the end, these are the beautiful brown toasts that you get.


  • Beautiful design
  • Six shade settings with the quick-check feature
  • Three toasting functions of reheat, toast, and defrost settings and cancel button for prompt check and control over the toasting process
  • Clean-up is easy
  • 1-year warranty 


  • The display panel is a little dim

2. GE Stainless Steel Toaster

If you’re looking for a durable toaster, this is it!


The design of the GE toaster is pretty outstanding. It has the capacity for two toasts, but the toaster slots are super wide and can accommodate different types of bread, from frozen waffles to bagels.

The illuminated buttons are an added feature that aids in choosing the settings and providing proper feedback. It also has seven shade settings, so you can choose between seven settings to toast your bread. Ultimately, ease of use will satisfy you!

Last comes cleaning; the GE toaster has a removable crumb tray that keeps your toaster clean and crumb-free. You can empty it with ease.


Although this toaster doesn’t have many extra features and isn’t very “gadgety,” it sits nicely on top of your counter and has a solid build; it does its job well. As for performance, it helps you get the job done.

This toaster can ‌toast bread, bagels, and even pastries. It toasts all of them consistently and evenly.


  • The design is sleek and simple
  • It has wide slice openings
  • Seven shade settings offer desired toasting results
  • Illuminated buttons are more responsive
  • It’s easy to clean


  • It only has two slice openings
  • It’s not very versatile — only bagels and toast are available
  • The construction is less solid
  • It’s made-in-china

3. Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster

The Hamilton Beach 2-slice toaster comes with 2 preset functions, 6 shade settings, and extra-wide slots, which can fit different types of ‌bread.

So chill out on your busy mornings as you use this two-slot toaster to get to where you want on time, thanks to its compact build.


The Hamilton Beach stainless steel toaster is a treat to look at. This toaster certainly outshines its simplicity. First, the slots are extra wide. In addition, it has 2 presets: bagel and defrost.

Next comes the 6 shade settings. Choose your desired shade and enjoy the toast with wished doneness.

The slots are broad enough to accommodate the bagels, yet not long enough. So, you might have to compromise here.

“It’s a basic toaster,” right? But still, it has an “extra lift” feature to fetch the toast easily. The LED ring helps relay the status of the toaster well. 

Underneath sits a crumb tray. It’s easy to pull. Thus, the cleaning is easy. However, cleaning the toaster’s surface is a bit toilsome. You won’t like those dull fingerprints on the toaster’s surface. 

The cord has dedicated storage under the Hamilton Beach 2-slice toaster. Overall, the design is good!


Now coming to the performance, the size of this toaster is a perfect fit for English muffins, so you can say goodbye to jamming them inside your cheap toaster! It perfectly toasts bagels and leaves them nice and crispy on the outside and fluffy inside. 

The toaster settings are good too, but not all of them. They’re great and even up until setting 4, which is also the default setting. Whenever you end a toasting cycle, it’ll begin from 4 the next time, so you’ll have to readjust it! 

The defrost setting brings the toast to room temperature but doesn’t toast it. Toasting one slice results in a consistent color, yet the outer side can be softer and lighter in color for two toasts–the heat is divided. Hence, the toasting is also consistent but could be better.

In short, for the price, the value is excellent. You can have it!


  • Reliable performance
  • Extra-wide slots
  • Includes a crumb tray for easy cleaning and an extra-lift feature for easy usage
  • It’s budget-friendly
  • 1-year warranty


  • The toaster doesn’t toast two toasts so evenly
  • The slots are not much longer

4. Oster 4-Slice Stainless Steel Toaster

The Oster Stainless Steel is the best 4-slot stainless steel toaster and is incredibly smart and elegant. Everything from the design to the smooth touchscreen seems flawless. It toasts your bread to perfection, and the intuitive UI is responsive, helping you set everything quickly with a few simple touches.


As already said, the design of the Oster stainless steel toaster is beautiful and aesthetic. The touch buttons blend seamlessly with the black-colored design. The accessible touch technology provides a smooth user interface for simple control.

Let’s set everything aside and look at the toasting slots, and these are four! So you and your family don’t have to fight over the toasts because only two come out! 

The touch screens perform well. Even though they are futuristic, they’re responsive and help you choose the proper programming. The digital countdown timer lets you quickly note your toast’s progress.

When the toasting is over, the handles raise the toast high so that you can quickly grab them when done.

Finally, you have to clean your toaster when you’ve finished eating. It’s a second’s work only. Two removable crumb trays catch bits and pieces and clean the surface.


The performance of this toaster is highly satisfactory. It consistently toasts every piece of bread so that you can have the best breakfast. 

What’s more, it also features six shade settings to enjoy the perfect toast every time. It even features a quick-check level to keep a check on your toast without interrupting the entire process.

