28 Inch Pizza is Big Enough to Feed 12-20 Persons

If you’ve been wondering about the enormity of a 28-inch pizza and how many appetites it can conquer, this article is for you.

Here, you’ll learn about the size of a 28 inch pizza and its efficacy logically and perfectly–I’ve done all the math for you, from size to calories and individual satiety needs. 

Yet, all these calculations about the 28 inch pizza size have been done simply–they won’t perplex you.

All you need to do is to dive straight into the facts.

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How Big is 28 Inch Pizza?

A 28 inch pizza measures about 615.44 square inches, which is 4x than the 14 inches pizza. So, compared to a 14 inch pizza, it can feed 12-20 adults and 32-40 kids.

Yeah, the size and sufficiency of a 28 inch pizza are really amazing. 

Why not learn more about 28 inch pizza size before ordering it for a crowd?

Solving the 28-inch Pizza Dimensions: The Basics

The worst idea is to compare the size of a pie or circle without doing proper math. So, when it comes to determining the actual size of a pizza, you need to find out how many square inches it is.

To find the area of this colossal circle, we use the formula:


For the size of a 28-inch pizza, the radius equals 14 inches, and π is 3.14.

So, applying the formula, the area comes out:

Area=3.14×14 × 14 = 615.44 square inches.

That’s a vast canvas for our pizza adventure!

How Big is a 28 Inches Pizza Than a 14 Inches Pizza?

Do you tend to think that a 28-inch pizza might be double the size of a 14-inch pizza? 

Come on…the truth is really wonderful! The area of a disc or circle becomes 4x as you double the radius.

Let’s find out the actual size of a 14-inch pizza.

A 14-inch pizza has a radius of 7 inches, and following the formula for the area of a pie (circle), it makes 153 square inches.
So, comparing the 615.44 square inches size of a 28 inch pizza with the 154 square inches size of a 14-inch pizza, it’s evident that

A 28 inch pizza is 4 times bigger than a 14 inch pizza.

Please note this key comparison to calculate anything about a 28-inch gigantic pizza from calories to slices.

How Many Slices Does a 28-inch Pizza Have?

By now, it’s apparent that a 28-inch pizza is 4X the size of a 14 inch pizza. A 14-inch pizza, as a standard pizza, has 8 slices, which may be enough for 3-5 adults as per their per-meal calorie intake needs. So, a 28-inch pizza has 8 x 4 =32 slices.

How Many Calories Does a 28-Inch Pizza Have?

Consider the 285 calories in each slice of 14 inch pizza as provided by the USDA–a whole 14 inch pizza has about 2270 calories. Since a 28 inch pizza is 4x as compared with a 14 inch pizza, according to math done previously, a whole 28 inch pizza has approximately 9080. These calories may vary according to topping choice and crust type.

So, How Many People Does a 28 Inch Pizza Feed?

A 14-inch large pizza from a famous pizzeria is cut into 8 slices. This pizza can satisfy the hunger of 3 to 5 adults. This estimate considers adults’ calorie requirements, ranging from 533 to 800 calories for women and 600 to 1000 calories for men. So, with its 4X size than 14 inch pizza, a 28 inch pizza should feed:

  • 12 adults with big appetites
  • 16 adults for an average appetite
  • 20 adults with little appetite
  • 20 to 32 kids, depending on their age and cravings.

Enjoying this colossal pizza isn’t dictated by a predetermined number of slices. It’s about understanding your pizza’s size correctly (without merely doubling), unique hunger and dietary requirements. 

Factors That Influence the Extra Large Feast

Yet, the pizza’s potential audience isn’t rigid. Several factors come into play:

  • Age and Appetites: Teenagers might relish more slices than younger children, and adults could surprise everyone.
  • Toppings Speak Volumes: A pizza adorned with diverse toppings might satisfy cravings faster than a simpler variant.
  • Food Variety: The presence of chips, soda, or fruit can sway pizza consumption. When alternatives abound, fewer pizza slices might vanish.

To Summarize

Understanding the dimensions of a 28-inch pizza logically (mathematically) goes beyond its sheer size. With 32 slices and  9120 calories or more, this XXL pizza becomes a feast for all occasions. Whether you’re feeding adults with hearty appetites or a crowd of little ones, the key lies in acknowledging diverse cravings and savoring the delightful variety this colossal pizza offers.

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