How Many People Does an 18 Inch Pizza Feed?

Are you wondering about the 18-inch pizza size and how many it can feed? 

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No guesswork; I’ve come up with perfect calculations about the actual size of an 18-inch pizza in square inches and its efficacy in terms of individual calorie needs per meal and slice serving sizes. Not only have I made these calculations about a round pizza, but also square, because both differ in size, contrary to popular belief

So, why wait?

Let’s get straight into the logical exploration of an extra large pizza of 18 inch size. 

How Big is an 18 Inch Pizza?

An 18 inch pizza has a diameter of 18 inches and a surface area of 254.34 square inches with 3760 calories when having regular crust.
When compared with the surface area of other pizza sizes, an 18 inch pizza is:

  • 9 times larger than a 6-inch pizza
  • 6.7 times larger than a 7-inch pizza
  • 5 times bigger than an 8-inch pizza
  • 3.24 times larger than a 10-inch pizza
  • 2.6 times larger than an 11 inch pizza
  • 2.25 times larger than a 12-inch pizza 
  • 65.5% larger in area than a 14-inch pizza
  • 27% larger than a 16-inch pizza.

How Many People Can an 18 Inch Pizza Feed?

An 18 inch pizza with regular crust has 3700 calories when compared with 14 inch pizza calories, described by USDA. So, when cut into 8 slices, each slice has 462 calories, and when cut into 12 slices, each slice has about 308 calories. 

Considering individual calorie intake per meal in view, an 18-inch pizza can feed 6 hungry adults, 8 adults with average hunger for pizza, and 12 adults who need little pizza.

Likewise, an 18-inch pizza can feed 12-18 kids, depending on their hunger and the sides served with pizza.

How Many People Can a Thin Crust 18-Inch Pizza Feed?

A thin crust or vegetarian pizza slice has as low as 191 calories per slice, which makes 2483 calories. So, it can feed 4 to 8 adults and 6 to 8 to 12 kids, depending on how hungry they are for pizza.

Is an 18 inch Square Pizza Size the Same as a Round Pizza?

No, an 18-inch square pizza is significantly larger than a round pizza with an 18-inch diameter when you compare their areas – which is the correct way to assess pizza sizes.

A round pizza of 18 inches in diameter has a surface area of 254 square inches, while an 18-inch square pizza has a surface area of 324 square inches. So, an 18-inch square pizza is approximately 27% larger than a round pizza with an 18-inch diameter. 

This means a regular crust 18 inch pizza may have 4800 calories or more.

Considering the substantial size of an 18-inch square pizza, it can be assumed that a large square pizza of 18 inch size can comfortably serve 8 to 14 adults and older kids or 11 to 20 kids, depending on their hunger for pizza.

So, the next time you encounter a square pizza, you can enjoy it, knowing it offers additional servings for your appetite.

What Other Factors May Affect the Pizza Serving Per Person?

Just thinking about pizza size isn’t sufficient. The eater’s appetite, age, dietary needs, and preferences vary. Some eat more, others less. Special diets matter, too. So, considering the factors listed below, you can ensure that everyone enjoys the meal and makes gatherings delightful.

Individual Appetite

People’s appetites differ. Some may be content with one or two slices, yet others might eat more. Understanding the hunger levels of your guests helps estimate the number of pizzas needed.

Toppings and Thickness

Toppings and crust thickness affect the pizza’s overall value, what you call calories or satisfaction level. Meat-heavy or loaded pizzas are denser, potentially making people eat fewer slices. Thick crusts can also be more filling than thin ones.

Age Groups

Different age groups have varied calorie needs. Adults and teens need more calories than children. Understanding the mix of adults and kids in your group helps plan the number of pizzas accordingly.

Special Diets

Accommodating dietary preferences and restrictions affects pizza choices. Vegetarian or vegan pizzas might cater to specific guests, while gluten-free crusts serve those with gluten sensitivities.

Serving with Sides

Consider serving pizza with sides like salads or appetizers. This can balance out the meal, allowing smaller pizza portions per person while ensuring everyone feels satisfied.

Party Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the gathering matters. Casual parties may have people munching on pizza throughout the event, requiring more slices per person. In contrast, formal events might have set meal times, requiring individual portions in small amounts.


By calculating the pizza size, number of slices, appetite of attendees, toppings, and any dietary restrictions of your guests, you can order 18 inch pizzas right away. This way, neither will you run short of pies to face shame, nor will you lose money by ordering extra. So, plan ahead of time to ensure everyone enjoys the meal.

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