Aside from the four slots, the most fantastic thing is that you can lift the toast while you toast them! It’s an absolute godsend when you have forgotten how long they’ve been in the toaster. Thanks to the frozen setting, it can even toast straight from the freezer!


  • Elegant design
  • Incredible performance via 6 shade settings besides frozen, reheat, and bagel settings
  • Seamless touch screens make it futuristic
  • It has consistent browning
  • 1-year warranty


  • It’s chunky for a smaller counter
  • The smart control panel is less bright

5. BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

When it comes to mere aesthetics, the BLACK+DECKER four-slice toaster intimidates the competition out of the race for the top stainless steel toaster!


Thanks to the 4 slice capacity and extra-wide slots, this toaster has a chunky design. The stainless steel ombre finish gives it a modern and nice look. The knobs look a little old-school, but they blend with the design perfectly.

The look of the toaster is also fantastic and blends in with any type of setting. Just make sure you have enough counter space when buying it. The pull-out crumb tray is a godsend and helps you clean up without extra problems.


The BLACK+DECKER toaster performs admirably in the kitchen. It toasts bread evenly on both sides and in a reasonable amount of time. Every shade setting is consistent and helps your toast reach your desired browning.

The BLACK+DECKER toaster features dual-zone settings so that you can toast two batches of toast at once. It has six shades of toast you can choose from to brighten up your day. The high-lift lever puts the toast into safe reach for easy retrieval.

The extra-wide slots can fit even the widest slices of bread with ease.


  • Excellent performance through 6 different shades, including ease, bagel, defrost, and reheat
  • Independent control for each side of the slice
  • “High-Lift” feature to collect toasted bread slices safely
  • It’s super wide to fit any type of bread
  • 2-year warranty


  • Not unstable for small countertops

6. Cuisinart Touch to Toast Leverless Toaster

Cuisinart is a well-known name you might have come across, and that’s for a reason; high-quality kitchen appliances. This stainless steel toaster from Cuisinart features a simple design and excellent performance. This gadget will surely steal your heart!


The Cuisinart toaster comes with four-slice openings and a nice metallic-colored finish. They beautifully labeled the button, and the screens look seamless with the rest of the design. The LCD countdown timer is backlit with a blue led, helping you see it even in low lighting.

It also comes with a well-designed cord wrap to help you conserve space on the counter and reduce hassle.

The Cuisinart toaster has a stainless-steel exterior. They’ve manufactured it with a motorized lift to prevent hands from searing when you want to take out the toast. How long does this leverless motorized lift system work?

If you doubt it, please don’t! The toaster can stop toasting over the years, yet the leverless lift system is highly reliable — it can keep working for over five years or more. Moreover, it’s completely noise-free.

Two easy-to-pull crumb trays sit under the toaster for effortless cleaning. Yet, if you toast many slices, we’ll advise you to clean the crumb tray in the middle of the session. Otherwise, it’ll be overcrowded — you’ll not want it!


This toaster is a marvel of technology thanks to LCDs and motorized lifts. The toast is consistent, and the UI is intuitive. It has an excellent performance in all the toasting modes.

The LCDs display the countdown and are backlit to avoid wrong readings. Thus, the control and monitoring are far breezy. 

It includes four different settings, one for regular toasting, the other for a bagel, which sears only one side, defrost for toast out of the freezer, and a reheat feature that reheats the toast if it’s gotten cold. It also includes seven different shade settings to achieve perfect browning.

Some problems may arise after constant usage, but you don’t have to worry about it, thanks to the three-year warranty included with the toaster.


  • Several features and futuristic controls ensure easy usage and consistent and repeatable toasts
  • Handsome 3-year warranty
  • A highly reliable and quiet motorized lift system


  • Not suitable for small kitchens
  • Hefty price tag

7. KitchenAid KMT4115SX Stainless Steel Toaster

The KitchenAid Stainless Steel Toaster is an absolute luxury. It’s quite powerful and can toast bread, bagel, and any type of bun.


Kitchen Aid’s design is a treat for the eyes. It has a beautiful stainless steel look with pretty knobs and buttons, which give a nice clean look. It’s pretty chunky, but the four-slice openings make up for it.

The high lift lever helps easily access the bread after toasting so that you don’t get burned.

It comes with a removable crumb tray, so you can easily clean it up.


The performance of the kitchen aid toaster is fantastic; it can toast two servings at a time. The finish is also beautiful. Although it doesn’t have digital settings, it lasts longer as more minor things are to break.

The four extra-wide slots provide flexibility to toast different kinds of bread, from English muffins to thick slices. You can make toast in various ways simultaneously. It comes with dual independent controls so that you and your family don’t have to fight over the controls!

The toaster features a five-way shading setting to get perfectly browned toast. The heater on one side reduces output by 50% to gently brown the bagel’s outside to get a nice fluffy bagel for your breakfast. 

The one-side bagel setting is helpful, yet you’ll have to understand your toaster first. Otherwise, you might complain about your toaster being slow. 

Should you buy it then?

It’s definitely a worth-buying item. Although it takes some time to toast, every toast is toasted evenly and beautifully.


  • It has five shade settings and a high-lift feature included
  • The toaster looks pretty, and the design is fantastic
  • The lack of digital things makes it last longer
  • Suitable for toasting bread only


  • It’s gigantic
  • It’s a hassle to store because of the long cord
  • The alarming beep is annoying
  • Defrost and reheat setting options are not available

How should You Choose a Stainless Steel Toaster?

There are two types of stainless steel toasters: 2 and 4-slice toasters. Still, you can’t simply pick a toaster oven by merely keeping these two types in view. 

The specs and technical information are the most important to know when buying a toaster. So, we’ll guide you here about the factors you should consider when purchasing a stainless steel toaster. 


Using a two-slice toaster, you can toast two pieces of bread at a time. The upside of these toasters is that they’re portable. 

You can easily stuff them in your bag if you’re going on a vacation. They’re small and cute, really nice to look at.

They also usually only have a single control panel.

Contrarily, 4-slice toasters have four slots to toast your bread or get your morning bagel ready, and if you have a small family, four spaces will be perfect for you as you won’t have to wait for the next batch, saving you a lot of time. 

Most of them also have a dual control panel. Therefore, they’re less portable and need more space in your kitchen.

Heat Evenness, Adjustable Browning Control, and Auto Shut-Off Features

“You won’t like a burnt or half-done toast,” would you agree?

To avoid such a bad experience. You must check the heat distribution in the toaster and temperature control. Most toasters have adjustable browning and auto shut-off features. 

The auto shut-off automatically turns off the toaster once your toast is made. The browning control is a timer you set according to how much you want it done. 

One-Sided Toasting and Defrost Features.

Some toasters have integrated one-sided toasting features to let toast only on one side, and this is especially useful if you love bagels and want to toast the top side and the soft side undone. 

Another feature is the defrost feature. Commonly, you want to toast a frozen bread slice straight from the freezer on a busy morning. So, look for a toaster with a defrost setting to let you defrost slices on the go!

Toasting Settings 

When you check any toaster specifications, you find several settings like defrosting, reheating, and keeping toast warm, and additional toasting settings that let you toast bagels, loaves, and waffles. These settings determine your toaster’s versatility. So, it would be good to choose a more versatile toaster.

Slide-out Tray for Crumbs and Cool-Touch Housing

I say this with experience; always choose a toaster with cool-touch housing to avoid burning your arms, hands, and fingers when handling it because the steel is a conductor and gets super hot.

The slide-out tray is another helpful feature. Toasts leave a lot of crumbs. The more toast you make, the more crumbs you will have to deal with. In this case, cleanup becomes easier if the toaster features a slide-out tray, allowing you to dispose of the crumbs easily.

High Lift Feature

It can be challenging to pick a toast from your toaster without burning your hand. The toaster comes with an additional “high lift” feature to help you stay safe. It pushes the toast higher when your toast or bagel is made, and you can pick it up safely.

Material Quality

“Design affects the performance!” Right? 

Yes, it’s essential for performance. The ergonomic design of your stainless steel appliances helps in comfortable, burn-free handling and operations. 

The quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship are two other important factors in buying a stainless steel toaster for yourself. Simply stainless steel is not enough. You must also pay attention to stainless steel material grades as it’s directly related to durability and sleekness.


You can get a toaster anywhere from 15 dollars to upwards of a thousand dollars —not kidding. You may not need to get such an expensive toaster, but you should buy one with good quality and design to avoid regretting it later.


Are stainless steel toasters portable?

Yes, stainless steel toasters are portable. The portability of a toaster primarily depends on the material and size. If you get a large toaster made of stainless steel, it can be heavier and less portable. Yet, if you choose a toaster of relatively small size but of stainless steel, it’ll be lightweight and portable.

What is the best 4-slice stainless steel toaster?

The Cuisinart Leverless Toaster is the best stainless steel toaster with four slots. It guarantees excellent performance and better durability with a 5-year warranty, which can be hard to find with any other toaster. 

What is the best 4-slice stainless steel toaster under $100?

The Oster 4-Slice Toaster is ideal if you prefer an innovative and sleek design. 

What is the best 2-slice stainless steel toaster under $50?

The Oster 2-Slice Touchscreen Toaster is the best 2-slice toaster under $50. It has a consistent performance.

Final Thoughts

After reading the buyer guide and our detailed reviews of the best stainless steel toasters, we hope you understand which toaster to buy. In the comment section, let us know which toaster you would like to have.




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